Kuroinu Redux

Kuroinu Redux


Version: Final

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Game Info

Name: Kuroinu Redux

Version: Final

Updated: 2023-05-25 13:03:25

Language: English, Japanese

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Bukkake, censored, Creampie, footjob, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Japanese game, Loli, Male Protagonist, monster, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Rape, Religion, scat, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voiced


A visual novel that tells the story of a mercenary who betrays the allies who sent him into battle.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

2+ hours of story
Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionals

Supreme dark-elven matriarch
Olga Dischordia
Voice: Tokio Aoi
The dark-elf queen of a fallen kingdom, with long black hair and a perpetual, almost melancholic expression. Pure dark elves are extremely rare, rarer even than high elves. She considers dark elves to be a noble race far and above other races. As a witch, she possesses the unique ability to increase the physical prowess of monsters several times over—and is the cause of hundreds of years of war and atrocities.

“This… is a holy site… You cannot enter it…”

Faithful royal retainer
Voice: Tori King
Young knightess and loyal attendant to Olga, having sworn lifelong allegiance to her queen. She is half dark elf, half mortal, but despises all men because of the terrible treatment she suffered at human hands from birth until Olga took her in. Exceedingly straight-laced.

“I will serve my queen until my body wastes away…”

Proud princess knight
Alicia Arcturus
Voice: Ichigo Momoi
The beautiful sole daughter of the Arcturus family, a prestigious noble family in Eos. As commander of the Knights of St. Iris—the main military unit at Fortress One—she is highly respected and admired by her subordinates. Her skills are a credit to her own perseverance and not a reflection of her bloodline. Minister Beardsley is plotting against her somehow, though she remains oblivious.

“This is absurd… This is treachery… I will not forgive that man…!”

Shy and sheltered princess
Prim Fiorire
Voice: Momoka Sakura
Fortress Two royalty extolled as the Moon-Flower Princess, loved by her people for her delicate looks and kind heart. This can inspire a protective instinct in some, but extreme cruelty in others… She looks up to her cousin Alicia and hopes to someday grow as strong as her. Feels uncomfortable in the presence of the Mortadella Brothers, pigmen merchants who tend to lack tact…

“Thinking about my sister, I feel like I can do my best… Well, at least… try to not cry…”

Mysterious Eastern priestess
Voice: Mariya Kurata
The leader of Fortress Three, she is the chief of a group of priestesses who worship strange gods. Always quiet, with a vague air that makes it difficult to read her mind. While attentive to her subordinates, she is essentially uninterested in anything other than the gods she serves. She is now being targeted by an Evocator, who was once a member of her group but has fallen off the righteous path, and is now set on subjecting her to an experiment to create a god to surpass all gods…

“Our task… is to behave as the gods desire…”

Loudmouthed halfling leader
Luu Luu
Voice: Ringo Aoba
Although small in stature, this halfling possesses impressive strength—and can swing a great axe as tall as she is. As the head of her tribe, she protects Fortress Five. However, her cocky, foul-mouthed personality can get the best of her, leading to tantrums, tears, and much sulking and pouting…

“All I gotta do is kick their sorry asses. I’m obviously going to freaking win. I’ll plant my axe in that clueless numbskull, and he should die, yeah?”

Free-spirited “big sister” mercenary
Voice: Nao Hamura
A mercenary who wanders the land, pledging fealty to no group or master. She is highly skilled with a wealth of experience, and many a Black Dog admires and daydreams about her. She has a caring, older sister-like personality, but is rather callous towards potential suitors.

“Huh? Bwah… What’s that?! Who made up this crap? If they’re going to say such nonsense, it could be a bit more believable.”

Ex-captain of the Holy Knights
Claudia Levantine
Voice: Mei Misonoo
Leader of a knighthood that defends Fortress Six and Fortress Seven, she also serves as the high elf Celestine’s personal bodyguard. A moral woman married to a civilian named Klaus, when it comes to battle, she is as formidable as a war god. Though happily married, she has yet to bear a child.

“Please be at ease. All the armies of the Seven Shields Alliance will fight together and crush our foe.”

Revered high-elf goddess incarnate
Celestine Lucross
Voice: Naru Udaka
A high elf revered as the reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia, who is widely worshipped by the people of Eos. She is adored, respected, and loved by all of the people of the Seven Shield Alliance, but in that same vein, she is abhored by all demons. Her flawless skin and beauty are known far and wide.

“I have faith in everybody… I pray for us… And I will continue to watch until the very end…”

Scheming Black Dogs commander
“The protagonist and brain behind the Black Dog Mercenaries. Also known as the Mercenary King, he is an outlaw most loyal to his own desires, but keeps his men in line with impeccable leadership and a god-given talent for scheming. Highly skilled on the battlefield, he adores the chaos of war above all else…

“Destroy and burn!”


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