Kingdom Reforged

Kingdom Reforged

Ghost Pixel

Version: 0.0.1

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Game Info


This is a story in a fantasy world where kingdoms are at war.
War among different races, each have their own reasons and motivations.
Among all this, is our Hero, a boy who dreams of becoming a knight.
How will he be able to save this village and his race from this war?
Will he fall in the pit of darkness or will be rise and become a better and ideal person?​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

A story where your choice will matter
Events and quests will be driven by you
Lots of H-scenes, all animated with different fetish
Lots of females to date and have relationship with them
Enhance experience through cutscenes and mini-games
Good combat system
Planned Fetish
Romance, Corruption, MILF, Incest, Big Tits, Big Ass, Anal, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Pregnancy, Groping, Masturbation, Female Domination, BDSM, Blackmail, Voyeurism, Harem, Cheating, (More to come).

About Us
Ghost Pixel consist of 2 members. One manages the events and codes of the game while another manages the story, characters and image rendering of the game.

Why we need your Support?
More pledges you do, we will be able to hire more people and get better equipment to work faster and more efficiently. We both have day jobs and with your help we can put more focus on this game.


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