Version: v0.0.4

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Name: Kaedama

Version: v0.0.4

Updated: 2024-04-22 15:17:15

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Loli, Male Protagonist, multiple endings, POV, Sandbox


Kaedama: Shaping Young Lives and Exploring Forbidden Desires

Kaeru’s “Kaedama” transcends the boundaries of a typical school simulator. Sure, it offers the familiar setting of a bustling high school and the heartwarming (and sometimes frustrating) challenges of adolescence. But beneath the surface of academic pressures and blossoming friendships lies a world brimming with unexplored desires and the unexpected allure of a forbidden teacher-student relationship.

You step into the role of the new teacher for Class 3-B at Kaedama Private Academy. This prestigious all-girls school boasts a progressive approach, aiming to empower young women through self-discovery and open communication. However, this emphasis on individuality also creates an environment ripe for exploring unconventional relationships.

“Kaedama’s” unique player-driven response system lies at the heart of its erotic potential. Your every response, from the assertive to the flirty, shapes the dynamics of your relationships with the seventeen students in your class. Will you be a stern disciplinarian, a supportive mentor, or something altogether more…ambiguous?

The depth of “Kaedama” lies in its diverse cast of characters. Each student in Class 3-B possesses a unique personality, backstory, and set of desires. The shy bookworm, the rebellious athlete, the seemingly innocent class president – all harbor hidden depths waiting to be unveiled. As you interact with them, the lines between authority figure and confidante begin to blur.

The game delves into the complexities of these forbidden attractions. The emotional vulnerability of these young women, coupled with your position of power, creates a tension-filled atmosphere. “Kaedama” doesn’t shy away from depicting the potential dangers of such relationships, but it also explores the exhilarating thrill of forbidden intimacy.

The branching narrative allows you to navigate these ethical and erotic minefields. Every choice you make, every response you offer, paves the way for a unique and potentially scandalous outcome. Can you maintain a professional distance while fostering a genuine connection with your students? Or will you succumb to the allure of a forbidden romance?

“Kaedama” is a captivating blend of character development, erotic exploration, and the thrill of the taboo. Will you guide your students towards self-discovery while upholding your professional obligations? Or will you succumb to the forbidden desires that simmer beneath the surface of Kaedama Private Academy? Step into the classroom and discover the intoxicating possibilities that await in “Kaedama.”


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