Innocent Witches

Innocent Witches

Sad Crab

Version: v0.11 Alpha

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Innocent Witches: Where Forbidden Desires Collide with Arcane Power

Sad Crab’s “Innocent Witches” throws you headfirst into a world of forbidden magic and uninhibited desire. Forget the rigid purity and chastity once championed by the Bewitching Guild. This is a place where youthful curiosity and ancient magic collide, sparking a wild debauchery unseen for generations.

You take on the role of a young doctor, weary of the stale routine of tending to the ailments of aging witches. A yearning for something fresh, something exciting, stirs within you. Fate intervenes, leading you to the doorstep of Azar Academy, a once-prestigious magical school shrouded in whispers of a bygone era.

Azar Academy is far from the sterile halls you envisioned. Gone are the stern instructors and stifling rules. Instead, you find a vibrant student body, a mix of seasoned witches and wide-eyed novices, all brimming with untapped potential – magical and otherwise.

Innocent Witches delves into the exploration of forbidden desires. These young witches, yearning to break free from the shackles of enforced purity, find themselves drawn to your worldly experience. You, in turn, are captivated by their raw magical power and innocent sensuality. The lines between teacher and student quickly blur, replaced by a potent cocktail of desire and forbidden knowledge.

But the world of “Innocent Witches” isn’t all about forbidden trysts in moonlit courtyards. The school’s decline leaves its students vulnerable. Shadows lurk at the edges of their magical experiments, and the consequences of unchecked power can be dire. It’s up to you, the jaded doctor with a newfound appreciation for youthful energy, to guide these “innocent witches” on a path of self-discovery, both magical and sexual.

Innocent Witches offers a unique blend of magical world-building and erotic exploration. Will you succumb to the allure of these young witches, leading them down a path of forbidden pleasure? Or will you use your experience to temper their wild magic and guide them towards responsible power? The choice is yours.

Embark on a journey of forbidden magic and uninhibited desire in “Innocent Witches.” Will you become the guide these witches crave, or will you succumb to the temptations they offer? The grimoire awaits…


Installation Guide

1- Unzip files.
2- Start Innocent Witches Launcher.exe

Developer Notes

Gallery unlock/Cheats

  1. Android: Everything is preinstalled, so memories unlocking button is available in “extra” -> “extra”, and boosted save creating button is available when you start new game and choose a chapter.


    PC / Linux / MAC: First close the game if it’s running, then create a file named erecto totalus, (works only for the public version, patron’s only version has its own code that is available on the download page at our website) in the same folder where the game’s executable file is located (Innocent Witches.exe), any extension will do, for example .txt. After that a new option will appear in “extra” -> “extra”, which will allow you to unlock the memories. Additionally, when starting some of the chapters via the New Game menu, you will get an option to start it with lots of gold and high stats
    Relevant name of the unlocking file for each current version is always available on our site


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