In Her Service

In Her Service

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Version: v0.49

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Game Info

Name: In Her Service

Version: v0.49

Updated: 2024-04-13 12:40:24

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Blowjob, Cheating, Cunningulus, Lesbians, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Modern Setting, Music, Nobility, Romance, slaves, Sound, Swinging, Voyeurism


In Her Service: A Dance of Desire in a World of Opulence

“In Her Service” isn’t just a game; it’s a tantalizing invitation into a world where pleasure reigns supreme. Here, Sylvia and Jack, a couple bound by a passionate love, find themselves at the precipice of a thrillingly uncertain future. Standing before the imposing doors of the Talia Godroy mansion, they aren’t just entering a new home; they are stepping into a world of servitude, desire, and a unique exploration of intimacy.

Talia Godroy, the enigmatic mistress who owns Sylvia and Jack, is more than just a wealthy socialite. She is a connoisseur of pleasure, a sculptor of erotic experiences. Her desires, whispered promises rather than harsh commands, hold the key to their happiness… and their freedom.

“In Her Service” delves into the complexities of a four-way relationship, where love, loyalty, and a shared thirst for exploration intertwine. Sylvia and Jack, their bond already strong, must navigate the challenges of navigating intimacy under the watchful eye (and perhaps the guiding hand) of their mistress. Will their love deepen through this shared experience, or will the pressures of servitude and the allure of forbidden desires drive a wedge between them?

But Talia Godroy isn’t the only force at play. As Sylvia and Jack navigate the opulent halls of the mansion, they encounter other “servants,” individuals with their own desires and agendas. Will they find solace and shared pleasure in each other, creating a web of connections that transcends the master-servant dynamic? Or will jealousy and possessiveness cast a shadow over their newfound intimacy?

The heart of “In Her Service” lies in the exploration of desire within a structured hierarchy. It’s a game that pushes boundaries, questioning the very notion of ownership and servitude. Will Sylvia and Jack find a way to maintain their unique love while fulfilling the desires of their mistress? Can they explore the erotic possibilities with other servants, forging new connections without jeopardizing their bond? Or will the demands of “In Her Service” tear their relationships apart?

“In Her Service” is more than just an erotic game; it’s a social commentary, a provocative look at the dynamics of power, love, and desire. Are you ready to enter the opulent world of Talia Godroy? Will you navigate the intricacies of a four-way relationship, or explore forbidden desires with fellow servants? Step into “In Her Service” and discover the depths of your own desires.


:::: v0.49 [12.04.2024] ::::
 3,4h gametime
 716 images
 8600 lines of text
 24 animations
 34 out of ~80 events

:::: v0.46 [24.03.2024] ::::
✅Fixes saves issues for good
✅Requires new game !
✅This game version will not find old pre-v0.46 saves

:::: v0.45 [22.03.2024] ::::
 3h gametime
 570 images
 6800 lines of text
 24 animations
 30 out of ~80 events

:::: v0.41 [08.03.2024] ::::
 ~2,5h gametime
 400 images
 4900 lines of text
 16 animations
 25 out of ~80 events
 additional C&C for prologue

:::: v0.39 [20.02.2024] ::::
 initial public release
 ~2h gametime
 300 images
 2500 lines of text
 4 animations
 20 out of ~80 events
 choices and consequences
 entirety of first part of game

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Hope you like it mates ! Any feedback, especially criticism is appreciated !


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