How to lose one's virginity

How to lose one’s virginity


Version: v0.7se

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How To Lose One’s Virginity: A Hilariously Honest Exploration of Self-Discovery (and Maybe Some Sex)

GPoint’s “How To Lose One’s Virginity” throws away the stereotypical “loser to stud” narrative and embraces a refreshingly honest approach to self-discovery. Our protagonist isn’t just about shedding his virginity; it’s a journey of breaking free from societal pressures, embracing new experiences, and forging meaningful connections with a diverse cast of women – all while navigating the often hilarious (and sometimes awkward) world of intimacy.

Stuck in a rut, our protagonist recognizes the need for a change. His life lacks passion, his social circle is stagnant, and the title of “virgin” feels more like a weight than a badge of honor. “How To Lose One’s Virginity” isn’t about the destination; it’s about the hilariously messy, wonderfully diverse experiences along the way.

The game throws you into a sandbox world of self-exploration. You’ll try new hobbies, from pottery classes that turn disastrously sensual to rock climbing adventures that lead to unexpected connections with your instructor. You’ll navigate the dating scene, encountering a range of women who challenge your preconceptions and ignite different facets of your personality.

There’s the free-spirited artist who introduces you to the world of tantric exploration, pushing you outside your comfort zone. There’s the driven career woman who sparks your intellectual curiosity and awakens a newfound appreciation for assertive desire. And there’s the quirky neighbor who, through a series of hilariously awkward encounters, becomes an unexpected confidante and a source of emotional support.

“How To Lose One’s Virginity” doesn’t shy away from depicting the erotic potential that blossoms from these diverse relationships. However, the focus isn’t on one singular “loss of virginity” moment. Instead, the game explores the spectrum of intimacy, from playful flirtation to passionate encounters. Will you pursue a deeper emotional connection with the driven career woman, or will you succumb to the sensual allure of the free-spirited artist? Perhaps a combination of experiences will lead you to a newfound understanding of yourself and your desires.

Ready to embark on a hilarious and honest journey of self-discovery? Dive into GPoint’s “How To Lose One’s Virginity” and explore a world where every experience, from the awkward to the erotic, contributes to your personal growth, and where every woman you meet plays a role in rewriting your definition of intimacy.


Content volume has doubled + 1300 renders, +~35 animations
Total gameplay time is now 3-4 hours
Translations are ready for the 8 previously announced languages + German added.

v.0.3.1 DEMO
7 languages added to the game
The game has been released for Android and MAC
Fixed translation errors in English and Russian versions

v0.3 Demo
Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

All translations will be done using AI and may contain minor errors.
Version 0.3 – 30% of final content. In this part of the story, the narrative is just starting to unfold, so the amount of sexual content here is significantly less than what will be in the rest of the game.

The MAC version may not work, at least it does not work on the author’s MAC M1 (probably this is just my problem), but if someone checks and provides feedback, that would be great.

Additionally, a gallery and a mini-game in the Point and Click style will be added for collecting additional “naughty” renders.


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