Hostages: Lorna

Hostages: Lorna


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Hostages: Lorna – Power, Submission, and Forbidden Desires

The soaring spires of Eldoria, capital of the Eindan Empire, pierce the twilight sky. As a high-ranking Eindan Magi, you revel in the power that courses through your veins – arcane energy that grants you dominion over the lesser races. But power, it seems, can be a double-edged sword. Today, you receive your first hostage: a human woman named Lorna.

Hostages: Lorna isn’t just a power fantasy; it’s an exploration of dominance and forbidden desire. Lorna, plucked from her conquered kingdom, arrives at your doorstep a symbol of your might and a reminder of the human defiance you’ve crushed. But beneath her initial fear and defiance lies a woman of unexpected spirit, a fire that ignites a strange curiosity within you.

The game presents you with a choice. Will you break Lorna’s will, wielding your magic not just as a tool of control, but as a means of exquisite, agonizing pleasure? You can use your power to bend her to your every whim, forcing her to submit to increasingly elaborate and erotic tasks. Each act of submission fuels your dominance, while the raw emotion in Lorna’s eyes stirs a forbidden desire within you.

Hostages: Lorna offers a unique twist on the “hostage” trope. As Lorna adapts to her captivity, a strange dynamic emerges. Lorna’s defiance morphs into a subtle rebellion, a testing of the boundaries you’ve set. This push and pull creates a tension that transcends simple dominance.

Will you succumb to this burgeoning desire, blurring the lines between power play and genuine affection? Or will you maintain your icy control, reveling in the absolute power you hold over Lorna’s life?

In Hostages: Lorna, the choice is yours. Explore the depths of dominance and submission, and discover the forbidden desires that simmer beneath the surface of power. Will you break Lorna’s will, or will she break yours?


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