Horton Bay Stories - Jake

Horton Bay Stories – Jake

Lumphorn Games

Version: v0.4.2.4

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Horton Bay Stories – Jake: A Fresh Start Breeds Forbidden Desires

High school graduation. A time of celebration, anticipation, and the bittersweet goodbye to childhood. For Jake Rogers, it should have been the prelude to a well-worn path. College with his high school sweetheart, adventures with his best friend – a future as predictable as a well-thumbed textbook. But fate, it seems, has a taste for the unexpected. A single, life-altering event crashes down, shattering Jake’s carefully constructed future and leaving him adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Horton Bay, a coastal town nestled on the other side of the country, becomes an unexpected oasis. Here, amidst the salty breeze and the rhythmic crash of waves, Jake seeks a Horton Bay Story of his own – a chance to rewrite his narrative. Yet, Horton Bay isn’t just a picturesque escape; it’s a simmering cauldron of hidden desires and unexplored possibilities.

The close-knit community pulsates with a vibrant energy, and Jake finds himself drawn to a diverse cast of characters. There’s Nadia, his charismatic landlady, whose sharp wit masks a simmering sensuality. There’s Alex, the enigmatic bartender with a troubled past and a gaze that lingers a little too long. Even Greg, the seemingly wholesome lifeguard, harbors a secret yearning for something more.

Horton Bay Stories – Jake throws you headfirst into a world of unbridled exploration. Will Jake rekindle the flame with his long-distance girlfriend, or will the allure of new connections prove too strong to resist? Will he succumb to the forbidden temptation of Nadia’s advances, or find solace in the shared desires of Alex? The lines between friendship and passion blur, as Jake navigates a web of emotional entanglement.

Beyond the bedroom doors, Horton Bay offers more than just erotic escapades. The town is rife with whispered rumors of a clandestine drug ring operating under the surface. Will Jake get unwittingly entangled in this dangerous web, or can he carve out a niche for himself without succumbing to the allure of quick cash and illicit thrills?

Horton Bay Stories – Jake isn’t just about fleeting pleasures; it’s about forging a new identity. Will Jake find redemption and a sense of belonging in this new town? Can he reconcile his past with the desires that simmer beneath the surface? The choices you make will shape Jake’s Horton Bay Story, leading him down a path of unbridled passion, self-discovery, and perhaps, even a touch of danger.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery with Jake? Dive into Horton Bay Stories and explore the exhilarating possibilities that await. Uncover the secrets of the town, forge unforgettable connections, and rewrite your own definition of desire.



Fixed: Dialogue error when dancing with Tania.
Changed: Replaced Tilly’s character model.
Added: Have sex with Gemma before she gets dressed in the morning – Gemma’s room 07:00 weekdays.
Added: New Dream (Tania)
Added: Can now walk Tania home from the nightclub for some more fun (requires at least 9 attraction points). If Tania is still a virgin, there is a bonus event, then more content will unlock the second time you bring her home.
Added: 2 new collectible videos (sellable to Justin).
Added: Energy Drinks now purchasable. Refills your stamina (currently available at Petrol Station – more vendor locations to come).
Added: Ask Adel for sex while she’s getting dressed in the morning.
Added: Help Polly tidy up the yoga studio at 18:00 . . . or not? (Currently only the “don’t help” path is available – ran out of time and will finish next update.) In order to begin the NTR path for this event, Frank must have helped Polly at least once during Yoga class at 17:00.
Added: Option to instantly skip Sundays after the morning event if no other event is scheduled, or continue in free roam.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Lumphorn Games Buy Me A Coffee – Discord – Subscribestar – Patreon

Apologies for the unfinished event this month. The scenes with Carly took an insane amount of time to render out, leaving me with very little time to complete the rest of what I had planned.
If you have been focussing on Gemma’s or Adel’s arc, or you haven’t been working on any of your house mates’ relationships, you can still complete Episode 2 as intended. However if you’re focussing on Christine, you will need to wait for next month’s update to view her scene.
The final scene for each of the girls does not affect their general progression however. So you can still play out which ever scene you like to continue the game as usual.
Next update we’ll be tieing off as many loose ends as we can fit in from previous content in preparation for starting Episode 3.


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