Hilichurl's Girl

Hilichurl’s Girl


Version: v0.0.23

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Game Info

Name: Hilichurl’s Girl

Version: v0.0.23

Updated: 2024-04-25 09:18:06

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, adventure, Animated, Female protagonist, Groping, Horror, monster, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Sandbox


Hilichurl’s Girl: A Descent into Untamed Desire

LilCocogoat’s “Hilichurl’s Girl” takes you on a thrilling and erotic spelunk into the heart of Teyvat’s underbelly. You embody Sucrose, a disgraced alchemist stripped of her former prestige. Cast out from her once-respected circle, Sucrose finds herself in the unlikeliest of sanctuaries – under the begrudging protection of a Hilichurl tribe. “Hilichurl’s Girl” isn’t your typical survival story; it’s a tale of forbidden attraction, primal desires, and the blurred lines between civilization and savagery.

Sucrose’s survival hinges on venturing deep into the caverns that snake beneath Teyvat. These aren’t your typical, moss-covered spelunking expeditions. The caverns in “Hilichurl’s Girl” are vibrant, pulsating with a primal energy that mirrors the untamed nature of the Hilichurls themselves. The search for precious alchemical reagents becomes a secondary pursuit, overshadowed by the burgeoning connection between Sucrose and her unlikely protectors.

The Hilichurls, once considered mindless beasts, are revealed to be a diverse and surprisingly complex society in “Hilichurl’s Girl.” The Hilichurl markets, a fascinating juxtaposition of danger and commerce, become a central hub in the game. Here, Sucrose can barter her hard-won treasures for essential supplies or even unlock powerful upgrades. But these markets are not sterile trading posts. The raw energy of the Hilichurls permeates every transaction, a constant reminder of the untamed desires simmering just beneath the surface.

The line between necessity and indulgence blurs further as Sucrose delves deeper into Hilichurl culture. The “lustful monsters” mentioned in the original description are not just mindless threats; they represent the untamed passion that lies dormant within both Sucrose and the Hilichurls. “Hilichurl’s Girl” explores the concept of consent in a way that is both challenging and undeniably erotic. Do the Hilichurls understand the concept of human morality? Can a connection blossom between a brilliant but ostracized alchemist and a creature driven by primal instinct?

“Hilichurl’s Girl” is a game that pushes boundaries. It’s not for the faint of heart, and the path to survival is fraught with danger and temptation. Are you ready to descend into the heart of Teyvat’s underbelly and explore the desires that lie dormant within? In “Hilichurl’s Girl,” the lines between civilization and savagery blur, and the very definition of “survival” takes on a whole new meaning. Will you succumb to the primal urges of the Hilichurls, or will you forge a connection that transcends societal norms? The choice is yours.



Fixed crash bug.
Fixed torch level issue.
Added ‘Film Grain’ slider.
Improved game’s lighting based on player feedback.
Tweaked the ‘Bloom’ values and some glowy stuff in the game.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Looking forward to creating more epic gaming adventures together!

What’s coming up?
Costumes: Personalize your character’s style.
More Sex: Stay tuned.
More Maps: Discover new areas in upcoming updates.
More Enemies: Prepare for a tougher survival challenge in future releases.
More Interaction and Items: Expand your gameplay with more in-game elements.

Stay tuned for updates as more features will be added in future releases.


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