Hero Corruption 2

Hero Corruption 2


Version: 0.35b

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Game Info

Name: Hero Corruption 2

Version: 0.35b

Updated: 2023-05-18 15:52:46

Sexual Orientation: Shemale Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: Anal Sex, combat, Fantasy, female domination, futa/trans, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, prostitution, Real Porn, Religion, Teasing, Turn based combat, Vaginal Sex


Play as a Hero in this Roguelike RPG: Fight girls and challenge yourself for the highest Score while preserving you Hero’s sanity. Will your Hero be a Legend or a Sex Slave?‚Äč


The new Recipe Store is located in a new area within the City, the Central Square. You can access it by unlocking the new Perk at the Skill Tree
The Store opens every three days, so be sure to plan ahead
Three recipes will always be available for sale: A weapon, an accessory and a last special one.
Weapons and accessories now have a rarity factor, this means that some recipes are more likely to be on sale than others.
The special recipe ignores the rule above, so all recipes in this slot have the same odds. However, you will have to pay a little extra for it.
Alternative bosses have been implemented, these new girls are here to introduce a little more variety to the Forest, Deep Forest and the Swamp
Sigrid (Forest):
Remember Sigrid? She’s back, as strong as ever. Luckily for you, she has other interests now.
Lexi (Deep Forest):
Lexi is here, aaand she is kinda crazy… But we’re not here to judge
Lucy & Angel (Swamp) (Shemale):
Lucy is teaching Angel some new techniques, and guess who’s gonna help them?


Heavy Sword(Bianca)
Deals double damage when equipped by a hero with 30+ STR
Just a Hammer, swings very hard
INT Ring(Charlotte)
STR Ring was swapped out of Charlottle, you can only get it by the Recipe Store now
CON Ring(Paige)
AGI Ring was swapped out of Paige, you can only get it by the Recipe Store now
Added 3 new Bad Endings: Sigrid, Lexi, Lucy n Angel
Added 2 new Perks: Recipe Store, Purity Buff
Added 1 new Bad Trait: Lexi’s Cum Cow
Added 1 new Buff: Purity (+2 All stats if the Hero never reached climax)
Added 3 new Achievements
Altered potions dialog
Images displayed during an encounter are now pseudo-random
From now on, images/dialog already shown to the player will be temporarily stored. If the next image appeared in the last two turns, the game will look for a different one.
Image conversion to .webp
Some random images were converted to .webp. This should improve performance and significantly decrease the file size in the near future. Let me know if you notice any pictures acting weird.

Increased Easy Mode EXP 30% > 60%
Increased CON effect on Confusion debuff 1.5x > 3x
Time from the City to the Base increased 1 hour > 2 hours
Increased Swamp Map cost 30 > 40
Increased Jungle Map cost 40 > 60
Increased Samantha’s Attack 15 > 16
Increased Serena’s Attack 15 > 16
Dixie decreases attributes every turn after an orgasm
Decreased Kendra’s Lust check 80% Max. Lust > 60% Max. Lust
Polly’s Confusion now advances when the player reaches orgasm
Hard Mode: Decreased April’s Vaginal check 15 > 12, 12 > 10
Hard Mode: Ass Worship Bad Trait is applied right after being defeated by Samantha
Fixed potions increasing Addictions even with the Alchemist Good Trait

Installation Guide

1. Extract zip file
2. Launch “teaseViewer-win-b_0.4.2.jar”
3. File – open tease
4. Find “Hero Corruption v0.95c – diogaoo.tease” in the extracted folder, and open it.


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