Hell Keeper

Hell Keeper

Inner Sin

Version: 0.1 Beta

4.1/5 - (25 votes)


In Hell Keeper you play as a bastard prince, son of the demon king Malakaris, and a the human queen, Anne. After a curse that was holding you back was broken by a forest witch, your true demonic form was released. You captured the witch and together with your best friend Lily, went towards the ancient fortress of Malakaris, there you found allies and an opportunity, an opportunity for a better life and the chance to become the new King and restore the empire of demons. Capture women and corrupt them, make them loyal to you and create your harem, pillage and plunder villages, grow your army and take your revenge on the king who destroyed your life.​


6 Intro scenes remake
Amber Introduction at the Tavern
Sigrid Introduction
Lily Content
Amber Content
Kron Content
Conquest Mini-Game Introduction

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Hey Y’all! This is the release of my first project, Hell Keeper, I hope you like the concept, characters, renders and the demo itself.
Rest assured that much more content will be coming soon! The demo has only the intro and one character that you can corrupt, Arcadia, a forest witch milf. I already have planned to add content for our cute and not racist fairy, Lily, in the next update, stay tunned and if you become a patron, don’t forget to vote for the next character that will be worked on and added with Lily.
PS: Don’t forget to check out my twitter for a free set featuring a Bunny Akali from League of Legends (^3^).


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