Healslut [v0.76c]


Davie Zwei

Version: v0.92a

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Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?​



  • Extended the main story up to the point of Sparkle’s “final” choice (and a little beyond)
  • Literally hundreds of sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion
  • Changed the rain effect to seem more realistic (hopefully)
  • Becoming Leigh’s “Valet” now properly precludes Sparkle from becoming Lel’s Familiar (these routes are mutually exclusive)
  • Adjusted some logic so that the looter role would be prioritized above “roleless” content
  • Completely restructured the pre-dinner talk with Roopah to fix variable collision (Roopah shouldn’t assert illogical/incorrect things anymore)
  • As a result of the above, the logic has been fixed so that Roopah will make her dinner request in most situations
  • Added Familiar Sparkle to the Shapechange option list in the options menu
  • Updated the credits


  • Sparkle would get gagged before she received the gag
  • Sparkle would suddenly become a giant when given the nudist collar
  • Lel’s nipple rings were floating
  • Removed stray guidelines accidentally left on some renders
  • Ooyum’s spell on the ship was missing some images
  • Adding missing sound effects to the bandit orgy route
  • The bandit orgy route wouldn’t allow the Kayden Mindfuck sequence to be skipped
  • Sparkle couldn’t tell Roopah that she would ask Panki about messing around unless she was a futa
  • Guidance would come up every time before making a decision talking to drunk Kayden
  • Guidance would come up every time before Sparkle served someone at the ship dinner
  • Guidance would cause the choice to tell Kayden about the teleport ability to pop up randomly
  • Sparkle would get insta-dressed when talking to Wejit after returning to the game
  • Several instances of Sparkle being hidden by her companion
  • Panki would excuse herself from conversation repeatedly
  • Leigh wearing the incorrect outfit for the Gonewobble registration
  • Missing logic on skipping code for handling the fish-get quest


  • 863 sprites have been re-rendered to correct character size, height, and proportion (and still more to go…)
  • The Guidance system (in-game walkthrough) is now available in the game options (please drop your feedback!)
  • Familiar/Kitty Sparkle has been made less feline in appearance (a more furry variation is planned)
  • Several (mainly sexytimes) scenes have had “wimping out” removed unless Backpedaling is enabled
  • Finally found and fixed the blanket bug for backup and milked Sparkle
  • Added the option to skip Lel’s and Kayden’s Mindfuck sequences



  • Placeholder images for smorgy have been updated but the narration and dialog is still in work
  • The start of Leigh’s ownership of Sparkle now begins with his re-recruitment at his mansion (Sparkle needs to fail to convince him to start this route now)
  • [The above route will be buggy for now as I work to integrate it going forward!]
  • Roopah will now decide that Sparkle should be free use unless Sparkle has explicitly asked for a relationship


  • An agreeable/eager Sparkle/Sushi will now put in a little work to ‘distract’ the bandit in Underwell
  • A possible encounter with fellow Human Fwawr in a steamy realm (requires Fwawr’s Undies outfit & teleporting the Pixie Powder for the fish-get quest)
  • Placeholder scenes for the bandit camp smorgy are in and should probably just be ignored (sorry)
  • Roopah will now appropriately force free use if she is making Sparkle’s decisions and they are not in a relationship
  • The missing sprite for Sparkle being annoyed while in Pez’s dress has been added
  • Images for baby transfer between Pez and Sparkle or Pez and Gaggie Spitz have been fixed
  • Gaggie and Hamhead no longer mention the investigation if Sparkle isn’t investigating
  • Fairy Sparkle refers to herself as a Fairy and Nymph Sparkle refers to herself as a Nymph now
  • Sparkle now references not being a slime anymore instead of missing her gear when returning to the game after “death”
  • Sparkle mentioning “never having a roommate/sleeping with anyone” doesn’t repeat itself anymore
  • Lel no longer appears in the customs office if Sparkle is there with someone else
  • Simon/Simone now talks about being in the common room instead of Kayden’s room if that’s the case
  • Nymph Grit / Fairy Dust / Pixie Powder is now all mentioned correctly
  • Roopah will no longer mention her pubes if Sparkle hasn’t seen them
  • The Greater Demoness now refers to Sparkle correctly if she is a pink Slimegirl
  • Wejit no longer shows up in two random places if Ooyum is Sparkle’s companion
  • Sleeping in the common room no longer causes Sparkle to wake up in Kayden’s room in odd instances
  • A tonne of typos and text inconsistencies corrected thanks to a very very helpful TFGames site member


  • Kayden backstory mindfuck (have to leave Lel at the bandit camp to access at this time)
  • Dozens of lines cut/combined to reduce clicky-click and dialog drag
  • Restructured the Roopah intrusion (night1/night2 talk) to fix a big piece of missing content
  • Sparkle can now spend night two in the common room to avoid hooking up with group members
  • Created missing rags-irked sprites that caused errors in Kayden wakeup talk on the boat
  • Added more backgrounds to the ship scenes for variety

Added pet/familiar/companion route (starts at rescuing Lel from the dungeon)
Combined dozens of lines for less clicky-click
Fixed logic error with Roopah’s breakup dialog
Fixed Bibicee disrobe bad reference

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Davie Zwei – Patreon – TFGames – SubscribeStar – Discord – Website


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