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You have become a master of the famous HaremCard Lounge!
Explore this mythical place that can turns any erotic fantasy into reality, unlock HaremCards to access any world and any scenario your heart desire. Break away from all restrictions in this highly customizable sandbox experience and play the way you want to play. Dive into story of interesting characters, build your strategy for progress and become the ultimate Collector!



New Features
– Full Android compatibility and Android release!
– Brand new Mouse / Touch User Interface
– Final batch of content for Maiden of Boobs!
– Highly detailed pregnancy and pregnancy story for Maiden of Boobs
– 5x Final story chapters added
– 1x new Quickie scenario added
– BDSM outfit, interactions and 4x new animations added
– Pregnancy outfits, interactions and 6x new animations added
– Hidden alternative outfit and 3x new animations added
– Secret alternative outfit and 3x new animations added
– Legendary alternative outfit and 3x new animations added
– Tales and Bonus locations now available for Maiden of Boobs
– New Bonus locations added
– New Main Menu screen
– Overview windows now visible across various menu subsections for better orientation
– Only one version of Game now being distributed
– Player section reworked, multiple secret codes can now be used
– Visible babies can now move with mother character to another location when stripping or naked
– Position of Visible babies adjusted
– More background variability in sex scenes

Bug Fixes
– rare save bug with missing GM0 graphic fixed
– visible babies bug solved, baby is now correctly gone in bondage situations
– fixed faulty sound trigger in visible babies feature when invoking a card
– fixed a wrong protagonist graphic for perv interaction with Ms. Okamoto
– fixed a bug where hard breeding negative perk was not coloring the choice into red
– fixed bug where visible babies did not fade into background when choosing extended replay story
– minor typos fixed for Maiden of Boobs storyline
– fixed a bug where max progress on all cheat broke teaser card for upcoming character

New Features
– New Character added – Ms. Okamoto!
– 5x New story chapters added
– 3x Spend Time acitivities added
– Default and Bonus outfit available for Ms. Okamoto
– Bonus Gallery
– Perv and Strip interactions
– 3x Animated Sex scenes
– 3x Sleep sex animated sex scenes
– New Life Role added – Auntie!
– New Pregnancy feature added – Stealth pregnancy after Nightstalk/Put to Sleep creampie, range of new dialogues and situations can now occur
– New Pregnancy feature added – Rent pregnancy after someone else did the deed, range of new dialogues
and situations can now occur
– New Game feature added – Visible Babies, with this feature turned on up to five babies can
appear next to the FEM in her main screen after pregnancy, you can turn this feature off in Player Section -> Extra
– New Game feature added – Transform, some cards can now transform your appearance so your character fits in better with the story of that card
– New Game feature added – Internal View, additional animated internal view graphic will show up
during all pussy fuck sex scenes, you can turn this feature off in Player Section -> Extra
– New pop up that announces the addition of new character
– Improved graphic effect for impregnation
– Some tutorial windows regarding Story Choices and Pregnancy are now always active to prevent
confusion and inform players about important mechanics
– Pop up now informs player when he reaches last chapter of available story for a character
– Help in Player section renamed to Extra
– Tips and tricks in Extra section renamed to Help

Bug Fixes
– some typos fixed
– Rewritten some pregnancy dialogues for Highschool Bimbo
– fixed a bug in Web version of the Game that reported missing piece of graphic and prevented
– story choices tutorial window was rewritten to be more accurate
– fixed an error where news scroll did not close down when using keyboard controls

Bug Fixes
– fixed a serious bug that caused database malfunction when reaching unlock level 27 with Maiden
and Curator

V0.2 – Investor
New Features
– New content for both Maiden of Boobs and The Curator!
– Story – 10 new chapters in total added
– Bonus outfit – 6x new animated sex scenes added
– Bondage – 8x new animated sex scenes added
– Quickies – 6x new animated sex scenes with story backgrounds added
– New Negative Perk added – Hard Breeding will realistically reduce the chance for conception
– 3x New Main Menu screens, Harem Lord and Investor supporters now get a special Main Menu screen with unique features and girls will be dressed in something special!
– Links to X (twitter), Discord and Reddit are now included in the Main Menu screen
– New character is being prepared, her card is already in the Card Section but locked for now
– Reworked 2 strip poses for Maiden of Boobs

Bug Fixes
– locked pop up now specifies that you did not yet unlock that interaction in the new outfit
– fixed typos in existing dialogues
– fixed a rare bug when engine was trying to load a wrong graphic (2-100-0) after leaving sleep sex interactions
– unlock announcement for creampie was rephrased
– rephrased Curator dialogue when enabling breeding content
– fixed outfit bug in Maiden of Boobs story chapter 5
– some more typos fixed
– fixed a bug where Loser Negative Perk was not decreasing amount of gained HC
– bondage talk no longer triggers loved mood by mistake
– fixed too loud whip sound in some rent interactions
– fixed a but where some dialogues did not trigger properly after rent sex

V0.1A Technical Update
New Features
– GAME MODES > gameplay rebalance and three different game modes added, you can now customize difficulty and at what pace
do you want to unlock new content
– MOUSE SUPPORT > complete rewrite of user interface to include mouse support, option to use keyboard still present but now everything in the game can be controlled by mouse only, use left and right mouse button as confirm/escape, use mouse wheel to browse cards, outfits and gallery
– FASTER UI > deep optimization of the entire user interface, it’s now faster and more fluent
– NEW MAIN MENU > with animationa and more modern feel
– NEWS SCROLLS > news scroll now hangs in the main menu hub with all the latest development information

– bigger choice windows for better touch control, bigger text fields
– two new Quick Guides pop up that quickly summarize how to progress through game
– removed custscenes framing for better immersion
– graphic update to all curator stand graphics in tutorial and main menu hub
– curator in main menu hub changes clothes based on selected game mode
– note on the wall in main menu hub changes based on selected game mode
– climax counter fading faster when sex is paused or when changing positions
– added Total Usage counter to sex interactions
– dirty talk now doesn’t interrupt animation
– expanded Game Book for supporters with sections on Mouse Control, Increasing Stats and Game loop in general
– new wallpaper for paying supporters

Bug Fixes
– name of the mother for Highschool Bimbo now properly displayed
– max progress on all cheat now doesn’t spam unlock pop ups when used
– removed bug in total usage trigger, the change to raise stat by total usage is now much higher
– better description of total usage rules in tutorial window
– random event where FEM was missing after Invoke was removed
– removed spam of promote pop ups when reaching multiple harem ranks at once
– selection of story chapter is now remembered when using enhanced story replay
– fixed bug that prevented increasing stat to equal value as fem dominant stat
– fixed bug when various stat-affecting moods changed limits of increasing stats
– HaremCoins now don’t increase after reaching maximum level with a fem

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.
2. Saves: Saves between V0.4 and older versions are not compatible! Please start a new game. Saves will be compatible again in the next update.

Developer Notes

Developer: Pink Palm Production – Patreon – Subscribestar – Twitter – Itch.io – Discord

I played a lot of adult games but I often felt like they were not giving me enough freedom to do what I wanted to do.
I was tired of all the DAZ/RENPY adult novels and wanted something elsesomething completely new.

Inspired by the all time greats like Summertime Saga or Milfy City, I started learning graphics, audio work and coding. With the support of my family, friends and my amazing girlfriend I brought this little pet project to life and finally felt comfortable enough about it to share it with all of you!

Mind you I do have an amazing job and great family, so my time is limited and I’m doing this mostly because I just love adult games, not because I am looking for a new career. :) But don’t worry, even though my life is pretty busy there will be time to publish new content for you to enjoy. :)


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