Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure


Version: v0.35

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Game Info

Name: Guilty Pleasure

Version: v0.35

Updated: 2024-04-28 15:53:06

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Corruption, Groping, Incest, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mobile Game, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


Guilty Pleasure: From Graduation Jitters to Unexpected Desires

Guilty Pleasure throws you headfirst into a whirlwind of emotions that unfold against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary high school graduation party. You pick up the phone, expecting a mundane conversation with your best friend, Maya. Instead, you find yourself drawn into a whirlwind of planning – music, decorations, and the all-important question: who to invite.

Guilty Pleasure delves deeper than the typical “graduation party” trope. Sure, there’s the excitement of celebrating a milestone achievement with friends and family. But beneath the surface of laughter and party lights lies a simmering tension, a growing awareness of shifting feelings between you and Maya. The carefree days of adolescence are fading, replaced by the unsettling thrill of unspoken desires and the yearning for a connection that transcends friendship.

The game explores the concept of “guilty pleasure” not as something shameful, but as a thrilling exploration of newfound intimacy. As the party unfolds, the boundaries blur. A playful dance under the disco ball turns into a charged encounter, a whispered conversation in a quiet corner ignites a spark of passion. Guilty Pleasure offers choices that will shape the course of your relationship with Maya, allowing you to explore your burgeoning desires and navigate the complexities of navigating these feelings with your best friend.

But your exploration doesn’t stop with Maya. The party guest list becomes a springboard for further erotic adventures. There’s the charismatic older brother with a knowing smile, the shy yet alluring classmate who finally gathers the courage to make a move, and even a playful encounter with the party’s flamboyant DJ. Guilty Pleasure celebrates sexual diversity and the freedom to explore your desires, both with your best friend and beyond.

However, the game doesn’t shy away from the potential consequences of your actions. Jealousy rears its head, secrets threaten to spill, and the question of long-term commitment weighs heavily on your mind. Guilty Pleasure forces you to confront the potential fallout from your newfound desires and the impact it may have on your friendships and family dynamics.

Guilty Pleasure is a visual novel that goes beyond the typical “graduation party” narrative. It’s a story about self-discovery, the blossoming of love and desire, and the exhilarating (and sometimes messy) journey of exploring your deepest guilty pleasures. Are you ready to embark on a journey of forbidden desires, unexpected connections, and the thrill of pushing boundaries with the people you care about most? Then step into the graduation party atmosphere of Guilty Pleasure and prepare to witness the transformative power of a single, unforgettable night.



  • Acts 145, 146, 147, and 148.
  • 170+ Images
  • 1600+ Words
  • 4 New Hidden Images


  • Acts 141, 142, 143, and 144.
  • 180+ Images
  • 1 Animation
  • 1700+ Words


  • Acts 137, 138, 139, and 140.
  • 180+ Images
  • 4 Animations
  • 1700+ Words
  • 2 New Hidden Images.


  • Acts 133, 134, 135, and 136.
  • 180+ Images
  • 1600+ Words
  • 2 New Hidden Images.

Acts 129, 130, 131, and 132.
4 Animations
180+ Images
1600+ Words
2 New Hidden Images.

Acts 125, 126, 127, and 128.
1 Animation
180+ Images
1600+ Words
2 New Hidden Images.

Acts 121, 122, 123, and 124.
3 Animations
170+ Images
1500+ Words
2 New Hidden Images.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Quonix Patreon – Discord – Twitter – Subscribestar


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