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God Among Kings: Where Power and Desire Collide

Thrust into a world of treacherous alliances and intoxicating pleasures, God Among Kings by SolidDoc isn’t your typical harem RPG. Here, you take on the mantle of a newly appointed lord, your life taking an unexpected turn as you inherit a noble house and its tangled web of political intrigue. But “God Among Kings” isn’t just about managing your lands – it’s about navigating a world where power, ambition, and raw desire are intricately intertwined.

From Commoner to Lord

The sudden transition from a seemingly ordinary life to a position of power is a heady experience. You’re surrounded by advisors whose loyalty is suspect, neighboring lords who plot your downfall, and a kingdom on the brink of war. God Among Kings offers a unique blend of story-driven narrative and light empire management elements. You’ll need to make strategic decisions regarding resource allocation, troop training, and forging alliances. But the most crucial resource at your disposal… well, that lies in the captivating women you encounter.

A Council of Beauty and Brains

The “harem” aspect of God Among Kings isn’t just about collecting beautiful women. Each potential council member brings a unique set of skills and alluring personalities to the table. There’s the stoic strategist, whose sharp mind and tactical prowess are invaluable assets in war. The fiery diplomat, whose charm and captivating aura can sway even the most hardened of adversaries. The enigmatic sorceress, whose knowledge of the arcane offers a potent edge in battle and a touch of forbidden pleasure in the bedchamber.

Beyond the Battlefield

While military might and strategic prowess are vital, God Among Kings understands that true power often lies in seduction. Convincing these women to join your council isn’t just about offering them a place of influence – it’s about appealing to their desires. Will you woo them with grand gestures of affection, indulge their deepest fantasies, or perhaps employ a touch of strategic manipulation to secure their loyalty? The choice is yours, and the path to their hearts (and bedrooms) is paved with cunning and sensuality.

A Game of Thrones… and Desire

The game throws you into the heart of a complex web of political intrigue, where alliances shift like desert sands. Navigating courtly politics, forging alliances with neighboring lords, and outsmarting your enemies are all crucial to securing your position and ensuring the future of your domain. But amidst the wars and political machinations, God Among Kings offers moments of steamy respite. Developing intimate relationships with your council members not only strengthens your bond, but also unlocks powerful abilities that can tip the scales in your favor.

More Than Just Conquest

God Among Kings is a game that celebrates diversity in both desire and strategy. Each woman on your council offers a unique personality, a distinct set of skills, and a tantalizing path to a steamy encounter. Will you be a benevolent ruler, leading your people with wisdom and fairness? Or will you succumb to the allure of power and become a ruthless lord who uses his council members for personal gain and sensual gratification?

Ascend to the Throne, Indulge Your Desires

God Among Kings offers a compelling blend of empire management, political intrigue, and a diverse cast of beautiful women who crave both power and pleasure. Are you ready to ascend the throne, navigate the treacherous waters of courtly politics, and build a harem of powerful and seductive allies who will help you forge your own legend… and perhaps lose yourself in a world of forbidden desires?



4 new events
1 new character
2 new leisure characters


prologue 2 (camp scene updated, accessible via replay)
Desiree added to leisure
unit upgrade wave added
optimization and tweaks
unit type weak/strong highlight via icons in combat
skip and rollback added to replay functionality

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Sadly not much content for now, the game takes about 4 hours to complete currently
It is my first solo project, currently around a year and half in the making. Might be rough around the edges but i am working on improving it in many aspects
I have included cheat mode (can turn it on in the options screen) for those that don’t fancy the combat i made
It is a constant struggle to update the game while keeping the saves intact, as the ren’py save system picks up every data error i make but i am going to try my best to preserve the saves. If there is an issue with that, report it to me and i will do my best to fix it
Thanks everyone for the warm reception and bearing with me. It has been a huge challenge for me and i appreciate you all
Join me on the discord to share feedback, report bugs, get sneak peaks of the upcoming content or just chat


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