Giant Guardians

Giant Guardians

Giant Guardians

Version: v0.3.53

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Game Info

Name: Giant Guardians

Version: v0.3.53

Updated: 2024-04-10 15:18:12

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, female domination, Male Protagonist, slave


Giant Guardians: A Perilous Journey in a Land of Towering Beauty (By Giant Guardians)

Welcome to a world where towering giants bestride the land, their kingdoms locked in an uneasy balance. As a human – a mere speck in this world of colossal beings – you find yourself thrust into the heart of this precarious situation. Giant Guardians by Giant Guardians is a visual novel that throws you into a thrilling adventure where every choice could mean your life or freedom.

Homaspernia: Where Darkness Reigns and Beauty Commands

Your journey begins in Homaspernia, a land shrouded in perpetual twilight. Here, dark magic pulsates in the very air, a result of a heavy presence of demons and witches who thrive in this twisted paradise. The sun struggles to pierce the dense, tainted atmosphere, casting long shadows across the land. Yet, amidst the gloom, a breathtaking sight awaits – the legendary Giant Guardians.

These colossal women serve as protectors of their respective kingdoms, and Homaspernia boasts some of the largest and most numerous among them. But their imposing size comes with a chilling reality. In a world scaled for giants, a human like you is a fragile, easily-crushed creature. Every step you take is fraught with danger, and survival hinges on navigating the complex social hierarchy of this dark kingdom.

Twisted Beauty: A World of Opulence and Peril

Homaspernia’s architecture reflects the harsh realities of its society. Buildings are built with an almost brutalist aesthetic, towering fortresses of dark stone twisted and manipulated by magic. Chains and ironwork decorate these structures, serving not just as ornamentation but as a grim reminder of the power imbalance. Despite the oppressive atmosphere, there’s an undeniable allure to Homaspernia. The towering giantesses, with their inherent power and captivating beauty, command both respect and a primal sense of awe.

A Precarious Dance: Law and Order in the Shadow of Corruption

Homaspernia’s legal system is about as dark and twisted as its landscapes. Demons, a significant part of the population, fuel a rampant crime rate. Law enforcement is a joke, with corrupt guards turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of the powerful while ruthlessly crushing any dissent from the lower classes.

Death penalty hangs heavy in the air, a brutal spectacle often used for public entertainment rather than a deterrent. The execution methods are at the whim of the chosen executioner, and sometimes, the condemned are offered a horrifying alternative – becoming a slave to a giantess.

Choices with Consequences: Every Decision Shapes Your Fate

In this perilous world, every decision holds the weight of life and death. Will you cautiously navigate the treacherous political landscape, seeking an audience with the enigmatic Giant Guardian, Yakuu? Or will you succumb to the darkness, aligning yourself with the denizens of the underworld in exchange for your own survival?

Giant Guardians is not for the faint of heart. It’s a visual novel that explores themes of power dynamics, forbidden desires, and the perilous consequences of navigating a world not built for your kind. Are you brave enough to face the towering beauty and lurking darkness of Homaspernia? Will you forge alliances, bend to the will of giants, or succumb to the shadows? The choice is yours.


– Main route extended: Croixelle (Sponsored by elfgirls4life )
– Main route extended: Madea (Sponsored by Panther )
– 2 New illustrated scenes (10 variations)

– Main route extended: Yakuu
– Main route extended: Nyxmay
– Main route extended: Diula
– 3 New illustrated scenes (17 variations)

– Texts and bugs fixes

– Main route extended: Naya (Sponsored by elfgirls4life)
– Main route extended: Vai’Klis (Sponsored by Corbear)
– 2 New illustrated scenes (11 variations)

– Texts and bugs fixes

– At some points, the game could crash if you use old saved games from previous versions. If that happens, start a new game and skip seen texts with “Ctrl” until you reach the new content.
– Some antivirus will show a false positive or delete the .exe file. You can safely white-list the game.
– Remember that the game has lots of story/dialog variations depending on your choices, so we highly recommend to keep the “skip Unseen Text” disabled (white) under the Skip options, otherwise, you’ll miss a lot of content

– Main route extended: Timfalme
– Main route extended: Maryen
– Main route extended: Kendra
– 3 New illustrated scenes (15 variations)

– Main route extended: Regina (Sponsored by MemezrDreamz)
– Main route extended: Naya (Sponsored by Vergoo)
– 2 New illustrated scenes (10 variations)

– Main route extended: Eliette
– Main route extended: Croixelle
– Campus life extended.

– Main route extended: Madea (Sponsored by Patsika)
– Main route extended: Regina (Sponsored by MemezrDreamz)
– 2 New illustrated scenes (10 variations)

– Texts and bugs fixes

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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