Genetically Polymerized

Genetically Polymerized [v0.3]

Team Yolk

Version: 0.3

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Game Info

Name: Genetically Polymerized [v0.3]

Version: 0.3

Updated: 2023-04-06 13:41:53

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows


Hereditarily Polymerized is a text-based game that follows a confidential specialist by the name of Jesse as he loads up a vehicle unit with his accomplice Katherine to get away on another planet. As a component of his installment for his last work, he is given this get-away and a treatment, known as “the system,” to tie creature DNA to his own, giving him various minor characteristics. To arrive at his hotel location, he needs to go on a preperatory unit with a few different travelers who have likewise had “the technique.” He frames bonds with them as they travel through space, in the end shaping a close connection with them all.


-Added scenes and edited existing scenes in the Prologue.
-Added chapter start and end denominators.
-H-Claire 1 and H-Lucy 1 have been edited for cleanliness and improvements.
-Fixed various typos.

It is recommended you start a new save and replay the Prologue if you have played previously, as new scenes have been added which alter some existing content.
Keep in mind that some scenes or acts in Chapter 1 may not match the continuity of the Prologue as of now, but will be made uniform in the next update.

What’s next?
-Update to Chapter 1 to facilitate the changes of the Prologue.
-Update to H-Claire 2 to add more options and length.

Known Issues:
-Visual bug that displays “v0.2” as the version name of the game. No effect on gameplay.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

This project is currently being developed by me alone, but I plan on updating this game approximately bi-monthly. The scale of the game is going to be larger than originally intended, possibly adding 6-8 more hours of play time or more depending on your reading speed.

The game follows a linear path with choices in most H-scenes, serving as a catalogue of what I and my team would like to write about in future projects. However, some scenes are completely linear, and as such, may contain kinks that not everyone is into. I’ve added a skip button to such scenes with particular non-vanilla kinks. Here is a short list of what is considered vanilla (and thus, no option given to skip, otherwise you wouldn’t be playing the game at some point if you’re completley vanilla):

Vaginal Sex, any basic foreplay (Handjobs, Oral Sex, Titjobs, etc.), Animal/Monster Girls, Masturbation, Anal (fucking and fingering of female partners), Harem, Tentacles (in a general sense), Cum Play (drinking by and spreading on the body of female partners), and Lesbian content.

And here is a list of non-vanilla kinks that are currently included (and thus are skippable):

BDSM/Bondage, Footjobs, Urination, Futanari (artificially included through sex toys), Pegging, Prostate Play, Roleplay (incest, rapeplay, etc.), Smell Fetish, Body Worship, Armpits, Spanking.

Female Domination and Male Domination are semi-skippable, as some scenes are used for character development.

Feel free to leave feedback on this or anything else in the game. Enjoy!


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