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FurrHouse: Where Love and Loyalty Collide

Welcome to “FurrHouse,” a visual novel by Chimeros that throws wide the doors to a captivating world of monster girls, steamy romance, and the delicate dance of power. Here, you, the player, take the helm, navigating the thrilling complexities of living under one roof with six alluring monster girls. This isn’t your typical harem visual novel. “FurrHouse” offers a “semi-harem” system, where meaningful choices and genuine connections take center stage.

The monster girls you encounter are as diverse as their personalities. Chandra, the snowcat, is a whirlwind of playful trickery, with a hint of sadistic edge that keeps things interesting. Daisy, the shy dog-girl, harbors a surprising passion for cars and video games, a unique combination that begs to be explored. Then there’s MJ, the alluring fox-MILF, who awakens from a twenty-year slumber clutching a questionable taste for 90s pop culture.

But “FurrHouse” isn’t just about stolen kisses and exploring hidden desires. The game throws you headfirst into a world brimming with challenges. Maintaining harmony within your furry household is no easy feat. Each monster girl possesses a distinct personality, and navigating their occasional clashes requires a delicate touch. Alliances with other powerful houses add another layer of complexity, forcing you to strategically navigate the political landscape while keeping your own desires in check.

The beauty of “FurrHouse” lies in its emphasis on meaningful choices and their lasting consequences. Romance isn’t a foregone conclusion. Make the wrong move, and you might find yourself facing a heartbreaking breakup. The game rewards careful consideration and emotional intelligence, encouraging you to build genuine connections with each monster girl. Will you succumb to the playful teasing of Fleur, the mischievous raccoon? Or will you find yourself drawn to the fierce independence of Esme, the wildcat mercenary? The choice is yours, and the consequences ripple through the narrative, shaping the dynamic within your “FurrHouse.”

“FurrHouse” breaks the mold of the typical monster girl visual novel. It’s a game that celebrates diversity, challenges the notion of a one-size-fits-all harem, and explores the complexities of love, loyalty, and cohabitation in a world teeming with fantastical creatures. Are you ready to step into the “FurrHouse” and build a life filled with love, laughter, and maybe a little bit of chaos? Download the game by Chimeros and discover the unique bond that awaits you.


Continuation of the story
Three possible sex scenes with Chandra and Daisy (42 lewd animations!)

Chapter 5
Continuation of the story
Compressed the images from the first two Chapters without quality loss, they were too big.

Chapter 4
Continuation of the story, meeting with Jia or Iliria, lewd scene with Fleur, handjob scene with Chandra

Chapter 3
Continuation of the story (320 images and some animations)
Improved the sandbox a little

Chapter 2
– Continuation of the story
– Added optional background for text

Chapter 1
initial release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Chimeros – Patreon – Itch.io – Discord


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