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From Where You Live


Version: v0.6

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Game Info

Name: From Where You Live

Version: v0.6

Updated: 2024-05-11 16:25:37

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, AI cg, Big Ass, Big Tits, female domination, Furry, Male Protagonist, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Vore


From Where You Live: Concrete Jungles and Concrete Desires

Escape. A fresh start. That’s what you and your girlfriend, Lily, craved when you packed your bags and left the stifling familiarity of your hometown for the sprawling metropolis of Euphoria. From Where You Live, by Furry_Desirer, throws you headfirst into this electrifying new reality, but with a twist that will redefine everything you thought about predator-prey dynamics.

Euphoria isn’t your average city. Here, the power dynamic takes on a fascinatingly primal form. Predators, a diverse group of individuals with enhanced senses and heightened desires, rule the streets. Prey, on the other hand, navigate a world where satiating a predator’s hunger isn’t just about survival – it can be a gateway to carnal pleasures beyond anything either of you ever imagined.

From Where You Live throws you right into the thick of things. Lily, with her fiery spirit and captivating curves, is undeniably prey. But you? You’re an anomaly. You lack the telltale scent of prey, yet your human biology ignites a primal hunger in Euphoria’s predators. Suddenly, you find yourselves caught in a web of desire, where the lines between hunter and hunted become delightfully blurred.

Will you and Lily stick to the established order, catering to the needs of the dominant predators? Or will you explore the thrilling possibilities that lie beyond? From Where You Live offers a multitude of choices, each leading you down a path fraught with erotic encounters and exhilarating danger.

You might find yourselves drawn to the alluring siren call of a feline predator, their grace and predatory instincts arousing a primal need for submission within you both. Perhaps a hulking bear shifter catches your eye, their raw power and possessive nature promising an entirely different kind of carnal rapture. From Where You Live caters to diverse desires, allowing you to explore both Lily’s attractions and your own awakening within the framework of this unique predator-prey society.

But Euphoria isn’t a utopian playground. Navigating this world requires tact, cunning, and a healthy dose of caution. Not all predators are created equal. Some see you and Lily as easy prey, ripe for exploitation. Others view you as a challenge, a puzzle to be unraveled. From Where You Live presents a world where trust is a luxury, and every encounter is a thrilling gamble.

Will you succumb to the allure of Euphoria, forging a new life filled with forbidden pleasures? Or will you find a way to escape this concrete jungle, clinging to the remnants of the world you left behind? From Where You Live by Furry_Desirer offers a captivating exploration of desire, power, and the thrill of defying the expected. Are you ready to discover where your true desires lie?


New in V0.6:
+ New location unlocked (library)
+ Introducing our new girl, Soraya. Thank you Primarch FuturisticMan for helping with the idea and providing the script for her route.
+ Added stats system which currently is nothing more than a placeholder for future plans.
+ OV route for Soraya and all variation depending on her mood (relationship with the player)

Bugfix in V0.6:
+ Fixed all the bugs related to Amanda and Marlie
+ Fixed some minor bugs

+ New digestion mechanic
(Different girls will have different digestion speeds)
+ Increasing difficulty a bit
– Example: Marlie is harder to escape (she is a croc, duh), and her stamina regeneration is very low, but she can digest her prey pretty quickly.
Other girls have their own difficulties when you try to escape from them.

# Marlie
+ Added donate options (will change in future)
+ Added all scenes for Marlie’s routes (OV, UB, AV)
+ There should be something more but I forgot

+ Revamp Marlie
+ Applying digestion mechanic to all current girls
+ Launch an Exterminatus on bugs and typo errors

+ Bugs related to energy drink
+ Fixed a bug that causes you to return to the first greeting with Roxanne.
+ Fixed a rare bug in Marlie’s sleeping scene
+ Fixed a bug in Amanda’s AV scene, escape route
+ And some minor bugs

Current available locations: Gym, Pool, Home, Strange store

New in V0.4.1:
# Wendy
+ Complete revamping on Wendy to prepare for future scenes
+ Items now useable (for Wendy)
+ Added scene when you give her microsjar or small prey
+ Added Wendy’s escape threshold (Don’t try to escape when she is bathing, it’s her kink and you can’t struggle your way out)
+ Some other new update on Wendy but I forgot to note it down :3

# Roxanne Wolf
+ Complete revamping on Roxanne Wolf to prepare for future scenes
+ Added (or updated) the unbirth scene of Roxanne at the gym

Change in V0.4.1:
+ Changed the game’s wallpaper
+ Adjusted the output impact of the player when struggling inside of Amy (still easy for you to escape)

Bugfix in V0.4.1:
+ Fixed a bug where the player made an excuse when Roxanne was about to unbirth the player and it skipped to the wrong scene
+ Fixed some minor bugs

Changelog v0.4:
+ Added a new girl at the pool, please be kind to her or she will bite ya (First implied escape via struggle, fairly easy right now and I’ll be more difficult in future updates)
– Try to escape from her stomach when she eats you at the pool, it will lead you to another route.
– If you ask/talk to her, she will give you some hints about the new location and girl, even the lore of some minor characters.
– For those who don’t know, there is a chance that you successfully convince Wendy (at the mall) to release you, also Roxanne (at the gym)

Change in V0.4:
+ Added background escape threshold after the player being vored
+ Revamp all locations on the map (Currently available locations are Gym, Pool, Store, and Home, the rest are placeholders so don’t click on them)

Bugfix in V0.4:
+ Fixed a loop in Wendy’s route
+ Fixed a bug when you whether or not looking for a job at the store.
+ Fixed the price of items
P.S.: Happy New Year to all <3

Changelog v0.3:
+ Added new location where you will meet a new girl with a new route (of course). Her route is a little bit different and you will miss some in a single walkthrough.
* Hint: 50/50 chance when she out of the mall and goes somewhere else.*
+ Added Relation system (currently doesn’t have any mechanic that requires relationship yet)
+ Added Inventory
+ Added Stamina (Why not? Nothing is infinite :3)
+ Added some purchasable items (Most of them are useless now, except the most expensive one)

*Change in V0.3:
+ Implied stamina system to all current girls
+ Overhaul some sound effects of Roxanne
+ Changed the prologue dialog with Roxanne with an option to return (No more force asking)

*Bugfix in V0.3:
+ Some weird bugs that no one noticed :3
+ An annoying bug but I forgot what it is after a quick nap :3
P.S.: Christmas is coming in hot. Thank you all for your support and…

Changelog v0.2.1:
+ Changed the game title
+ Added unbirth route for Roxanne
+ Adjust some SFX on Roxanne’s route
+ New gym background
+ Added Roxanne’s bedroom
(Note: you have 33% chance to convince Roxanne to release you at the gym. This also applies on Wendy when she is at the mall.)

Changelog v0.2:
– Added Roxanne Wolf’s route
– Adding 1 ending in for Roxanne Wolf route
– Fix some bugs (again)

Changelog v0.1:
– Fine-tuning Wendy’s route
– Adding 2 ending in Wendy’s route (Credit go to Primarch KmsBismarck for their text + idea)
– Add sound effect
– Fix some bugs
– Fix a dead loop after being vored by Wendy

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Furry_Desirer – Patreon – Pixiv


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