Flames of Desire

Flames of Desire



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Game Info

Name: Flames of Desire


Updated: 2023-06-08 11:50:20

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, adventure, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex


Motivated from center east societies and their fantasy, this game highlights sexual materials and I intend to add more things later on.


The pirates event will add new system and that is reputation, for now the system is not fully done, if the reputation with the pirates go down the pirates npc will chase the player and try to kill him, if not then they will not, when the reputation is low player can go to a pirates member, pay him and restore the reputation to natural.
Doing missions for pirates will also increase the reputation but for now there is only 3 story missions the player can do for the pirates, but there is no replayable missions for now.
overall this reputation with the pirates is still a work in progress and we will see how we can improve it with time and also could use it in the future with more new factions if the player like it.
-The brothel for now will have only introduction event, player can have fun with 4 girls but there is no replayabilty after the player finish the 4 scene in this update, but for sure in the future there will be replayable scenes with every girl and we could also add more girls to the brothel.
-The alchemist to be fully honest is rushed, it will just be there to sell potions and alchemy ingredients if the player learn alchemy, it will not have day rotune for now.
I know again I took so much time for a little contents but I didn’t have so much free time and I added many new enemies (3 pirates and 3 city watch) and also added new allie but it will not have abilities for now.
I hope you like and have fun with this new update!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

How to play and what the game have for now.
Like i said there is no much containts, so for now you can work at the morning from 6 to 12 am to make money.
you will find Zahra at the pool room from 12am to 6pm you can do many activites with her and give her gift’s, in menu screen you will find a characters menu there you will see a love stats, the more love she have the more chance to succes doing events with her.
To eat and reduce hunger you can find food in the kitchen table at the 7am, 12am and 8pm, also you can eat in the inn .
To sleep the player need to be tired, doing activities can reduce stamina also drinking beer will do the same, you can buy beer at the inn


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