Femboy Burgers

Femboy Burgers


Version: 0.3.3

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Game Info

Name: Femboy Burgers

Version: 0.3.3

Updated: 2023-05-25 12:30:22

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, gay, Male Protagonist, Management, Rape, Trap


A management/ visual novel lewd femboy game.
Start a new job as a femboy serving burgers -among other things! :y
Entirely mouse based. Little bit of space bar lol.​


Development Blog

-Ideally you should be able to able to use saves from the demo to the game but I haven’t tested it thoroughly
– Added 3 new Special services, they will be unlocked roughly after rent period replacing the LVL UP screen
– They can be individually enabled or disabled as desired in your home computer under the PROFILE.EXE
-Removed the lvl system entirely
-My rationale for this is that I found the system more cumbersome than enjoyable. The stats mostly affected the burger mini game, to which I had you playing an inferior version of the tested model if you were not fully upgraded. It could take alot more tweaking but I found it wasn’t worth the time investment and for those that didn’t enjoy it and made bare minimum and skipped the rest of the days would find it utterly useless
-Added Game modes for the minigame
– Standard –
mini game will play as normal
-Instant –
For those that have a harder time playing the game I made it so all actions in the burger minigame are instant with no drag n drop(I’ve added a bit more time to the shift timer as well if it’s not enough lmk)
-Skip –
The mode where the minigame will be skipped entirely, you’ll have a rough 1/3 chance to see a Special service still
-Added Side Activity – The Meet Up Spot is a side activity you can go to get some extra money during the weekends

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run


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