Fairwood Retreat 87

Fairwood Retreat 87

Sakura Blossom Games

Version: 0.01

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Game Info

Name: Fairwood Retreat 87

Version: 0.01

Updated: 2023-05-23 16:21:39

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Thriller


FairWood Retreat 87 is a horror adult visual novel (AVN), where you take on the shoes of a young woman who goes to spend her first summer at a camp. As she and others enjoy their summer retreat, it is only a period of time until something is amiss. As the nights roll on in, followed by the rising sunrise it becomes a shocking reality that this will be like no summer they have ever had before. Tucked conveniently away in the forest of Fairwood with no town in sight, you come to that realisation, you may have wished that you had never set foot in Fairwood Retreat. The question is, will you and the others survive?

Heavily inspired by both the horror and culture of that time period, Fairwood Retreat 87 is set near the closing of the 80’s in 1987, with horror, thriller, psychological and mystery elements taking core routes of this game.‚Äč


22/05/23 (Prologue 0.1) of Fairwood Retreat 87 released to the public
08/05/23 (Prologue 0.1) of Fairwood Retreat 87 enter closed testing
January 2023 (Fairwood Retreat starts development)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

To follow the active development of the game please follow this Discord server to be kept up to date! (This game is STILL in active development!)

If you’re wanting any sex scenes and/or a lot of storytime content I’d suggest coming back after a few updates to give the game a try then.

General Questions

What Happened To That College AVN That You Were Working On?

There are some amazing college/school based AVN’s out there, too many to name and some of them have really done it right. When I first started working on it, there was growing popularity, but the genre was not as saturated as it is now. In the end I realized that no matter what I did, my game would lack originality because there are only so many “school” twists you can do. Plus because doing a school/college environment ends up becoming such a big game, it leads to many devs getting burnt out or dropping their game as a result. Plus we had the horrible years of 2020-2022, which did not help matters. So I decided to take a step back and reach my core interest routes, which this game has a lot more of than before. An amazing time period set in the 80s as well as diving into your 80s horror themes, was the perfect choice for me. Plus I get to be more creative and enjoy what am doing, without worrying that am doing what a hundred other devs are doing at once.

Will there be NTR?(Meaning that character love interests cheat on the main protagonist aka the player (you)?

There is currently no NTR; however careful and constructive consideration for a specific character is being considered “if” it’ll be suitable and “needed”. This would not only adds realism to that specific character but add one of the layers of drama that you could expect having a small group of people staying close to each other for a period of time. If “that” scene goes ahead in that manner, we’ll update here. But careful and balanced consideration is being made first. Currently there is no NTR.

Will There Be Rape/Sexual Violence?

There will be no direct representation of rape; however where appropriate it may be insinuated where required for story/past events. Any references/suggestions will not be portrayed visually. Please note that we do not in any way condone/support any form of sexual violence or discrimination on anyone regardless. This game is a work of fiction and any similarities to yourself or others that you may know is purely coincidental. Also anything that you see within this game we do not support being repeated and replicated in real life as this is a work of fiction.

Will There Be Incest/Underaged or Bestiality?

No this game will have no sexual content related to any of these. Every character is at least 21 years of age.

Why Do You Not Give Actual Forecasted Release Dates Or At Least An ETA Estimate?

From observation of other amazing developers and from personal observation of other VNs I find that giving an actual release date puts an immense amount of pressure on us as developers, especially when we have our own lives and are only human. Often there are things outside of our control that would lead to a delay and I will not accept disappointing the fans by making promises that cannot be kept for definite. Finally, I prefer quality over quantity and will always strive to improve and by having set deadlines it would risk downgrading the quality and making me lose passion for this project that I am so passionate about.


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