Enishia and the Binding Brand

Enishia and the Binding Brand

Shimobashira Workshop/Kagura Games

Version: v1.01 Steam

3.9/5 - (28 votes)


Enishia is a simple nun and the sole manager of the last church in Megista. However, she must pay off a mountain of debt to prevent the demolition of the church and its attached orphanage. How can she make the money she needs?


v1.01 Steam
– Fixed indents for initial contract terms being hidden behind Enishia’s head during the opening prologue scene.
– Fixed indents in various help glossary entries.
– Edited Enishia’s profile text in the Contract/Experiences menu.
– Adjusted Enemy Encyclopedia text.
– Adjusted Growth/Stat Increase menu help text for Dexterity and Luck.
– Adjusted Contract/Experiences History date format (non-retroactive, fixed to saves).
– Adjusted Main Menu text positions for rank names and EXP.
– Harmonized references to Divine Arts as Holy Arts.
– Translated Developer Credits.

v1.00 Steam
Steam Release

Initial Release

Installation Guide

WARNING – Try to avoid using old saves as they have a chance of causing issues with the game.

The MTLPATCH contains the latest polishes and fixes to the translation. Install it.

To Download the Github Patch.
1. Click the Code button at the top right and Download ZIP.
2. Extract files to game folder and replace.

Developer Notes

Developer: Shimobashira Workshop DLsite – Ci-en – Steam
Publisher: Kagura Games Website – X (Twitter)


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