Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation

Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation


Version: v1.1.7 Steam

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Game Info

Name: Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation

Version: v1.1.7 Steam

Updated: 2024-04-25 09:23:02

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, adventure, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Bukkake, combat, Creampie, Dot-Pixel, Fantasy, Furry, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, multiple endings, Oral Sex, Rogue-like, RPG, Sandbox, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation – Where Love and Lust Collide

Dualarcade’s “Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation” isn’t your typical roguelike dungeon crawler. Sure, you don our brave hero’s mantle, venturing into a labyrinthine depths to reclaim your lost love. But the “dungeon” in this case isn’t your typical dank, monster-infested cavern. It’s a twisted reflection of desire, a sprawling complex teeming with “vixen” denizens who offer a potent blend of temptation and challenge. “Dungeon Vixens” throws you headfirst into a world where the line between love’s rescue mission and hedonistic indulgence blurs deliciously.

The love you seek, a woman stolen away from your grasp, becomes the driving force behind your descent. But the path to reuniting with her is fraught with peril – and pleasure. The halls of this “dungeon” aren’t patrolled by orcs or skeletons; they’re stalked by a captivating cast of monster girls, each a unique embodiment of desire. The seductive Succubus Lilura is just one of the many “vixens” you’ll encounter, each offering a different type of allure – the alluring charm of a Lamia dancer, the playful whimsy of a Kitsune trickster, or the dominant allure of a Harpy warrior.

“Dungeon Vixens” isn’t simply a button-mashing brawl. Combat here takes on a strategic and undeniably erotic twist. The key to success lies in a unique attack and defense slider system – timing becomes paramount as you navigate the ebb and flow of battle. But the battles themselves are more than just a test of reflexes; they’re a dance of seduction and power. Each encounter with a “vixen” can potentially lead down a path of intimacy, offering a glimpse into their desires and motivations. Will you succumb to their charms, finding solace and perhaps even pleasure in their company? Or will you remain focused on your mission, resisting their allure and pushing deeper into the dungeon’s heart?

“Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation” offers a refreshingly diverse and liberal take on love and desire. The game celebrates the unique beauty of each “vixen,” allowing you to explore your preferences and forge connections that transcend the typical damsel-in-distress narrative. The choice is ultimately yours – will you remain steadfast in your quest for your lost love, or will you succumb to the intoxicating temptations that lurk within the dungeon’s walls? The fate of your heart, and perhaps your sanity, hangs in the balance. Are you ready to descend into this labyrinth of desire? In “Dungeon Vixens: A Tale of Temptation,” every battle is a choice, and every choice has its consequences.




  • Gemlyn’s Animation Refined: Swapped out incorrect non-shadow frames in Gemlyn’s animations for the right ones. She’s now as sleek and shadowy as intended!
  • Invisibility Potion Effect Fixed: Addressed a glitch where the blur effect from an invisibility potion remained active in a Level if a player exited the level before the potion’s effect expired and then returned after a restart due to dying. Effects now properly reset upon leaving a level or after a game restart.
  • Gallery Improvements: Squashed several bugs in the gallery and enhanced controller support for easier navigation.
  • Gallery Animation Finish: Added a finish animation to the gallery loop for a smoother viewing experience.
  • Adventurer’s Delight Update in Shop: After purchasing Adventurer’s Delight three times, it will now correctly display as sold out, removing the price tag to avoid confusion.
  • As always, we’re grateful for your feedback and dedication. These updates are for you, the adventurers, who inspire us to continuously improve the dungeon experience.

New Encounters Await:

  • Aiko the Dancing Kitsune twirls into our dungeon, bringing a touch of mystery and a dash of charm. Can you find her and something she lost?
  • 2 New Monsters have crept into the shadows. Each one is eager to test your mettle, so sharpen those swords!
  • Sproutella has undergone a makeover! Check out her new design and experience her in a whole new light.
  • Battyboo has undergone a makeover. Our beloved Battyboo flaunts a brand new design! Dive back into the depths to catch a glimpse of her updated look – it’s sure to add an extra spark to your encounters.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Out-of-Bound Chests No More: Those just-out-of-reach chests? They’ve been repositioned for your looting pleasure.
  • Enemy Attack Timer: A new slider now graces your journey, offering a visual cue for the enemy’s next attack. Stay sharp!
  • Checkpoint Magic: Jump back into the heart of adventure from levels 7 or 14, and keep the action going.
  • Cleared some corners: Minor level fixes await.
  • Holding the torch does not pull enemy’s from far away anymore.
  • Item Use Feedback: Added a distinct sound cue for when you try to use an item but find your pockets empty. It’s the little things that keep you on your toes!
  • Shop Interactions Improved: Now, when you attempt to make a purchase without enough coins or if an item is sold out, an error sound will gently inform you of your unsuccessful attempt. Shop smarter, not harder!

Tweaks and Fixes:

  • Bug Busting: A few pesky bugs have been squished underfoot, smoothing out your path to victory.
  • D-pad Up Lever Fix: Addressed a sneaky bug where the D-pad up wasn’t playing nice with levers.
  • Questgiver Conversations Streamlined: Fixed an oversight where the spell menu would pop up during heartfelt conversations with our dungeon’s questgivers. Now, you can focus on their words without unexpected interruptions.
  • Several animation fixes.
  • Steamdeck compatibility testing.
  • Graphical Glitch on Level 17: We’ve banished an annoying graphical glitch that was haunting level 17. Explore with clarity and enjoy the scenery as it was meant to be seen!
  • Spelling Correction: A rogue spelling mistake has been corrected. Our adventure is not only about battling monsters but also conquering the English language.

Steam Exclusive Achievements:

  • Activated Steam achievements.
  • Revel in the glory of the “GenerousHeart” as you discover the hidden ending. Only the most dedicated adventurers will uncover what lies beneath.
  • “Shroom Room”: Discover a hidden ecological treasure that tells tales of the dungeon’s less traveled paths.
  • “A Nice Pair”: Become the unseen force that shapes the destiny of two nice ladies of the dungeon.

More Stories to Tell:

  • 4 New Story Panels for the different endings have been added, enriching the tapestry of tales waiting to be discovered.
  • A short video “Before the dungeon” was made that tells the story of the adventurer (Available shortly)

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