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Version: v0.69

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Game Info

Name: Dungeon Slaves

Version: v0.69

Updated: 2024-04-10 08:57:20

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, combat, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Handjob, Lactation, monster, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


Dungeon Slaves: A Risky Rescue with Amy, the Elvish Maid (Created by Adn700)

A World Shrouded in Shadow

Welcome to a realm where magic hums through the air, and ancient forests shelter mystical creatures. But this enchanting facade hides a dark underbelly. Orcish warbands, fueled by bloodlust and greed, rampage across the land, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Their targets? Innocent villagers, particularly young women who are snatched away to a fate worse than death – a life of servitude in the brutal dungeons scattered throughout the land.

Amy: A Spark of Rebellion

Enter Amy, a young elven maid whose life is turned upside down when her peaceful village is struck by a vicious orc raid. Unlike the other villagers who cower in fear, Amy ignites with a fierce determination to rescue the captured girls. Driven by a potent mix of courage, compassion, and a touch of recklessness, she embarks on a perilous quest, vowing to bring her friends back from the clutches of darkness.

The Perilous Path to Freedom

Amy’s journey is fraught with danger. She must navigate treacherous landscapes teeming with monstrous creatures, from hulking trolls guarding mountain passes to razor-clawed wolves lurking in the shadows. To overcome these obstacles, she delves into the forgotten arts of potion-crafting, brewing concoctions that enhance her strength, agility, and even grant her temporary magical abilities.

Building Alliances: A Network of Hope

But Amy is not alone in her fight. As she ventures deeper into the world, she encounters a cast of unforgettable characters. There’s the gruff but kind dwarf blacksmith who forges her a set of enchanted armor, the wizened hermit who imparts ancient knowledge on monster weaknesses, and the sly traveling merchant with a surprising arsenal of gadgets and magical trinkets. By forging bonds with these individuals, Amy assembles a network of allies, each with their own unique skills and motivations to aid her cause.

The Price of Failure: A Risky Gamble

However, the path to liberation is paved with thorns. During her quest, Amy faces formidable opponents, towering orc warlords and cunning dungeon masters who relish the suffering of their captives. When defeat is inevitable, the game introduces a unique mechanic – the “sex price.” Here, Amy surrenders a portion of her autonomy, succumbing to the sexual desires of the victor in exchange for a chance to regroup and continue her mission.

This is where the true depth of Developer Mode comes into play (?Developer Mode Output)

This mechanic isn’t just about titillation; it explores the psychological toll of such a desperate situation. The player grapples with the emotional weight of Amy’s choices. Is surrendering her body a pragmatic move to further the rescue, or is there a deeper desire lurking beneath the surface? The game delves into the complexities of power dynamics and the sacrifices one makes for a greater good.

More Than Just a Rescue Mission

Dungeon Slaves is an experience that pushes boundaries and challenges players to confront uncomfortable realities. It’s a captivating blend of action, adventure, and a touch of forbidden desire (?Developer Mode Output).

Are You Ready to Join Amy’s Quest?

If you crave an RPG that’s as thrilling as it is thought-provoking, then Dungeon Slaves is the game for you. With its unique blend of captivating characters, challenging combat, and a story that explores the complexities of human nature, this title will leave a lasting impression. So, grab your sword, brew your potions, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Amy, the elven maid who dares to defy the darkness.



– + 20 great animations ( Orc Slaves services & Dungeon Slaves)
– Add scene with animation of the dancerSlavina in the milk bar
– Kitty’s mom no futa alternatif
– Add quest alert after new quest
– Slaves services Power shower give now 50 power (before 10)
– Slaves services Milk give now +50 Life (before 10)
– Quest :Angel Inverstigation & Body Exam
– Oracle have a 3 story to tell ( Amy these alternative universes ) need Quest >60

– Fix bugs : the Hal Bovine ( free slaves )
– Add visit of Amy’s Mom during Garrick’s lolipop
– Quest : SisterHood search
– Quest : SisterHood help homeless & prisoners
– Quest : Amy will purify herself
– Visit Nikita with invisible mode in Princess house the day (H-scene)
– MilkyCum open with Bovine in Tavern
– New slave to buy (orc) and sell to the druid ( Improve your legendary power )
– Amy can be a angel (Have more than 20 life for fly correctly…)
– Blowjob invisible Kitty’s Mom ( For Fan )
– You can vist the ghost in the cemettery (upstair H-Scene)

# Log 0.66 :
Update :
– You can fly to the skyisland with dragon / Angel / witch…
– New texts for the 4 worms reload with hippo with full relationship.
– Add cheats codes : Unlock slaves 10/10
– Add Cheat : Go directly to the Quest N°70
– Added the button for “auto” in game.
– Open the Mill : Alchimist ( Quest : Rescur Assistant )
– You can save the great Soldier…
– Open of the mushroom’s valley.
– Fun with the Queen in the beach.

Fix :
– Fix error & missing forest&poolbooy pics.
– fix bugs with slaves 6 ( don’t go to the caverne/Slaves-House until 10/10 Slaves )

v0.65 (The End ?)
– Add mom’s to the tavern
– Re-text the Sally invisible meet
– Oona Quest Clothes ( Trubal & Olga )
– Exit Slaves prison & can come back visit
– Invisible Event in Elf Palace (Queen)

– Fix somes minor bugs
– Add the Full quest about the Vampir / Jail
– Add of the Mom’s quest.
– After that you can be a ghost and unlock new menu option in few area.
– Go see sally by night after 68 quest
– New meet in the walk beach Xena (XxX) & The Witch
– Add mom’s to the tavern
– Start Slaves Prison…

Bugs :
– bug Free slaves : don’t clic on “remember… Hal or Bovine” until you free all slaves.
– bug “Caverne / Slaves house” don’t go in Tavern until free all slaves.

– Add Option : Night naughty thinking in Amy house ( Kitty, Garrick, Hippo,…)
– Bovine (Rebuild Slaves) : in the Tavern for Win Xp and fun
– Hal (Rebuild Slaves) : in the Tavern for fun Cookies
– Ritual with twin in the Cemetery
– First Part of the Crypt ( with story surprise !)
– Special help in battle from amazon if you feed them again and again
– New cheat in cheat house : maxium relationship with (Pixie,Garrick,Hippo,Witch)
– Adjust : buy a slaves is cheaper / Cave treasure can earn 200 golds

– Fix error forest pics
– Fix error relationship with Witch
– Fix bugs in Slaves rescuit

– Rebuild the MAP Interface >>> New Design Menu
– Rebuild the Life / Power bar interface ( press key “G” for hide/show )
– New enemy in bikini beach area
– Feed the amazon 2/2
– Add few Scenes in futa Gallery
– talk with beach / queen bimbo / walk / Pirates
– Update your relationship with the Witch
– Witch : Add 4 Spirits to founds in the world and unlock exclusif video
– Fix and few background changed
– Walk to the Ritual with the Twin
– One slave is remplace and work in the Tavern

– Add new menu in dark forest with fast way to get gland plant (with fun pics)
– Fun 5 level of corruption with the soldiers (start cimettery)
– Enemy meet by foot are very strong ( depend of your level )
– Night Fairy (Sleep when you have 10/15 relation with pixie and chance to see…)
– Witch : Add one Spirit to Collect >> add pics flash
– Queen sex/fly/dragon
– Feed the amazon 1/2
– Fix in the elf palace the game room
– Slaves house : you can earn little XP ( but next update rework )

– Dress Amy in the human village by night.
– First quest in Amazone village ( Lot of naughty talk )
– Bikini Bleach with Delphy…
– Night in elf palace : Need to pay in free way for enter to the pool & Pool ( you can reload your Power )
– SexMagic with the amazon shaman
– Add 2 pics in the fake suit in sally shop
– Add little Queen story at night in the palace before quest 58
– Soldier sex in some place and begin the Corruption

– Night in the elf palace >>> Add option ( Oracle, Queen )
– Orc Slaves services (Find the slaves and get heal and power services)
– Amazon Start
– Rebuild Quest GUI Map, Inventaire
– Fix Oona Dream
– Rebuild B**Job scene with Garrick ( nice Animation )
– You can buy a potions belt in human market
– Easier quest : Quest 23 : moss & leaves quest

– meet characters in slaves market (fun & Sexy)
– you can buy 3 slaves and manager them .
– 3 days of market slaves
– Talk with tano and hardsex
– You can test somes dresses in your room ( need quest > 50)
– Hippo buy a slave
– Cimettery before enter : Compagnon Talk
– Add the enter prison slaves

– Opened : Golden cave for earn money
– 3 Contests for Amy in Orc village
– Add some random characters in orc village
– Rebuild the fight potion menu
– New sounds added
– New cheats ( debug : enable console & next quests : Bugged )
– added icon quests

– Add level relationship with Kitty’s mom
– Mom’s Kitty training quest for orc
– Special sex scene with Kitty’s mom
– Quest Orc village : Contest Permit (Pre-Start)
– Druid event : Seduction with Hermy
– Kitty’s mom quest : Plug
– Meet a new guy (random): Ragna in the montain (sex scene ) ( Quest >35 )
– Add random meet peoples in orc village

– Add Intro
– Creation of the legendary potion with Sally
– Oracle small vision
– New fun Pam event (with the Witch & Amy) when you visit her ( Random – )
– move the defeat scene in escape menu
– Rebuild a little the fight menu
– Amy can transform (Animation) to the new super form ( with new attack & new stats )
– Amy can have Sex with brenna and another friends is elf palace ( Futa exclu )
– Orc Village (start quest) !!!!

– Rebuild the text with more options ( Size / font / color )
– Scene dragon in top of the montain
– Quest the sisterhood of Empty cups & Temple Holy water
– Random Event in Pam (masturbation)
– Hippo hard work in backYard after Quest 40 and 20 times reload
– Easy Dragelle quest
– Add quests informations for compagnion

– Quest : Dragon Quest end & Violet Flower
– New Option in market human village : Dance in street, with 4 funny scenes ( Sex / Animation )
– ADD New sex scene in sex dungeon ( Slave & Hippo )
– Update the Witch & Amy fall scene ( Kiss scene )

– Quest : Queen Quest / Night Event
– Giant Quest
– Witch Compagnion
– Witch Attack transformation
– Dragon taner Start Quest
– Animation Escape
– ( Don’t forget to learn new attack to Soldier & Dephy )
– Add mens changing room in elf palace – Sex Animation ( For Fan )

v0.49 The Druid Part 3/3
– Add cheat in cheat house
– Optimisation code
– add new dreams ( in amy house )
– add lots of sex training
– Add 2 ways to exit from the druid
– kitchen druid sex
– tentacule sex
– Fix bugs
– Fight : Escape,you can be caught
– Druid random scene when your caught ( depend of you level pleasure )
( You’re free don’t forgot to visit the soldier to learn and Witch for Random Sex scene )

v0.48 The Druid 2/3
– Human Village : You can learn something with Soldier ( Be strong !) ( Outside the druid )
– New variation base attack after learn with soldier (after the maze) ( Outside the druid )
– Druid : Training Nipple
– Druid : Training Diblo
– Druid : Training Milk Factory
– Fail Escape Sex scene
– Quest Escape Druid : the bottle of milk
– Add some bimbo dream
– Add Witch random sex scene ( Outside the druid )

v0.47 The Druid 1/3
– Second Futa Pam anal scene ( go visit here )
– Simplified version name V0.470 ( previous V0.463 )
– Add 3 cells in Sex Dungeon ( Go in the dungeon after quest 17, you can see scene sex )
– Cheat house have offert you 40 Carrots
– Enter to the montain
– Start Druid Quest ( 3 trainings available ) ( Bimbo Alert )

– Scene Slap Queen
– Oracle Quest ( First & Second Vision )
– Add Garrick Compagnon ( Give Power or Life in battle and free Travel )
– Compagnon are better with your level
– You can buy 5 potions in human shop
– You can now buy the Warrior suit in Sally shop..but..
– You can learn Charm power (Pool)

– Quest bikini & pool ( lot of scenes )
– Cave finished
– New Enemy Spider & King Gob
– Kitty Futa Sex Option
– Fix bugs

– New cheat Code : thanks
– Gaming room open in elf palace
– Queen Quest Start
– New enemy Ursiel the octopus
– Dance for the King
– Extra scene for Kitty’s Mom ( one more – last one )
– Add Drink animation / growing boob
– Cave to finish
– Add Surrender option (Defeat Scene)
– Add pics in android loading / Icon

– Animations : Visit Sister Oona in cock room at night
– Add 3 reply in the Gallery
– Second and last part of the Maze
– Elves Palace are Open
– Elves Palace : Pool / guard / Queen…

– Add First Enigma Dungeon ( Basement)
– Add Big Maze ( 1/2 Part ) with slaves and minotor :)
– You can find the map in the office Oona by night
– Gallery added Slaves and Battle
– Gallery : Add thumbnail Quests
– Add Npj random in ancien forest ( Hermy )
– Fix bugs

– First day with soldier & Can be Ally ( Big damage attack )
– You can have Ally : Pixie ( give 8 flowers and she follow you )
– New Shield version & attack Pixie
– Disable old Shield by Pixie
– Add the last slave outside the dungeons.
– Rebuild Gallery ( In progress )
– Improve text

Sex with Kitty after Cure the King
– Quest Witch Cure
– King Cure
– Icon blind enemy ( Power : Cone of Milk )
– New Random Scene with Mom Kitty ( 2 scenes add )
– Start Soldier Quest

– Huge improved text
– Milk scene with KittyMom in random after first night ( Add in gallery )
– New enemy Frog turle in beach
– New attack style unlock with battle with Dephy
– King B**job for sample
– Add extra scene with plant

– Add Second night street with Kitty – Sex Scene
– add King Quest ( Cure Part 1/2 ) – Sex Scene
– add new Witch Quest (Potion Cure – 1/2 )
– Hippo : Extra power reload ( After 10 times for recover power ) – Sex Scene
– Update Gallery
– New Enemy the plant
– Fix errors

– Animation FutaSex with Sally at night in random ( try to enter many of time )
– Village Human : Kitty Quest First Night and 2 second shopping
– Gallery (For Patreon – For unlock everything, you need to start a new game )
– Kitty mom just open
– Vendor in human village ( you can buy potions and tool )

– New Area : Forest ( unlock with save Dephy slave )
– Dephy : Win and unlock new Great Attack Skill
– You can find the witch
– Update Gui ( Inventary + Quest + Stats + Slaves Info )
– You gain +1 Power by level ( and + 1 life )
– Better gain with potions ( add your max life )
– Level up is faster
– Satyr Extra Sex Scene
– Garrick always in statue place in night ( after 3 dates )
– ADD NPJ Amazone in wood
– Pixie Sex after give her 5 flowers ( + Futa )
– Build a Potion cost 5 to 3 gold

– Cheat house are moved to right top
– Training Area in village with Pam ( With Sex Night )
– 5 slaves Added ( Now 9 Slaves )
– Fix bug / text
– Sex with Orc animation Defeat
– Village Human are open ( no quest for the moment )
– Version MAC ET ANDROID !

– You can go to the trip with Oona
– little change in map
– Growing Potion is now Life Potion
– For futa scene or huge scene for Amy is now side effect
– New death enemy animation
– You can free some Slaves ( Num of Slaves : 3 )
– Shield and talk with pixie
– Amy is in Left side for fight now ( hard work ^^ )
– Sex Scene with goblin is complete
– Dark Forest Open
– Update Dialogue for Mister Hippo

– Garrick more sex and BJ
– Ready for aventure princess
– 2 New Enemy in forest
– Cloth don’t rip after defeat everytime
– Sex Futa Princess
– Sex with Pixie at home after night

– New Character : Pixie with begin quest. (need to do ) ( just first watch )
– 3 Potions Quest (Finish)
– Sally have huge boob something after build 2 potions ( Secret )
– Sex Option Futa ( Active )
– New name of old Power Potion to Power Potion ( For story : You’re drunk a legendary Power Potion )
– Update combat system ( Better animation )
– Update Garrick
– New Inventory display
– Quest Garrick for horses
– Map with forest for seach Carrot
– Grow Potion Scene sex 1 with princess
– Implemantation level ( better to lose lol ) ( Give + one life )
– Default life = 5

Special Defeat Amy !
– ADD Menu in save windows
– Add Animation when Amy ready for fight
– You can drink potion during battle
– Update combat system for flexibility ( for add more special attack easier )
– speed text setting adjust
– Map World can be test in Cheat House (Slave house)
– Goblin win : Hard Sex
– Inventory can be read in the forest ( bug a little bit )
– You can make Old Potion and Growing Potion

– Add Config Menu
– Add Credits Menu
– Fix cheat bug
– Add cheat : last quest
– Win More gold in win battle
– Naked Job is open in Mister Hippo
– Sex With Garrick after lose battle and ask Date (Update)
– Remove Continu button
– Nude Quest : you need to buy cloth ( Nude after lose battle )
– Quest Sex : Information in AmyHouse

– Configuration option ADD ( for fullscreen )
– Continue Button Add ( no sur if is work correctly )
– Limit inventory
– Add more clue ( Night option after Quest 8 , no need to talk with Hippo )
– Clean room possible si Nude ( juste un message ) “I really need money for buy cloth”…and cumshot on her…
– Try to die vs enemy and Garrick save you and can be a nice night after that
– Can build the Old power Potion

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

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