Dungeon Explorers

Dungeon Explorers

C.M.Cas Games

Version: v.03

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Game Info

Name: Dungeon Explorers

Version: v.03

Updated: 2024-05-09 13:56:55

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, adventure, AI cg, Anal, Big Tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Harem, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Religion, Romance, RPG, Turn based combat, Vaginal Sex


Dungeon Explorers: Building Your Rebellion, One Seductive Encounter at a Time

The taste of freedom still lingers on your tongue, a stark contrast to the bitterness of betrayal. You, a former slave, have escaped the iron grip of your cruel masters, but vengeance isn’t a dish served cold – it’s a feast fueled by rage and desire. “Dungeon Explorers” by C.M.Cas Games throws you into a world where rebellion simmers beneath the surface, and where the key to building your warband lies not just in strength, but in seduction.

“Dungeon Explorers” isn’t your typical slave uprising story. Here, brute force is only one piece of the puzzle. To amass the power needed to overthrow your oppressors, you’ll need to build a diverse and loyal following. This is where the game’s unique blend of strategy, exploration, and eroticism comes into play.

As you venture out into the sprawling world, you’ll encounter a cast of captivating characters, each with their own skills, motivations, and – most importantly – desires. There’s the stoic warrior, her muscles honed by years of servitude, yet yearning for a connection that transcends violence. The cunning rogue, her nimble fingers adept at picking locks and hearts alike. The powerful mage, her mind a labyrinth of arcane knowledge, yet harboring a secret desire for submission.

Seduction becomes your weapon in this war for liberation. By understanding and fulfilling the desires of these potential allies, you forge a powerful bond that transcends mere loyalty. A passionate encounter with the warrior rekindles her fighting spirit and fuels her desire for revenge. A playful exchange of wit with the rogue ignites her loyalty and unlocks her hidden potential for leadership. Even a heated debate with the mage could lead to a surprising revelation, tapping into a wellspring of power that will be crucial in your fight for freedom.

“Dungeon Explorers” challenges you to think strategically. Each encounter requires careful planning and a keen understanding of human desire. Will you exploit the warrior’s yearning for dominance to turn her into a relentless war machine? Or will you tap into the mage’s submissive tendencies, forging a powerful partnership fueled by mutual trust?

The choices you make will not only shape your warband but also define your leadership style. Will you be a ruthless commander, demanding unwavering obedience? Or will you be a charismatic leader, inspiring loyalty through empathy and shared desires?

“Dungeon Explorers” offers a unique blend of rebellion, seduction, and strategic gameplay. Are you ready to explore the depths of human desire, build a powerful warband, and lead them to glorious liberation? Then step into the exciting world of “Dungeon Explorers” and rewrite your destiny.**


Skill Mastery: Skills level up and get stronger when used;
Add Hide Text: Press SHIFT to hide/show;
Add passive skills to learn via Learning Skills;
Add equipment upgrade hammer;
New village building options: Church, Farm, Houses;
Number of monsters reduced at night if hired Freya mercenaries;
Add dialogue directions to the player don’t get lost on what to do next;
Add details to the character creation choices;
Add new interactions in Your House;
Add Road potion vendor;
Add Road map boards;
Add new itens;
Add carriage travel to Marovia;
Unlocked Lake map;
Unlocked Dark Forest map;
Unlocked Marovia map;
Unlocked Road to Marovia map;
Old Stella titjob CG changed for a new one;
1 Olga event;
1 Leandro event;
3 Camila scenes;
1 Hecate scene;
1 Freya scene;
1 Mervina scene;
Add 3 quests;
Add Defense Training;
Add Patreon cheat code;
Some bugfix.

Blacksmith unlocked;
Player House unlocked;
New itens add;
New Upgrade equipment system add;
Village coffers add;
HP training add;
New quest;
Serana event;
2 Freya events;
2 Hecate scenes;
2 Mervina scenes;
2 Olga scenes;
1 Stella scene;
1 Natharia scene;
Money and drops fix;
Some bugfix.

Sell shops are now exchange shops;
Hills map finished;
Unlocked Jewellery Shop;
Unlocked Pawn Shop;
Unlocked Adventurer’s Guild;
Unlocked Attack Training Field
Passive skills add;
Skills to learn add;
Rebalanced itens price, buy and sell;
Rebalanced MC and monsters power to be less grindy;
Elemental bosses in maps add status up at win;
Add more magic itens, drop and teasure chests;
Add companions Camila, Hecate and Freya;
Add 3 Hecate scenes;
Add 3 Freya Scenes;
Add 2 Mervina scenes;
Add 1 Natharia scene;
Add 1 Stella scene;
Add 1 Yuki scene;
Add 3 quests;
Add 7 events;
Some bugfix.

Olga Scene; Stella scene; Natharia scene; Mervina scene.
Tily unlocked.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: C.M.Cas Games Patreon – Itch.io

About the game. It have farming system, fishing system, village upgrade system, territory expansion system, training system, dungeon crawling, management system, skill learning system, and a lot of sex with beautiful girls.

This update was troublesome. My game archives got corrupted because a blackout. I’ve to make almost everything twice. This update was to be bigger, but i can’t get time to remake everything what i had done before. Yet, i hope you enjoy it.

The Art
I’m not an artist, so there’s nothing i can do for now about the art, we will still use generated images. I’m learning how to edit it to make the cg acceptable. I opened a Patreon and Subscristar to raise funds to hire true artists to get oc’ cg’s and no more have to use ai images. If you like the game but the ai images bother you, now you can help us to fix this.

The Writing
I’m getting better at english. I’ve always said that my english is good, but when i’ve started writing this story in english, i’ve seen the only thing advanced was my reading and listening, not my writing and talking. I’ve found an ai for spell check with suggestions, but as an ai, it’s not perfect. It helps me when i don’t know what word i use to express what i’m trying to say.

There are many more things to come. We just started the game, it will get better and better over time. Thank you all for your feedback.

Have a great game.

With affection;
C.M.Cas Games

English is not my first language.
I’m making this game to practice my English.
I started using RPG Maker just 2 months ago.
Knowing all of this, I hope you enjoy the game and have fun. Good game.


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