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Dungeon Days


Version: v0.065

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Game Info

Name: Dungeon Days

Version: v0.065

Updated: 2024-04-23 15:29:56

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: Creampie, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Handjob, Humor, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, Romance, Vaginal Sex


Dungeon Days: Where a Mop Becomes a Scepter and Friendship Blossoms into Something More

Forget the predictable narratives of heroic adventurers conquering fearsome dungeons. Buba’s Dungeon Days throws you into the unlikely shoes of Wes Cragvern, the unassuming Assistant Janitor of the legendary Grimdeep – a living, breathing dungeon that doubles as his home. Life for Wes is a comfortable routine of scrubbing slime and dodging disgruntled orcs until one day, everything changes. Whispers of a daring band of adventurers planning Grimdeep’s demise send Wes on a covert mission to a bustling tavern in the nearby town. Accompanying him is his closest confidante – Pah’Sharah, a stunning White Dragon girl with a hidden agenda of her own.

Beyond the Mop Bucket: Unveiling a Hidden Legacy:

Dungeon Days isn’t just about navigating a seedy tavern and eavesdropping on sketchy adventurers. The game delves into the unexpected consequences of seemingly insignificant tasks. Imagine Wes, a man content with his humble position, suddenly thrust into the heart of a conspiracy that threatens his entire world. Will he rise to the challenge, discovering a hidden lineage within himself that grants him the power to command the very stones of Grimdeep? Perhaps his friendship with Pah’Sharah takes an unexpected turn, blossoming into a passionate partnership fueled by mutual loyalty and a hint of forbidden desire.

More Than Just Monsters: Exploring Diverse Relationships:

Dungeon Days celebrates the complexities of relationships within a fantastical setting. Grimdeep itself becomes a character, a living entity with its own desires and secrets. Will you forge a deeper bond with Pah’Sharah, exploring the passionate possibilities that arise from your unique bond between human and dragon? Perhaps you’ll find yourself drawn to the alluring denizens of Grimdeep – a sly succubus offering forbidden knowledge or a stoic golem yearning for companionship. The game offers a diverse cast of characters, each with their own agendas and desires, waiting to be explored as Wes navigates the tumultuous waters of his newfound destiny.

Choices that Shape the Fate of the Dungeon (and Your Relationships):

Dungeon Days transcends the typical dungeon management simulator. Your choices, both in dialogue and during intimate encounters, influence the course of the narrative and the fate of Grimdeep. Will you embrace your newfound power, transforming from janitor to Dungeon Lord and protecting your home at any cost? Or will you utilize your knowledge of Grimdeep’s secrets to forge an uneasy alliance with the adventurers, creating a new dynamic within the dungeon itself? Each decision carries weight, shaping not only the future of Grimdeep but also the depth and nature of your relationships with the captivating inhabitants of this extraordinary dungeon.

Step Up and Become a Legend or Remain in the Shadows?

Dungeon Days offers a refreshingly original take on the classic dungeon crawler genre. It’s a story of self-discovery, unexpected power, and the intoxicating allure of forbidden bonds forged within the heart of a living dungeon. Will you embrace your destiny as Dungeon Lord, wielding your power to protect Grimdeep and its inhabitants? Or will you remain content amongst the shadows, clinging to a simpler life even as the fate of your home hangs in the balance? Step into the world of Dungeon Days and discover a world where a mop can become a scepter, friendship blossoms into something more, and the very dungeon itself holds the key to your future.



As promised, we (Wallace and I) went through and revamped as much as we possibly could in terms of SFX and music! While I didn’t get into doing more SFX in the earlier sections as much as I wanted to, we really tried our best to find more unique and fitting music for every scene and moment in the game! Better mood music, better fighting music, betting timing on it, and better sexy time music even :V So with any hope, the long promised dream will satisfy you all with what we’ve chosen! I really hope you all enjoy it!
Along with that, I also was able to get most of the stuff I wanted to done. There are new animations for the main menu now and as the VN gets along, they will grow in numbers and steadily become a stream of animations at the main menu! For now though, you’ll just have to enjoy our main two peeps, Wes and Pah!

New Modes of play have been added as well. Very simply put, you can now choose All Sex, No Sex, or Choice Sex very quickly at the start of a new game just to simplify and speed up the process. Nothing terribly big, but more of a QoL thing.

The new social media content has also been implemented as you can see, like above with the Koko gif. Not new news, but something that I set up as a goal :V
Everyone was asking for it, so I provided it… Translations for the Italian and Thieves Cant sections for some QoL stuff :V It was something I could provide. I had a misstep and thought it would be better for like, mysterious purposes, but I guess not lol. I’ll be sure to translate sections like that in the future :V
I’m still working on the new Goblin Tier for Subscribestar and Patreon and just need to round out a few more details before getting more into it, so that may be a little bit more, but should be cool for those interested! Keep checking my Patreon/Subscribestar out for more details!
And obviously, I’ve done a bunch of miscellaneous background improvements, such as writing, coding, some odd errors, organizing, etc etc. I’ve been doing all kinds of stuff to help myself for future versions of Dungeon Days along with more organizational stuff to keep Dungeon Days floating well for you to play.
Oh, and, of course, there is an Easter Egg in Dungeon Days now. Find it if ya can :V
With that though, our regularly scheduled content is immediately starting and I can’t wait to show you guys the upcoming story! I’m far more prepared for things now and know exactly what I’ll be doing and, with hope due to new strategies, I won’t need the 2 month stretch to release the next update :V So with that, if you haven’t enjoyed v0.06 yet, you’ll be really enjoying it with all new music and SFX in this one!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

1. The Graphic Violence tag is used for the beginning of the game, and potentially future parts, where people are brutally killed in some fashion. NOT for anything sexual. I will NOT be having anything like guro in my game.

2. I will NEVER put in guro, bestiality, scat, cheating, monster (male), MM content, rape, vore, or NTR. Nope. Never.

3. *ALL* sex scenes will be optional. I want the option to be available so yes, there is a “sexless run” planned for the final version of the game. This isn’t necessarily the “true” route but I believe it important to at least give the option.


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