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DropOut Saga


Version: v0.9.1b

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DropOut Saga: Where Forbidden Desires Collide with Mafia Morals

The sting of grief was a constant companion, a dull ache that shadowed every move. You, a hardened member of the Outfit, had built an impenetrable wall around your emotions. Weakness was a luxury you couldn’t afford, not on the mean streets where loyalty and ruthlessness were the only currencies that mattered. Yet, the darkness gnawed at the edges, a constant reminder of the life you’d left behind and the sins that stained your soul.

Then came the unexpected assignment. Infiltrate St. Euphoric’s Academy, a gilded cage for the offspring of the city’s elite. Here, amidst the manicured lawns and ivy-covered walls, lurked a different kind of danger. The whispers of corruption, political maneuvering, and the rampant hedonism of the privileged youth painted a picture far removed from the blood and bullets of your usual dealings.

A Dance With Demons and Desires:

DropOut Saga by LazyBloodlines throws you into a thrilling vortex where the rigid code of the mafia collides with the intoxicating allure of forbidden desires. You’re an undercover operative masquerading as a new student, tasked with gathering intel and exposing the academy’s dark underbelly. But navigating the treacherous social landscape of St. Euphoric’s proves more challenging than anticipated.

The students, brimming with a sense of entitlement and a penchant for hedonistic thrills, become objects of both suspicion and fascination. There’s the seductive heiress with a taste for danger, her emerald eyes daring you to unveil the secrets hidden beneath her designer facade. The brooding heir apparent, whose rebellious streak masks a vulnerability you can’t help but be drawn to. Each encounter is a calculated risk, a game of cat and mouse where the lines between duty and desire blur with every stolen glance and whispered conversation.

Sex, Secrets, and the Struggle for Redemption:

Beyond the thrilling infiltration plot, DropOut Saga delves into a deep exploration of guilt, redemption, and the seductive allure of a life you’ve sworn off. As you navigate the academy’s morally ambiguous world, the ghosts of your past resurface, threatening to drag you back into the abyss you desperately fought to escape. Each encounter with the students becomes a confrontation with your own desires, forcing you to question the boundaries you’ve so meticulously constructed.

Will You Succumb or Seek Salvation?

DropOut Saga offers a complex and thought-provoking experience that transcends the typical mafia narrative. Can a hardened criminal find solace in the arms of someone who doesn’t know their past? Can redemption be found amidst the decadent indulgence of the privileged few? Step into the world of DropOut Saga and face the consequences of your choices. Will you succumb to the seductive allure of forbidden desires, or will you find a path towards redemption amongst the gilded bars of St. Euphoric’s Academy?


Changelog v0.9.0b -> v0.9.1b:
-Fixed the installation error for Mobile Users
-Compressed the game even further for Android Users (Hence the different file sizes)

Changelog v0.9.0b:
– ~1000 renders added
– Fixed the gallery not properly unlocking the old scenes with Ava.
– 35 NSFW animations added.
– I updated how animations are displayed, which should stop the lag in old devices. (The complaints were very isolated, but I’d love some feedback on that.)
– Fixed a weird bug that would sometimes not display the correct names and nicknames for the characters in case you didn’t type anything when you had the chance.
– Some have said that rolling backward was disabled. I have never deactivated that. So make sure you’re downloading the correct OFFICIAL version of the game. Just in case, I’ve forcefully set the rolling-back option to be True.

Changelog v0.8.7b:
– 900+ renders added
– Gallery essential functions have been added to the main menu. You unlock the scenes by playing, but patrons can unlock them anytime. This is an excellent way to check how many new scenes have been added to the game. I’m also adding old scenes to this gallery (it’s not a priority right now, however).
– 11 NSFW animations added.
– Lila’s now romanceable.

Changelog v0.8.0b:
-800+ Renders added
-8 New Sex Animations
-Patreon Gallery improved. Now it’ll show unlocked and locked scenes. And you’ll get a warning that you might get spoilers if you access a scene you haven’t unlocked yet. (Still a work in progress)

Changelog v0.7.0b -> v0.7.1b:
– 200 Renders added
– Finished the Gym scene
– Introduced a notification system whenever your decisions or actions change the girl’s status, like adding or removing corruption.
– Tutorial added
– Added text outlines if you opt for having a low dialogue box opacity. I think it’s better on the eyes.

Changelog v0.7.0b:
-1000+ Renders added
-A few NSFW scenes, including Ava(Blowjob, Handjob, Masturbation) and Sophia (Teasing, Grinding, Sexting, Bath scene)
-Texting feature introduced
-Patreon Gallery introduced (Still work in progress)

-More than 600 renders added.
-2 NSFW scenes were added to the game. 1 with Ava and Sophia (Threesome), 1 with Ingrid
-Now you can choose what Sophia will call you. (Planned feature for the other girls as well)

-Finished the previous event
-More than 600 renders added.
-3 NSFW scenes were added to the game. 1 with Ava, 1 with Jasmin, 1 with Sophia (Exhibitionism fetish)
-10 New scenes in total
-Now you can choose what Ava will call you. (Planned feature for the other girls as well)

Installation Guide

1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “Dropout.exe” to start playing.

Developer Notes

Hello! I’m the developer of Dropout Saga, an adult visual novel.
This game is and will always be free to play, do not accept any paid copies! If you like my work and wish to support my games, it’s greatly appreciated!

You can find updates, hotfixes, and more content on my Patreon page. Click HERE.

DropOut Saga will be updated two to four times a month with new content.

Plans for the future:
DropOut Saga is still too early in development. As the game grows, more content will be added, including:

  • Story events. Moving the plot forward.
  • Random events. Depending on your relationship with the girls, different scenes may happen while you walk around the college.
  • Character events. As you learn about and get closer to characters.
  • Lewd scenes. As your relationships grow into something more physical.
  • Additional characters. Every now and then new characters may be presented in the story with their variations of interactions.
  • Additional fetish content. There are plenty of tags not yet included in the game because we’re not there yet. Check planned tags to know more about this.


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