Domination Desire: Banished

Domination Desire: Banished


Version: 4

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Game Info

Name: Domination Desire: Banished

Version: 4

Updated: 2023-08-21 12:40:34

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2dgame, 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, combat, Creampie, Fantasy, female domination, footjob, Oral Sex, POV, RPG, Urination, Vore


You are the Hero of Cradlestone a kingdom on the brink of destruction. The Kingdom of Succubi is far too great a threat for anyone to handle alone. So you have returned from your travels to meet with a representative of the angelic forces in hopes to gain an upper hand in the coming battles. However they seem to be running late…​


Dryad and Fairy Grovekeeper enemies introduced.
Shrinking mechanic introduced as a way to explore previously unaccesible areas
Added new scene for Ceren, Suzanna, Leilah, Slime and Greater Slime tied to the shrinking mechanic
+700 new renders
Added Succubus Ambush events on roads
Two new quests, to access them wait until day 16 in game
Two new major areas: Crossroads and Clearspring Forest.
Added a way to salvage items and use them to create new ones
Leilah quest has an ending now.
Prayer skill that can be received from Leilah.
New item: Sacred Cross – an option to level down and severely damage the enemies.
Leilah now gives away some holy items.
Added the option to masturbate in the player bedroom.
Fairy Vixen straddle move bypasses hp requirement on surrender.
Struggle lower mp cost.
You can escape Suzanna’s facesitting move.
Surrender has the escape holds option for Ceren, Suzanna and Noemi.
Succubus Pacifier Attack stat nerfed .
You can’t blow up piles of rubble before finishing Infested Ruin for the first time.
You can die at the tutorial battle.
Ring, necklaces and circlets can have magic skills.
Minor weapon rebalance.
New items longbow, wand, partisan.
New elemental magic spells.
A new room in Infested Ruins – left from the Legion Mother boss battle.
Fixed Scattered Castle crack bug
Fixed losing Key Items
Many more small tweaks and fixes

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