Doki Doki Tri-line Quest

Doki Doki Tri-line Quest


Version: v1.95.45

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Game Info

Name: Doki Doki Tri-line Quest

Version: v1.95.45

Updated: 2024-04-27 16:54:39

Sexual Orientation: Furry Games, Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Android, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, combat, female domination, Female protagonist, Furry, Lesbian, Mobile Game, PUZZLE, Stripping


Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest: Where Simple Gameplay Ignites Explosive Romance

PurpleCrit’s “Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” isn’t your average waifu collector. Sure, you’ll encounter a cast of stunningly beautiful characters, each with their own unique personalities and desires. But “Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” goes beyond mere titillation. This game cleverly blends a deceptively simple puzzle mechanic with a surprisingly deep narrative, creating an experience that’s both visually stimulating and emotionally engaging.

The core gameplay revolves around a streamlined tri-line matching puzzle system. Think of it as a gateway drug to a world of delightful encounters. While the mechanics are easy to grasp, mastering them unlocks a treasure trove of interactive scenes with your chosen waifu. Here’s where “Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” truly shines.

Each successful puzzle completion rewards you with a deeper connection with your chosen waifu. Imagine clearing a particularly challenging board, only to be rewarded with a coy smile and a playful suggestion from your waifu. These interactions go beyond simple fanservice; they reveal intriguing details about their personalities, desires, and even hidden vulnerabilities.

“Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” celebrates diversity in both gameplay and romance. The puzzle mechanics cater to players of all skill levels, ensuring that the focus remains on the captivating story and the sizzling chemistry between you and your waifu. The romance options themselves are equally diverse, offering a spectrum of personalities and preferences. Do you find yourself drawn to the fiery tsundere, their initial hostility masking a shy yearning for affection? Or perhaps the gentle and supportive childhood friend captures your heart, their unwavering loyalty offering a safe haven amidst the excitement of the game.

The beauty of “Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” lies in its ability to deliver a surprisingly emotional experience within a seemingly straightforward framework. As you delve deeper into the story and connect with your waifu on a personal level, the lines between game and fantasy begin to blur. Will you choose the passionate and fiery romance, or will you forge a deeper, more emotionally resonant bond?

Ready to embark on a thrilling puzzle adventure that unfolds into a steamy exploration of desire? Dive into “Doki Doki Tri-Line Quest” by PurpleCrit and discover where simple gameplay meets explosive romance. Your waifus await!



  1. 2 New Quests :0 (see below what to do to unlock them).
  2. I created an artificial intelligence that adjusts the difficulty depending on the user’s ability (basically it will be harder if you are very good and easier if you are bad at the game).
  3. A beer drinking mini-game has been added :0
  4. Added 3 sex mini-games 2 Gloryhole Bj and one pee-pee :0
  5. New pixel art font style the previous one was confusing U’s with V’s :c
  6. Many bug fixes :0


  1. New Quest Meet Futanari your trusted Futanari (activated after 30 quests in the forest).
  2. New quest how to open the farm . to open the farm and continue the main story you must pass 3 quests this quest will help you to find them.
  3. New patreon Npc at the JailFarm
  4. The difficulty has been improved in the game, now the confrontations will have a better difficulty level than before (it is somewhat easier long story short).


New in the Game:

  1. Continuation of the Marael Quest. (reference to undertale)
  2. Line can now transform into a succubus in the fight for more damage.
  3. Quest of the secret orphanage. (Corruption?)
  4. Father Shoe Quest.(Corruption)
  5. Golden Rain Quest.(Piss :V)
  6. Nun’s Quest.(Corruption)
  7. The interior of the church was added.
  8. An npc was added as a store in the church where you can buy clothes and confession.
  9. Quest of my puppy helping to know where to save the game :0.(Quality of Life Improvement)
  10. Veritus Serpent Quest .(Corruption)
  11. Continuation of Callie’s Quest.(Mega Corruption)


  1. Changed the requirements for some quests.
  2. Added steam effects in some quests.
  3. Moxene was changed by another npc.
  4. Lewdzko’s Crystal was changed by another npc.
  5. The furry sex scene has its own va sounds.
  6. Gilfried was added a unique passive gain double money that was not working.
  7. Line’s image when talking now shows the corresponding image.
  8. textbox has been shrunk to make it gentler to the eye.
  9. Deleted dead pixels from sakura’s sexcene.
  10. Zone tan now has animation in the overworld.
  11. Infinity money glitch in kristoff’s quest was fixed.
  12. The dialogs in the quest where the pureya girl appears have been fixed.
  13. the zone-tan key was fixed and no longer appears out of nowhere.
  14. Calculation of the money at the end of the fights. (now gives more)
  15. Calculation of how well you did in the fight was renewed and improved.
  16. All Line clothes were given new stats to those who had repeated stats.


  1. new update quest Slime enema quest with sex scene
  2. unlocked at startup but 3000 arcs are required for the service
  3. lots and lots of bug fixes



  • Now the fortune teller only reveals the quests you can access at the moment.
  • Two new enemies were added to the bestiary Prieta and Pureya.
  • Future Fragments Quest was changed a bit.
  • New Quest in the VIP Area below the Self-Pleasure Bar with portals.
  • New Quest working while you secretly masturbate.
  • 2 new sex minigame for each quest.
  • Mini-game to pull the rope with your ass ( useful to get money).
  • NPC placeholder so that patreons can add their oc in those places if they want to.


  • a new quest you must pass the first quest of lucy and the quest of being in the ViP under the bar and passing that you just have to go to the Vip zone.
  • New enemy for the quest and added to the bestearyo (waifsteary)
  • New images for cutscene
  • bugfixes

*Please Read this thing :c*
Before I write the update data I must apologize last month I dedicated myself to study artificial intelligence half a month to implement it in different aspects of the game. then buy an intel Arc A770 card unfortunately the card required a change in the bios of my motherboard which bricked by mistake and left me for a long period of time without being able to work in the game.
because of that this update is small in comparison to the others i hope you can forgive me and next month i will bring you a very big update i owe you. also i have many assets already made that didn’t make it into this update due to time constraints so i will just have to program it.

1 new Quest Sloppy blowjob it have one sexscene with audio
where you find the quest?
just go to the basement in the night if you alredy finish the second quest of vasuki and the marael quest the fisherman will be there

— minor changes —
Fix some bug where you get stuck and some places were you can get out from a weird hause o.0

2 new Quests
Sakura Quest
The quest of sakura you have to have passed the first quest of sakura and to have finished 15 quest to start it you have to go to the smoosher restaurant.
Vasera quest
the quest of vasera you must have passed the first quest of vasera and have finished 15 quests he will appear near your house
New items
the quest of vasera brings a black armor tiara, gloves and chest
sakura’s quest brings new smooshers waitress clothes
New location
smoosher restaurant


  • in the latest version there are bugs that do not let you continue with some quests which is terrible but now they are all fixed <3
  • by mistake I named an npc from a patreon Siegfrieg instead of Gildfried so it is also fixed.
  • in Gildfried’s sex scene instead of ejaculating in Line’s anus he now ejaculates in her vagina (possible children? who knows :0!)

New Quest Zone Tan.
The quest starting poing is in the car near the library
the fortune teller now tell you were to start the quest of zone tan too
any bug upload it to the discord plz :0
some bugs fixes and gui fixes and optimization fix and stuff

Controls Update.

Now you can play with one Hand so you can smack your dingle dong while your playing and you can choose between 3 new controls layouts.

New Quest.
Siegfrieg Quest : you can find this dude in the library Quest reward, Sex scene and him as a companion.

New shop.
at the sout of the hospital theres a forrest where there is a tent there you can pay the fortuneteller 10 arcs so you can know where the hell is another quest. ( she speaks as a woman who thinks that the stars influence our actions so you have to interpret her a little :v )

New rooms.

  1. outside of the church (is above the jail farm)
  2. outside the library (to the left of the hospital)
  3. library
  4. hidden kamiko cave (is hiden dude you have to find it ;v)

1.- The first new quest to find you have to go to the right of the prison farm at night in the room where you find lucy playing the harp and you will start it as a requirement you must pass the quest of kamiko. (Nudist Quest)

2.- the second quest is unlocked when you finish 10 quests and go to sleep in the house (save the game). (Selfworshiping and foot licking)

New 2 Quest and new room and a ton of bug fixes pluz theres 3 more quest if you are a patreon :0 you have to be on discord server for the patreon build tho

4 new quest that can be play and kill your dingle dong and 3 new areas and more

– a wave of bug fix and improvements so much that i will not write it here but are 24 bug fixes ;D
– new quest kristoff with sex minigame
-new outfit reverse bunny girl (it have magic and mana stats becuase it was lacking in the game)
– the ona hole room now you can enter you cant do much but you can talk with some of them and buy the reverse bunny suit

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: PurpleCrit Patreon – – Discord

Currently in a early development stage, this game takes the concept of match 3 games as a base and transforms it into a rpg fighting game
The game contains a robust stat system that depends on your clothes to improve the attacks that Line launches, but do not feel overwhelmed that the game, based on match 3, can be played with one hand. i mean is an h-game that the idea
we even have a patreon that with your donation you can leave your mark on the game how to decide what clothes you want to be in the game

And don’t forget to check if you like what you see!

Feel free to comment, suggest and critique the game on this page! Any piece of feedback is important to the development process :)
If you find a bug plz enter to the discord server and report it there if you find 10 bugs we can add one of yours to the game <3
We have a patreon which you can donate money and have the possibility of adding things you would like to the game <3

Controls in one of the screenshot on the right ->

WASD = Movement

K = accept

L = decline

Enter = pause

20 Enemy Types, They took Adaga’s clothes until she left her naked

9 Rooms, to explore and talk with npc
28 Npc with 6 Side quest

4 minigames with sex animations
3 secret Bosses from nsfw Artists
option to change Lines clothes


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