Desire for Freedom

Desire for Freedom


Version: v0.1.2

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Game Info

Name: Desire for Freedom

Version: v0.1.2

Updated: 2024-04-27 16:52:22

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Male Protagonist, Ntr, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, sexwife, Vaginal Sex


Desire for Freedom: Where the Coast Whispers of Erotic Escape

GNK’s “Desire for Freedom” isn’t your typical marital life simulator. Sure, you take the reins of the protagonist, a wife yearning to break free from the monotony of her marriage. But this isn’t a story about rekindling a stale flame. This is a journey of self-discovery, a thrilling exploration of desire that unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of a new coastal town.

Our heroine, weary of the predictability of her life, embarks on a bold move – a solo relocation to a vibrant beach town. The salty breeze whispers promises of new beginnings, a stark contrast to the stifling routine of her past. Here, amidst the sun-drenched beaches and bustling cafes, the “Desire for Freedom” truly takes root.

The game delves into the complexities of female desire, shattering the stereotype of the domesticated wife. Free from the confines of her old life, our heroine rediscovers her sensuality. The choices you make throughout the game shape her erotic awakening. Will she find solace in the arms of a charming local surfer, their shared love for the ocean igniting a passionate connection? Or perhaps a chance encounter with a captivating artist, their bohemian spirit and unconventional views on intimacy, sparks a fire within her.

Desire for Freedom” celebrates diversity and exploration. The game welcomes all sexual orientations and preferences, allowing you to guide the protagonist on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the physical. Whether she finds fulfillment in a monogamous relationship or explores the world of casual encounters, “Desire for Freedom” empowers you to craft a unique narrative that reflects her evolving desires.

But this newfound freedom comes with its own set of challenges. The choices you make have consequences, and the echoes of her past life may come knocking. Will guilt and societal expectations hold her back from fully embracing her “Desire for Freedom”? Or will she forge her own path, a path paved with passion, self-love, and the exhilarating liberation of a life lived on her own terms?

Ready to trade in the monotony for a life brimming with erotic possibility? Step into the shoes of our heroine in GNK’s “Desire for Freedom” and discover a world where the ocean whispers secrets of pleasure, and freedom beckons with an irresistible allure.


– Scene Alan’s accident
– Scene SAM hospital
– Scene MC and Sam (Sam home)
– New animation

v0.1.1 Anim Fix
Fixed animation bugs! Now the animation repeats until the player switches the next frame himself.
Thank you for your patience

v0.1.1 Full
– Scene Alan shop
– Scene SAM morning
– Scene MC and Sam office

Contains (320 lines), over 100 renders and 2 animations.
– Mary’s new character
– Alan’s scene at work ;
– Mary’s meeting scene at the cafe;
– Mary’s scene at home

Full version.
All renderers and animations are included
will include:
– New location MC’s house;
– MC’s introduction to Amanda’s mother (including animations);

Full version.
All renderers and animations are included
Now every choice that affects the story will have a warning!!!!
Starting with this update, public versions with few renders and no animations will be released all the time
Just a reminder that in this update will be:
– the game’s background melody;
– A new character bartender (Kelly);
– New character husband Alice (Richard);
– A new location bar;
– New location Kelly’s apartment
– New Location Alice and Richard’s House
– A new scene in Alan’s office (Alan gets a job from Olivia but can not do it in time in the next update, which will be punished);
– A new scene in the Bar after work;
– New scene in Kelly’s apartment after the bar;
– A new scene at Alice and Richard’s house.

v0.08.5 !!! PUBLIC!!!
– New location MC’s house;

– MC’s introduction to Amanda’s mother;

– The return of Sam’s daughter (Mary) after college;

– Bug fixes in the code (Bartender Pfil) and others;
– Reworked the first scene with Amanda from earlier issues, including 2 new animations with her;
– Added Animations from the last update.

– 2 new locations;
– 3 new characters;
– 2 scene choices (No change to the storyline at this point);

– The last event of Sam’s choice when meeting the MC in the office (0.04) will be divided into branches:
1) MC inside SAM in the office -) after meeting her husband Sam will allow inside and he will do so… or he will suspect her and will not go inside after which there will be a serious conversation ;
2) MC not inside SAM in the office -) Alan will not suspect anything, but also can not do inside Sam – the events of MC and Sam will remain secret to Alan.

– The new scene of the new working day will take place in the office. An old friend will come to see the MC. There will be a choice:
1) Share Sam with the old friend (trio);
2) Not tell the friend about the secret relationship.

– Fixed renderings of Alan in previous updates.
– Edited small bugs in the code.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: GNK Patreon – Discord


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