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Crimson High: A Labyrinth of Desire and Deception

Vertigo’s Crimson High isn’t your typical whodunit. Sure, Detective Ren goes in with the steely resolve to crack a murder at the prestigious – and unnervingly opulent – Crimson High. But beneath the veneer of manicured lawns and Ivy League aspirations lies a school teeming with secrets as potent as the pheromones wafting through the hallways.

The investigation takes a sharp turn when Ren discovers the victim wasn’t just any student. They were entangled in a web of forbidden relationships, whispers of arcane rituals, and a hidden society that thrives in the shadows of Crimson High. As Ren delves deeper, the lines between duty and desire become tantalisingly blurred. The student body itself is a kaleidoscope of intriguing personalities – the fiery redhead with a penchant for dark magic, the shy bookworm harboring a rebellious streak, the enigmatic athlete with a past shrouded in mystery. Each encounter is a carefully cultivated dance, a slow burn of flirtation laced with the thrill of uncovering the school’s hidden agenda.

Vertigo doesn’t rush the intimacy. Crimson High unfolds like a forbidden blossom, each chapter revealing a new layer of the characters and the school’s dark underbelly. Early encounters are laced with stolen glances, whispered secrets, and a tension that crackles with unspoken desire. As Ren gains trust, the game takes a more explicit turn. But the focus remains on the emotional connection forged through shared secrets and a mutual yearning to unravel the truth.

The beauty of Crimson High lies in its ability to seamlessly blend the thrill of the chase with the tantalizing allure of forbidden romance. Investigating the murder becomes an excuse to delve into the lives of these captivating characters, each encounter a step closer to uncovering the truth and a step closer to succumbing to the undeniable chemistry simmering beneath the surface.

Are you ready to take the plunge into the labyrinthine world of Crimson High? Will you solve the case, or will you succumb to the seductive whispers of forbidden desires? Unveil the mysteries and explore the depths of your own desires. Download Crimson High today and embark on a journey where hearts intertwine and the lines between justice and pleasure become exhilaratingly blurred.



– 13,600 words
– 245 renders
– 1 animation
– 2 new Space Hamsters
– minor bug fixes

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.
2. Have fun.

Developer Notes

If you need something from me, shoot me a DM or join the Discord. I won’t react to (or even read) replies in this thread. Alternatively, talk to Jonathan, my community manager. He’ll relay everything important to me, while filtering out the comments from the peanut gallery.

Version numbers for updates go as follows: [major version] (dot) [minor version] (dot) [hotfix]
So, in other words, new content is generally only available when the number in the middle changes (e.g. 0.25.0 → 0.26.0). If the last number changes, it’s the same update but slightly polished in terms of typos/bugs (e.g. 0.25.0 → 0.25.1).

Crimson High is a story-focused game and sex is just one element of it. If you’re looking for a quick fap, look elsewhere.
But if you are indeed looking for a story that builds up to intimacy between the characters, you are in the right place.

Feel free to head over to Patreon as well for exclusive content (renders, special polls, custom GIFs) and development updates.
I’d be happy if you wanted to support the development of Crimson High, as it helps me increase the game’s quality, and ensures that I’ll be able to do this for a long time. If you want to support, but can’t do so financially, it would be great if you leave a review here on F95 (5 Stars of course, lol) or just tell your friends and family about Crimson High, so they can play it, too!

The game’s atmosphere relies on its music, so it is advised to not mute the game to fully enjoy it.
Tips on where to find the Hamsters for the Extra Gallery can be found on the game’s Discord.

Tags that won’t ever be in the game: NTR, Vore, Scat, Femdom, Pregnancy (including lactation)


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