Corruption of Champions II

Corruption of Champions II

Savin/Salamander Studios

Version: v0.7.7

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Corruption of Champions II: Echoes of a Broken World and a Wanderer’s Desire

Worlds like shimmering coins, countless and interconnected, whispered rumors of a central hub called Mareth. Here, portals, like cracks in reality, spilled travelers into this vibrant nexus. But the flow was one-way – entry to Mareth was easy, escape… impossible.

A year ago, a village named Ingnam offered a sacrifice, a “Champion,” to appease the darkness leaking from Mareth. But this Champion, chosen for her strength and spirit, refused the role of pawn in the elders’ twisted scheme. She tore through the demonic guardians on the other side of the portal, her rage fueled by betrayal. Now, she walks a solitary path, a warrior consumed by vengeance against the encroaching demonic tide – the Corrupted Champion of the first “Corruption of Champions.”

You, on the other hand, haven’t heard whispers of Mareth or the village of Ingnam. A year ago, you shed your past like a worn cloak, venturing into the untamed wilderness. Freedom, adventure, and perhaps something more beckoned you. Now, a seasoned frontiersman with honed combat skills and a well-worn purse, you set your sights on the Frost Marches, the furthest reaches of the known world.

Fate, however, has a cruel sense of humor. The whispers of Mareth reach you not in prophecies or ancient scrolls, but in hushed campfire stories shared by grizzled frontiersmen. The Corrupted Champion’s legend precedes her – a lone warrior battling the demonic hordes, a beacon of hope… and a growing darkness.

Here, in the desolate beauty of the Frost Marches, your paths collide. The portal to Mareth, a gaping maw in the fabric of reality, resides here, shrouded in mystery and danger. An alliance, however uneasy, becomes your only option. The Corrupted Champion’s power is formidable, but the demonic taint slowly consumes her, twisting her humanity. You, with your fresh perspective and untainted spirit, offer a fragile glimmer of hope.

But Mareth holds more than just demonic legions. The echoes of a once-vibrant world remain – hidden settlements ruled by powerful beings, both benevolent and corrupt. Legends speak of artifacts that can mend the broken world, but such power comes at a steep price. In “Corruption of Champions II,” your choices ripple across realities.

Will you succumb to the seductive whispers of power emanating from Mareth, the corruption promising immense strength at the cost of your soul? Will you forge a bond with the Corrupted Champion, helping her reclaim her humanity while slaying the demonic menace? Or will you chart your own course, seeking a hidden power that could rewrite the destinies of both worlds?

The fate of Mareth, the Corrupted Champion, and perhaps even yourself, hangs in the balance. Answer the call of the Frost Marches in “Corruption of Champions II.” Explore a shattered world, forge alliances, face the seductive allure of corruption, and discover if a lone wanderer can make a difference in a multiversal struggle.


0.7.7 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new encounter on the road from the Wayfort to the Den in the Frostwood: a red-headed kitsune fighter named Hana, who might need some help against a pack of local leothrans.
  • After you help Hana out, you can meet her at a camp near the north side ruined bridge in the Frostwood. While at her camp, you can chat with her and get some home-cooked campfire meals.
  • Hana can take the PC on hunting trips! She has four different hunts she can take you on, one of which leads to a set of new lewd scenes between Hana, the PC, and some locals.
  • If you make certain friendly (or horny) choices while having dinner with Hana, and having discovered what she’s packing between her legs, she’ll offer a romantic evening with you between 6-9 PM. Continuing to be friendly with her will unlock her repeat sex scenes.
  • Hana comes packed with 5 repeat sex scenes, several of which are branched, or let you leave Hana blueballed — which you can exploit on future encounters to make her a blushing, leaky mess.
  • Brint/Brienne has a new combat set, the Green Knight. After you’ve recruit the cow and brought either Eryka or Liaden back to town, going into Sanders’ chapel should show a new event with the two that grants your bovine buddy some heavy armor healing power!
  • Arona has a new combat set, the Hawkeye. If you’ve recruited her and Etheryn, and have finished the Palace of Ice dungeon, walking around adjacent to the Winter City’s Waystone will trigger an event with Arona, Ryn, and a handful of Ryn’s vassals learning archery. Arona can walk away with a greatbow that would make a Silver Knight proud, and depending on your choices (and having Dom!Arona), you and her might get to teach some snooty elves a lesson. With Arona’s dick.
  • Cait has a new combat set, the Frostheart. Senja sells a new, cursed-looking spellbook for a fat stack of cash. Bring it to Cait, and your kitty comrade may be able to divine some meaning from its maddened pages so that you can both walk away with potent frost magics. Alternatively, you can get rid of the book after talking to Cait, and the next time you talk to Barney he’ll have his own reward for you both. Turns out he’d prefer his daughter not play with cursed toys, even if they’re powerful!
  • There’s a new CG as part of Lady Juno’s invitation to the witch’s tower, showing all five moo-milfs in their full glory! (Done by the legendary Sulcate!)
  • Zag did a TON of bug/typo fixes. Big shoutout to ’em. <3
  • Ditto Spotty chippin’ in to clearing out bug backlog!

0.7.5 Patch Notes

  • The Hellhound in the Temple of Terrestrial Fire has a new scene where she gives you a titfuck and then a blowjob!
  • Lusina has a new scene at the Marefolk Camp where you can dive into the mothy muff and eat her out!
  • Yonzan the lizard man has a new 69 scene over in the bath house! (By Wsan)
  • Ahmri has a new scene for going down on her at the Centaur Village! (By Gardeford)
  • Aileh has a new scene for using her horns like handlebars and fucking her face! Requires that you be lovers. (By Skow)
  • Solveig, the Frost Hound’s half-orc, has a new scene for eating her out! (By Skow)
  • The Manticore Twins up on the Windy Peaks have a new scene for sucking both their dicks while you sit on Leticia’s face! (By Skow)
  • Aestrea the dickgirl salamander has a mighty 40-page one-night-stand scene for after finishing her related quest. A taste of what’s to come when you eventually head to Tychris! This event triggers 10 days (or 2-3 days if you already did it) after finishing Matiha’s Revenge, in the Frost Hound. (By B!)
  • Thalia, the ghostly salamander from NinaQuest, has a new Get Oral scene for her pleasuring either your cock or your vag. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Facesitting scene, with the PC on bottom. (By TheObserver)
  • Thalia has a new Anal scene, using either the PC’s cock or a ‘mander tail. (By TheObserver)
  • New Busts: Temple of Mallach’s lupine milfs (by DCL), a new Hethia bust (by Moira)
  • New CG: Elthara covered in love bites after her lesdomme scene (by AnonArts)

0.7.4 Patch Notes

  • After finishing Nina’s new quest, she has a couple of new sex scenes! (by TheObserver)
  • One of those sex scenes is a special Impregnation scene that does exactly what you expect: fills that bird full of eggs!
  • If both Nina and Zhara are pregnant at the same time, they have a unique scene together.
  • All of Nina’s existing scenes have been updated to account for her being gravid with eggs!
  • Thalia the Proto-Astrida can be summoned at the Wayfort’s summoning circle if you secure her remains! It’s a bit of a preview, since normally you’d want to take her to Nareva first, but Nareva’s a bit occupied at the moment (ie not in game yet), so this’ll have to do! (by TheObserver)
  • Thalia has new talk scenes the first time you summon her.
  • Thalia has a host of new sex scenes — with a few more still to be added next patch, too!
  • Various bugfixes, including some by Spotty!
  • Azami now has an NPC tile marker in the den for her first time interaction!

Installation Guide

1-Extract and click the .exe
1- Click the link

Mac Instructions

You can play it with any current browser, download the latest and open the index.html from CoC2_028/resources/app/index.html

Developer Notes

Steam Beta-Key:

(Mar-??? 2024): Ln3XCuobiPGoukGVUGvq

How to use the Steam-Beta Key

To activate the code, right-click the game in your Steam library, click properties, go to the BETAS tab, and then enter the code. Then select “backer” from the dropdown. Then depending on your settings Steam will start downloading the build or you can click Install/Update where the PLAY button would normally be in your library If that still doesn’t work (it should) then you can go to the LOCAL FILES tab and click “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES” which will force an update.


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