Corrupted Love

Corrupted Love


Version: v0.8.5r

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Game Info

Name: Corrupted Love

Version: v0.8.5r

Updated: 2024-04-23 05:37:17

Language: English, German, Portuguese

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Corruption, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Incest, Loli, Loli(Smol), Male Protagonist, Milf, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Rape, Sleep Sex, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


Corrupted Love: When Riches Reveal the Depths of Desire

Forget the predictable narratives of rags-to-riches tales. RIC0H’s Corrupted Love throws you into the life of Max, a man who struck gold in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Suddenly free from financial constraints, Max embarks on a hedonistic journey of indulgence, acquiring everything he ever desired – fast cars, luxurious experiences, and a parade of beautiful companions.

A Life of Luxury, an Empty Heart:

Corrupted Love isn’t a celebration of materialism. Max’s initial revelry soon gives way to a gnawing sense of emptiness. The fleeting thrill of fleeting encounters leaves him cold, the thrill of the chase replaced by a hollowness no amount of money can fill. Was it the lack of commitment, the constant pursuit of novelty, or something deeper? The game delves into the complexities of human desire, exploring how unfettered wealth can distort perceptions and corrupt the very concept of love.

Seeking Connection Beyond the Superficial:

Corrupted Love isn’t just about meaningless flings. As Max navigates the world of exclusive nightclubs and high-society events, he encounters a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique desires and hidden agendas. Imagine a seductive escort with aspirations of leaving the game behind, yearning for a genuine connection with someone who sees beyond her beauty. Picture a wealthy socialite, bored with her loveless marriage, seeking a thrill in the arms of a man unburdened by societal expectations. Every encounter presents an opportunity for exploration, forcing Max to confront his own evolving desires and the possibility of finding corrupted love.

The Price of Pleasure: Where Passion Intertwines with Manipulation:

Corrupted Love delves into the dark side of desire. In a world where money can buy anything, can true love exist? Will Max become prey for those seeking a sliver of his fortune, or can he navigate the treacherous waters of manipulated affection and find genuine connection? The game explores the blurred lines between love, lust, and power dynamics, forcing you to question the motives behind every interaction.

Is Happiness a Commodity That Can Be Bought?

Corrupted Love offers a refreshingly honest look at the human condition in the face of unbridled wealth. It’s a story of self-discovery, erotic exploration, and the constant search for a meaningful connection in a world where everything, it seems, has a price. Will Max continue down a path of shallow pleasures, or can he break free from the corruption of wealth and find a love that transcends material possessions? Step into Max’s shoes and embark on a journey of corrupted love, where desire and manipulation intertwine in a world of luxury and longing.


~ Rerendered days 1-3 (967 new renders)
~ Added darkpath elements to the early game
~ Updated the replays (darkpath replays now show a red lock icon)
~ Changed how the Walkthrough works (+ = on path / – = off path)
~ Removed the “secret hidden game” (it was not needed, not game related and took up space)
~ Added main menu music (note it’s only for the main menu and not the story)
~ Bug fixes

Added the rest of Day8.
Updated the replay feature for a new scene on Day8.
Replays are now locked by default and will unlock as you play the story.

Added half of Day8

-Day 7 added (455 images / 1,745 lines of script).
Added a dark path for things that are slightly out of character for the MC (enable/disable in the options menu)
-Slight Tweak of the main menu UI.
-Tweaked the Megan content (you no longer need to R her to get the sex scene on the the next day).
Added an icon for the game (shows on taskbar)
Added About/Help/History menus to the Options menu (About also lists the games on Emily’s wall)
Added a new ‘Characters’ page to the main menu where you can view/rename characters
-Reduced that character limit for names from 16 to 11 (stops the new character page breaking with long names)
Renamed the ‘Preferences’ menu to ‘Options’
-Made the namebox/textbox permanantly transparent (stops it bugging out on Android)
-Removed Characters and Opacity from the options menu (no longer needed)
-Tweaked how options work in the Options menu (instead of just highlighting when on/off, they will now state if they are Enabled/Disabled)
Altered how named saves work (Now located at the top of the ‘Save’ menu instead of being a popup when enabled)
-(Disable named saves in the options menu to delete save slots (hover a save and press DEL on your keyboard))
Added a new Megan sex scene on Day4 (non R version)
Added a Screenshots folder (for when you press “S” to take a screenshot)
-Screenshots now go into their own folder instead of the directory. (more of a QOL thing)
Fixed the Options menu layout on Mobile
Fixed the font size on the main menu on Mobile
Fixed the save/load screen on Mobile (Now shows a 3×2 table instead of the 2×2 table)
Fixed the choice size on Mobile
Removed the (enable/disable) quick menu option on Mobile (as it’s used to save/load/etc)
Removed the prompt for the Walkthrough before Day 1 (enable/disable it from the Options menu instead)
Removed the option to name/age characters while playing the story (Their names/ages will be taken from the characters page)

Day6 Added (549 Images / 2,105 Lines of script)
Day5 night scene with Holly removed (due to it moving too quick with her)
Day5 Lauren sex scene removed (will be added back on Day7 and extended)
Day5 Emily sex scene redone
Day4/5 Megan sex/rape scene added to the basic version with added choices

Due to edits to the previous days, a fresh start will be required as you’ll get a rollback error when loading a save.
(This will hopefully be the last fresh game needed with regards to future updates)

Day5 Added (413 Images / 1845 Lines of script)

Day4 Added (371 Images / 1547 Lines of script)
New Preference Options Added
~ Walkthrough (on/off)
~ Custom Save Names (on/off)
~ Quick Menu (on/off)
~ Rename Characters
~ Dialogue Box Customisable Options (Background Opacity/Font Size/Font Outline)
Changed the file format from webp back to jpg for days 1-3, this increases file size but also increases the quality of images.

-Added Day3 (169 images / 859 Lines of script)
-Redone images for Day1 for the new Lauren model (85 images)

-Added Day 2
-Added an option to rename other characters (Katie,Emily,Lauren,Amber)
-Added a bit more girth to the MC’s PP
-Added more dialog and images to Day 1
-Added an option to name saves
-Changes files from .jpg to .webp to reduce file size

Bug/Spelling fixes for Day 1

Day 1 Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

The idea behind the game is that one day you meet a family and befriend them. You corrupt the eldest Daughter that in turn will corrupt the rest.
There will be 4 main characters (Max = The MC (You can rename), Katie = The Mother (Not MC’s), Emily = The Eldest Daughter (Of Katie), Lauren = The Youngest Daughter (Of Katie)) and there will also be additional characters (such as friends of the family) that you can interact with.


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