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Companion of Darkness


Version: Ch. 8

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Companion of Darkness: Where Humanity and Desire Collide

Three years. 1,095 days. That’s how long it’s been since the incident that shattered your world. Returning to your hometown, a place once brimming with familiarity, now feels like a stranger’s embrace. The journey back is punctuated by a surreal spectacle – a clash between two supernatural forces, a battle of light and shadow that leaves you breathless and disoriented. You are captured, overwhelmed, yet instead of succumbing to oblivion, you awaken in your childhood bed, the events seemingly a figment of a troubled mind.

Companion of Darkness, the brainchild of developer Berkili4, is a visual novel that transcends the boundaries of the genre. It’s a dark and erotic exploration of the human condition, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs with every passing day. As you navigate the familiar yet unsettling streets of your hometown, the seemingly ordinary facade cracks, revealing a world teeming with the unseen.

Unexplained occurrences become a chilling routine. The once comforting embrace of loved ones feels fraught with unspoken tension. The whispers of the supernatural grow louder, and the boundaries of your own desires begin to shift. Companion of Darkness delves into the complexities of human sexuality, particularly the forbidden desires that simmer beneath the surface. As you confront the encroaching darkness, a choice emerges – cling to the remnants of normalcy, or embrace the power and the pleasure that lies within the shadows.

This isn’t a tale of good versus evil. It’s a descent into the murky depths of the human psyche, where survival hinges on confronting your deepest desires. Will you remain tethered to the fading light of humanity, or will you forge a pact with the darkness, embracing the carnal desires that beckon from the shadows?

Companion of Darkness challenges players to navigate a world where the line between fear and arousal blurs. With every decision, you shape the narrative, charting a course through a dark and erotic odyssey. Are you ready to confront the darkness within? Download Companion of Darkness by Berkili4 and embark on a thrilling journey where the boundaries of reality, morality, and desire converge.


Chapter 8 adds:
– About additional 1500 additional renders and over 40 new animations.

Chapter 7 adds:
– Over 1300 renders and over 40 new animations.
Bugfixes: Big bug fixed that let the player continue playing even though it shouldn’t be possible.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Important info for apk users. You should or must start from the beginning. Savegames should not be compatible and if you can load them, they will lead to errors. I am sorry that it is like this, but I had to change something otherwise the apk would not have worked anymore. So better to start from scratch than no apk at all.

Developer Notes

Hi guys my Name is Berkili4 and I´m creating Companion of Darkness. I hope the VN, entertains you and I look forward to your feedback and criticism.


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