Claire's Quest

Claire’s Quest

Dystopian Project

Version: v0.26.3

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Game Info

Name: Claire’s Quest

Version: v0.26.3

Updated: 2024-04-24 08:38:11

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Female protagonist, Group Sex, Handjob, Lesbian, monster, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Paranormal, prostitution, Rape, RPG, RPG Maker, Slavery, Spanking, Vaginal Sex


Claire’s Quest: Where Choice Shapes Desire in a Dark Fantasy World

“Claire’s Quest” by Dystopian Project isn’t your typical adult RPG. Forget the grind of endless battles and the monotony of pre-determined storylines. This dark fantasy adventure, inspired by the early Renaissance, throws you into a world where your choices – not your combat prowess – determine your fate, and where desire becomes the driving force of the narrative.

Set in a world shrouded in perpetual twilight, “Claire’s Quest” paints a world of exquisite beauty and unsettling darkness. You play as Claire, a young woman with a mysterious past and an insatiable curiosity. Circumstances, both alluring and unsettling, lead you to embark on a journey through this captivating yet treacherous land.

The brilliance of “Claire’s Quest” lies in its non-linear structure. Unlike many adult games, your choices truly matter. Every conversation, every interaction, shapes the course of your adventure and unlocks unique encounters fueled by desire. Will you choose to charm your way into the opulent chambers of a reclusive noblewoman, her heart as guarded as her secrets? Or will you seek out the enigmatic leader of a hidden cult, their whispered promises hinting at forbidden pleasures and forbidden knowledge?

“Claire’s Quest” explores a diverse range of desires**. Through your interactions, you’ll encounter a cast of captivating characters, each with their own motivations and yearnings. A stoic knight, burdened by a warrior’s oath, yet yearning for a connection that transcends violence. A cunning courtesan, her wit as sharp as her blade, harboring a secret desire for vulnerability. Even a seemingly pious priest might surprise you with their hidden fantasies, awakened by your boldness and independent spirit.

The game doesn’t rely on brute force or grinding to progress. Instead, it utilizes a unique system of “Intrigue Points”. These points are earned through exploration, clever dialogue choices, and successful seductions. The more “Intrigue Points” you accumulate, the more you unlock – hidden locations teeming with possibilities, forbidden knowledge that unlocks new dialogue options, and of course, encounters with captivating individuals seeking fulfillment of their deepest desires.

“Claire’s Quest” challenges you to think creatively and embrace your own desires. Are you ready to explore a world where every choice ignites a new spark, where seduction is your weapon, and where your “Quest” is ultimately a journey of self-discovery fueled by the intoxicating power of desire? Step into Claire’s shoes and rewrite the narrative of your dark fantasy adventure.


• New quest, “Under The Table” (part of the Baker Family questline), can now be completed! This is the finale for the Baker Family questline!
• A huge amount of new scenes added for the “Under The Table” quest, including potential mid-quest scenes with Bellevue and Charlotte (if the Bellevue/Corruption route is being pursued), as well as scenes for each of the eight different endings to the Baker Family questline, which are either semi-unique or entirely unique. However, as long as you unlock any non-vanilla ending, the others will all be available under the same entry in the Gallery (except ‘All In The Family’ ending, which is a standalone entry in the Gallery).
• A ‘sleeping’ CG still has been added across the board whenever Claire sleeps at an inn
• A new ‘Relationships’ category has been added to the Quest Journal, which tracks characters with whom Claire has maxed out relationships with and is able to visit for food and lodging
• High Sister Rose’s portrait has been tweaked to try and better match how she looks in her scenes
• Fixed the issue with the new throwing system causing the throwing rangefinder to appear permanently as long as a throwing item is equipped. After hitting ‘E’, there is now a 1-second load-up that causes the rangefinder to show up before Claire throws an item. As long as ‘E’ is not held down, the rangefinder doesn’t appear.
• Fixed a bug where Bellevue’s bath scene was not cut off after taking Leon’s route
• The Valos rainstorm event was mistakenly removed; the conditions for it to trigger should have been added back
• Fixed a bug where High Sister Rose’s path could not be taken in ‘Taming The Shrew’ because where she was standing was blocked off unless you took a certain path to entering the Sisters of Fertility. Fixed by changing her placement to one of the baths.
• Fixed a bug with Mia lingering around the Stone Oak and not being removed after the quest is done
• Fixed a bug where two rangers were mistakenly blocking the road before ‘These Old Bones’ starts
• Added a skip option to the roaming pigmen encounter in Fallwater Forest
• A skip option has been added to the Brothel in Rathpike

0.26.2c (Hotfix)
• Fixed the ‘disappearing Claire’ issue when you left click on Claire’s sprite
• Added the option to generate a Valosian baby in the Gallery for anyone whose baby went missing somehow due to faulty save transition

0.26.2b (Hotfix)
• Fixed a critical bug affecting any area with hostile enemies which shows as <Cannot read property ‘_isDead’>. Issue was a code tag that allowed the goblin-specific ‘takedown’ indicator to appear and would crash the game as most enemies excepting goblins don’t have death animations. Code tag has been removed across the board, but if anymore takedown indicators appear on anything except goblins please report in the bugs channel.
• Added failure variations to the Brabannois Gold Floor/Human Furniture scene in the Gallery, as per popular request.
• Fixed the Gallery not showing ‘Naptime’ and ‘Taming The Shrew (Rose route)’
• Added another little tutorial at the start of the stealth tutorial after escaping Claire’s home in the beginning of the game.
• Added throwable ‘Stone’ items, especially for Occupied Rivermont

• New major quest, “These Old Bones” (part of the Rangers Questline). Can now be completed. Comes with the sinn-sìth scene.
• New scene added featuring the sinn-sìth. Automatically available in the Gallery after completion of “These Old Bones”.
• On popular request, scene CG has been altered for the after-quest bonus for the Temple/Sisters of Fertility quest, “Taming The Shrew” (Rose’s route). Features a generic futa nun NPC rather than a generic male NPC.
• Fixed a glitch where the new pathfinding system disabled the use of the left mouse click for interaction
• Syntax errors in the Quest Journal for “Death In The Water”, “Belly Of The Beast”, and “The Inside Job” should now be fixed.
• Floating ‘travel’ markers have been added across the game to better indicate fast travel points as well as merchants who offer travel services.

• New major quest, “Settling In”, part of the Main/Claire’s Questline. Can now be completed. Comes with a SFW/ecchi scene. Available in Gallery (Valos).
• New scenes added for “Settling In”, featuring Mother and Claire (optionally Marie) paying respects, and then a sweet little napping scene after. Also features – gasp – handholding. Sacrilege, I know…!
• New major quest, “Taming The Shrew”, part of the Temple/Sisters of Fertility Questline. Can now be completed. Comes with two very different methods of completion, depending on whether you choose to ask High Sister Lily or High Sister Rose for help.
• New scenes added as part of “Taming The Shrew (Rose’s Approach)” – features femdom, group sex, pegging, and cuckolding. Available in Gallery (Valos). Scene also ends in two different ways, either ‘cuckolded Corentin’, or else ‘Corentin becomes Corentina’.
• New scenes added as part of “Taming The Shrew (Lily’s Approach)” – features maledom, group sex, and cuckqueening. Available in Gallery (Valos).
• Fixed several critical issues due to the introduction improved AI/pathfinding system. Many enemies were not set to use the new functions, which caused the game to crash when running the new script. Or, their original placement combined with their improved pathfinding made it impossible to escape them if they chased the player. Thus, all enemies were completely overhauled with the new script and given new placements or patrol paths if necessary. Additionally, most now use common events to make things easier for our bugfinders. Also, since the pathfinding affects players who move by holding down the mouse key, this also caused unexpected crashes in that area, which have been hopefully remedied as well.
• Additional stealth areas added across the board, such as tall grass in the Rumbling Pass, or large crates inside the interiors of Occupied Rivermont buildings.
• Fixed the Mercenary Questline being broken due to the stealth system controls being overhauled and going wonky. Body Bags now function as intended. Additionally, all stealth interactions are now tied to the ‘Q’ key (backstabbing gobbos, hiding them in bags, etc – just hold down ‘Q’ for everything).
• A fully-fledged projectile system has been added in-game; it replaces Ranger Bombs (now Ranger Grenades) and Monster Repellents (now Stink Bombs). Instead of having to wait for a monster or something to come up to Claire and attack in order to trigger the event where they are used, these ‘equip’ type items can now be equipped on Claire, and then thrown with the ‘E’ key. On contact, they will stun most roaming enemies, allowing Claire to run away. Ranger Grenades stun for 5 seconds, while Stink Bombs stun for 10 seconds. They do not, however, work on undead enemies (ie. Ghosts).
• Anti-monster items now need at least 5 Defiance to proc automatically. This is now also reflected in the skill tree for Defiance. Additionally, all anti-monster items have Energy requirements, but not meeting the Energy requirement will not mean they are not useable, it simply means Claire will retreat out of the map rather than stay in place after use. Additionally, the Leather Guard has been renamed Padded Buckler.
• The second trimester pregnancy event proc now requires 999 steps instead of only 10 steps.
• Sickness is now automatically removed after 500 steps instead of 1000 steps.
• The pregnancy trigger has been added to the pauper encounter during the rainstorm event in Valos, as well as to the repeat instances of working at the Cup and Trotter (instead of only the initial event).
• Fixed a bug where attempting to strong-arm your way into the Fairfelt Manor during the “A Priceless Book” quest simply causes the dialogue to abruptly end if your Defiance is under 5.
• Fixed a gamebreaking ‘Quest Journal syntax error’ bug due to missing items in the Quest Journal that ironically weren’t carried over during the last round of bugfixing. Affected quests that are now fixed include: “Trouble In Paradise”, “Boar and Bramble”, “A Tree of Stone”, and “The Breeding Game”.
• Added some missing transfer points in Hookton Village’s Hilltop Inn, and the Brothel in Rathpike West.
• Fixed a bug with the revamped inventory system not allowing some items that were actually meant to be sellable to be sold.
• On popular request, BGM tempo for the Ranch has been slowed down.


  • IMPORTANT! A gamebreaking bug has been found in previous versions that affects the Quest Journal. This bug occurs only if you are on the dominant path of the Sisters of Fertility questline, during or after the Harvest Festival, and if you have also started the quest for the Brabannois Club. If you have started those two together, your Quest Journal is glitched and will crash the game whenever you open it! To fix this, DO NOT open the Quest Journal, go straight to the Gallery, and speak to the Updater (Karland’s sprite/the NPC writing at a desk). This will resolve the gamebreaking bug and you will be able to use the Quest Journal again; you may need to restart the Brabannois Club, but the Sisters of Fertility progression should be unaffected.
  • New minor quest – “Renovations” – part of the Baker Family’s questline. This is a branching quest that can have Claire either give Bellevue more leverage over Charlotte, or have Claire step in herself and gain more affection from Charlotte.
  • New minor quest – “In Hot Water” – part of the Baker Family’s questline. This is a branching quest that can have Claire either pursue/progress a romance with Leon, or, if Bellevue’s corruption of Charlotte is maxed out, allows her to get corrupted by Bellevue instead. Alternatively, neither route needs to be pursued.
  • New scene – Charlotte going for a ‘ride’ on Claire – part of the new “Renovations” quest. Features romantic yuri/lesbian sex. In Gallery under Valos section.
  • New scene – Charlotte going for a ‘ride’ on Bellevue – part of the new “Renovations” quest. Features male domination, corruption, and penetrative sex. In Gallery under Valos section.
  • New scene – Leon and Claire having sex in a bath – part of the new “In Hot Water” quest. Features romantic oral and penetrative sex, tinged with femdom. In Gallery under Valos section.
  • New scene – Bellevue and Claire having sex in a bath – part of the new “In Hot Water” quest. Features male domination, corruption, rimming, penetrative sex (with anal), tinged with prostitution play. In Gallery under Valos section.
  • The three scenes from Nicole Emmelaine (Mum’s) PoV from the “A Mother’s Pain” quest – Fall of Rivermont, Pigman Imprisonment, and Marie x Pigboss – have been added to the Gallery under Valos section.
  • In response to player feedback, an alternate route added to ‘Silent Cargo’ minor quest, it can now be resolved non-violently, with stealth/lockpicking.
  • In response to player feedback, the Houndmaster in Chemont Town can be revisited after the final scene is unlocked (instead of stonewalling it while waiting for future content).
  • Fixed transfer bug that froze players when entering the building to start the Thieves Questline, rendering the Thieves Questline unplayable
  • Fixed “A Mother’s Pain” quest from freezing in a loop due to switch not flipping if Glitterday did not feel threatened by Claire during dialogue (if ‘Fine Wine’ was requested as an item for the quest)
  • Removed the possibility of interacting with the Stone Oak before the relevant SoF quest triggers the scene with Mia
  • Fixed the blocked pathway to the well in Rivermont where an attribute-giving townsperson is located
  • Gave Glitterday’s butterfly form sprite a unique colour scheme.
  • Various typos and duplicate texts have been addressed here and there – special thanks to theliddtin, as well as Looners (as always!).


• The Rivermont route of the Prologue has now been finalized – failing to complete this route will cause the gameover event to trigger after the third day in Rivermont.

• New scene – the Fall of Rivermont (Claire PoV), part of the Main Questline if you go through the Rivermont route in the Prologue. This is a gameover scene that is automatically unlocked once you complete the Prologue (any route).

• Quest Journal has been updated with descriptions for all Rivermont sidequests.

• New major quest – “A Mother’s Pain” – part of the Main Questline if you did not go through the Rivermont route in the Prologue. Otherwise, this quest will be skipped

• New scene – the Nightmare – part of the new “A Mother’s Pain” quest. This is a gameover scene that is also unlockable in the Menagerie part of the Gallery

• New “Mother’s PoV” version of three scenes – Fall of Rivermont, Pigman Imprisonment, and Marie x Pigboss – all part of the “A Mother’s Pain” Main Quest. Not yet in Gallery.

• Lore change – the Noirwoods have been retconned out of the Five Families, replaced by the Twyne family (which will feature in the upcoming Sisters of Fertility quest, “Taming The Shrew”). Existing CG will be reskinned and reused later.

• Lore change – the events leading to the fall of Black Rock Pass as told by Lord Bertrand have been edited slightly to make more sequential sense since we are now going back to tell the Continent’s/Kingdom’s story.

• Lore change – Rathpike’s history and general Isles history as well as world history overview slightly altered to make more sense for how the Isles developed into their current states

• Large Gemstones from the Thieves Questline now working as intended with proper lockpicking blockers; Large Emerald back-added to the Lighthouse of Valos.

• Answering Lion’s initial queries in the start of the Mercenary Questline will now add attribute rewards.

• The bugged map leading out of the Rocks has been removed.


• New major quest! “Monkey Business”, part of the Rangers Questline, is now available. To begin, talk to Talin outside of the lodge, in the gardens.

• New scene: Roxanne’s Tiger Taming, part of the new “Monkey Business” quest, unlocked automatically in Gallery after quest completion.

• New scene: Monkey Trap, part of the new “Monkey Business” quest, unlocked automatically in the Gallery after quest completion.

• New major quest! “A Tree Of Stone”, part of the Temple Questline, is now available. To begin, go to the Temple and talk to Mia, who will be waiting at the entryway.

• New scene: Claire x Mia Double Dipping, part of the new “A Tree Of Stone” quest, unlocked automatically in the Gallery after completion.

• The Oubliette scene for the Temple Questline has been significantly rewritten with greater, -throbbing- detail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – will also now unlock automatically in Gallery after you start “A Tree Of Stone”

• Lawrence’s oral training scene with Claire as part of the Fairfelt minor questline now has it’s own all-new CG set that replaces the old placeholder sets. The placeholder sets will now be used as intended as part of another minor questline in coming updates, involving a new character, Isander, which takes place in Rathpike!

• Claire’s in-game “dialogue” portraits have been completely redrawn and revamped, to better fit-in with the majority of the CG scenes drawn in Pigutao’s style!

• The way the “Sickness” State has been changed. Instead of deducting Energy per every step (which leads to some gamebreaking situations), it instead now temporarily cuts Claire’s Maximum Energy to half as long as she is Sick.

• Graphical change in Valos – the guardsmen in Valos now use morion-style helmets and halberds, in order to look visually distinct from Continent guardsmen.

• Fixed the old chibi graphics still being used in the Lighthouse of Valos.

• Fixed the glitch with getting stuck in Vane Mansion during “Let Them Eat Fruit!”

• High Sister Peony now has her new, recolored sprites and portraits, replacing her hasty placeholder.

• Natalie and Sally have had their sprites and portraits recolored, as part of our overhaul to convert all ‘unnatural’ hair colors to ‘regular’ hair colors for human characters.

• Sally’s CG scene has been accordingly recolored as well.

• Hairstyle inconsistency fixed in Maude’s portraits

• Aster’s portrait and sprite inconsistency fixed.

Installation Guide

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Developer Notes

We wanted to toy with a stereotypical fantasy RPG setting – but instead of the player controlling a hero, or an adventurer, or anyone with any kind of outright power to change the world… we instead put the player in the shoes of the titular Claire – a naive, desperate refugee fleeing a terrible war that has taken everything she has ever known from her. Claire is thrust into a world without innocence, where the very worst of humanity and all its societal evils are on full display. She seems doomed to meet with a dark fate – but you can fight to prove otherwise… or, you can force her to succumb to her base desires. In Claire’s Quest, we really wanted to convey to the player that their choices really do matter. Every decision you make will have consequences – and not just small consequences, either. Your every decision could drastically alters the way your adventure plays out. That beggar you helped way back then on a whim… becomes the difference between success or failure, freedom or enslavement, and even life… or death. Every single playthrough could turn out completely differently. So how will Claire fare in this dystopian world she finds herself in?
With your choices, you’ll decide.


The ‘standard’ version of Claire’s Quest, ie. the Patreon Version, or the ‘Black Edition’, includes the Urchins Questline and shotacon content, and related sidequests – but not the Showgirls Questline in Valos.

The Steam-exclusive version, or ‘Gold Edition’, has no Urchins or shotacon content, but in it’s place has the Showgirls Questline sponsored by publishers to make up for it…

Finally, ‘The Collector’s Edition’ of Claire’s Quest includes all of the above content… (not avaliable yet)


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