City of Secrets

City of Secrets


Version: v0.01.52

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Game Info


You play as a character called ‘Emma’, who is starting College in a new city. As she continues through college, she suddenly starts experiencing weird dreams repeatedly. However, the dreams soon take a strange turn as they mix with reality and bind Emma into a contract with her soul on the line.

As Emma attempts to complete the contract, various characters will work with and against her as she unravels a grand plot involving a powerful organization operating in the shadows.​


v0.01.52 Dev

Updated Unfinished Sprites (Dungeon #1, Sleeping, etc.)
Eva Portrait Added
Victoria Pixel Animations for Scene #1 Finished/Added
Victoria Pixel Animation for Scene #2 Added
Counseler Pixel Animation for Scene #1 Added
Laura Portrait Added
Aurora Event Added
Olivia Portrait Added
Olivia Map Sprite Updated
Laura Map Sprite Updated
Updated Victoria Scene 1 Loop 2 Pixel Animation
Victoria Scene 2 CG Added
Soul Fragmentation Ending Added
Dungeon 2 Introduction Event Added
Counselor Scene 2 Pixel Animation Added
Counselor Scene 3 Pixel Animation Added
Dungeon 1 Slime Hole Pixel Animation Added
Olivia Event 3 Added
Victoria Training/Attendance Interaction
Aurora Event Added
Dungeon 2 Intro Animation Added
Dungeon 1 Slime Possession CG Added
Aurora Event Added
Gallery Implemented (Finished Dungeon 1 Lewd Scenes Only)
Victoria Scene 1 CG Added (Partially)
Lavinia Portrait Added

Buffed Emma’s Basic Attacks by 5%
Increased Save File amount from 20 to 50
Increased Starting Reputation from 90 to 95

Fixed Laura’s Mom not Showing up
Fixed First Loss Scene Playing on Dungeon Completion
Olivia’s Scenes showing as just a black screen
Bug preventing MacOs users from opening the game.
Sapphire Sprites glitching in Dungeon Submission Scenes
Pixel Animations not Playing in Dungeon Submission Scenes
Fixed bug with Aurora’s new Event
Added Olivia’s Shadow to Event Menu
Fixed Aurora’s Hair showing improperly on CG Sprite
Fixed Android Blocker for Dungeon 1 Teleporter
Fixed Android Blocker for rare instances in the Abandoned Mansion
Disabled Skills Being Usable outside of Combat
Fixed bug where Emma showed up in Underwear on occassion during dialogue scenes.
Fixed Dungeon 2 UI showing outside of Dungeon 2
Fixed some trap trigger distances in Dungeon 1
Fixed Dungeon 1 Possession Level 2 Trap UI Showing Improperly
Fixed Laura’s Portrait Lingering when denying her Side-Quest
Fixed Image Not Found Bug displaying during Laura’s Side Quest
Fixed Bug where Sapphire’s Event played twice (hopefully)
A lot of typo fixes…

v0.01.01 Dev

  • Fixed bug where entering restaurant would crash the game.

v0.01.0 Dev

  • Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Some specific gameplay elements include:

Day/Night System – Events and gameplay revolving around specific times. Go to College in the Morning, explore the City at night!

Weather System – Events revolving around weather. Is it sunny, rainy, or stormy? Who knows what will happen when the weather changes…

Pixel Animations and CGS – Carefully drawn scenes revolving around pixel animations and CG’s. Map sprites also have been reworked to increase their quality as well!

Visual Novel Character Art – Beautiful character art for every character displaying a range of emotions for each scene!

Corruption Mechanic – As you move through the story various forces will work to corrupt Emma’s reputation and personality. Will she be able to resist their influence?

… And a lot more!


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