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Churn Vector


Version: Patch 99517f52

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Game Info

Name: Churn Vector

Version: Patch 99517f52

Updated: 2024-04-10 15:19:58

Language: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, 3DCG, Furry, Point of view, Sandbox, Vore


Churn Vector: A Stealthy Seduction with a Hilariously Weighted Twist (By Naelstrof)

Forget guns and grenades, in Churn Vector by Naelstrof, your weapon of choice is far more…personal. This unique single-player stealth action game throws you into a world where discretion is key, and success hinges on a delicate balance between cunning and… well, endowment.

The Art of the Discreet Devourer

You are a master of a peculiar art – the art of silent, strategic seduction culminating in a rather… intimate act of consumption. Your clients? A motley crew of individuals seeking a very specific kind of fulfillment, all with one thing in common: the desire for absolute discretion.

The Thrill of the Infiltration: A Game of Inches and Intuition

Your missions take place in a variety of environments, each demanding a unique approach. Careful planning and flawless execution are paramount. Slink through shadows, navigate intricate security systems, and utilize distractions to avoid unwanted attention. But unlike traditional stealth games, one wrong move here doesn’t mean a bullet to the head. Here, a misstep can have far more… testicular consequences.

The Physics of Folly: The Burden of Blunders

Churn Vector introduces a hilarious and unique mechanic – the Ballistic Baggage System. Every failed attempt, every misstep on your path to seduction, adds weight to a very specific area of your anatomy. Imagine the scene: you’re mere moments from completing a contract, the object of your desire within reach, only to trip over a misplaced vase, sending your carefully laid plans (and perhaps your dignity) tumbling down. The heavier your “burden” becomes, the more sluggish your movements. This adds a whole new layer of tension to the gameplay. Do you risk a bold move, potentially adding a hefty weight to your… package, or do you take the slower, safer route?

Stations of Salvation: A Chance to Lighten the Load

Thankfully, the world of Churn Vector isn’t devoid of mercy. Scattered throughout each level are strategically placed “relief stations.” These havens offer a moment of respite, a chance to… well, clear the air, so to speak. Utilize these stations wisely, for they are your lifeline in this high-stakes game of stealthy seduction.

A Cast of Colorful Clients: Each With Their Peculiar Desires

The contracts you accept come from a diverse cast of characters. There’s the nervous businessman seeking a discreet thrill, the reclusive artist with a unique fetish, and even the occasional celebrity with a taste for the unconventional. Each client has their own story, their own reasons for seeking your… particular skillset. Fulfilling their desires requires not just physical prowess, but also an understanding of their unique psychology.

Churn Vector: A Game Unlike Any Other

Naelstrof’s Churn Vector is a game that defies categorization. It’s a hilarious blend of stealth action, strategic planning, and a healthy dose of the absurd. It’s a game that will have you chuckling at the ridiculous situations you find yourself in, while simultaneously keeping you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the treacherous path to a… well, rather unusual kind of victory.

Are you ready to test your skills in the art of the discreet devourer? Do you have the cunning and the… endowment to navigate the world of Churn Vector? Suit up (or perhaps don’t) and embark on this hilariously unique adventure!


Patch 99517f52
Fixed shark being inflated by default.

Patch d5045fcb
Fixed instances where characters could rotate when they weren’t supposed to.
Characters that don’t specify a vore container type, or a vore type, will get generic versions assigned.
Characters that don’t specify any penetrables will get some automatically generated when necessary.
Nerfed NPC detection speed by about 15%, as it was still overtuned.

Patch 2e5a24b3
Added a water shader for modded maps.
Bulges are no longer configurable, and are automatically configured via math.
Removed a vast amount of redundant options for both materials and penetrator inputs for modding.
Added some generics for vore types and vore containers. It’s not quite ready yet but technically OV is possible with modding now.

Hotfix c0c69654
Fixed issue where the modding category of levels failed to display, preventing custom levels from being playable.
Added logs for when mods load.

Patch d948076a
Fixed some animations having FootIK disabled.
Fixed balls clipping through the floor due to trying to depenetrate from the player’s collider on spawn.
Breeding stations now analyze the model you have and attempts to place them with their penetrator aligned to the penetrable. This allows custom models to align better.
You no longer need to penetrate deeper than a certain amount to get stimulated, this allows regular sized penetrators to just– rub the outside of the hole to release.
Fixed issue where you could build infinite hip velocity while using a controller, making penetration simulations feel laggy and unresponsive on the Steam Deck.

Patch hotfix 07bcfc4a
The main part about this is that I’m no longer a moron and removed melonloader, so the error some people got should no longer happen.

Patch 1807e40f Hotfix
There were two hotfixes, one pretty big one, as condoms wouldn’t work meaning you couldn’t unload.

Patch 1807e40f
Modding support and Steam Workshop integration
Replaced Penetration Tech with DPG, for ease of modding.
Cop animation polish, they can aim, walk, and shoot without sliding around as much.
Cops now properly predict your movement and clearly display where they’re thinking of shooting.
Replaced Shapes addon with regular images.
Level selection now has categories, allowing users to organize their levels.
Fixed bug where player’s balls unintentionally started at 1.5x its intended scale.
Fixed bug where NPCs couldn’t detect you when using a need station.
Feathered NPCs vision at the edges, now that they’re much less distracted by need stations.
New NPC, the maroon dragon.
Corrected Archival’s name from “Archical” in the credits.
Lots of small map adjustments
Many small bug fixes, many added bugs.

Patch b83ca484
Possum cook’s detection circle no longer is inside their big hat.
Added boobs and donut to the Dragon.
NPCs falling off the navmesh no longer permanently move randomly.
Added smooth damping to Camera movement. This should help with it flickering in tight spaces.
Camera near clipping plane has been made smaller. This fixes the Camera thinking it’s colliding with walls that the player is simply near.
Fixed Buridan’s donkey issue with NPCs trying to return two condoms.
The player and NPCs now get flaccid over 48 seconds if nothing’s going on.
Fixed issue where the player would get softlocked when holding a condom that got recumbobulated.
We’ve got full Steam Deck compatibility now.
Added Model Pack.

Patch 1f2310b8
Returned the Dragons hunger for any and all characters.
Fixed issue where dragon didn’t have jiggle physics on their wiener.
Adjusted possum’s jiggle physics.
Fixed rat priest’s tail from vanishing with their clothes.
Fixed bug where using the warehouse button twice would softlock the game.
Fixed bug on SteamDeck where getting CV’d by the dragon would bring the game down to 5fps.
Trying to recumbobulate a map-spawned condom no longer soft-locks the player. (It still doesn’t accomplish anything though! This might change later.)
Fixed lighting in warehouse offices from being unintentionally dark.
Sitting points for NPC’s now have hip-pinning, so that the variety of characters now sit properly.
Fixed various path finding issues that could cause NPC’s to become stuck or pass through objects
Flaccid states no longer pull shafts down so aggressively.
Save slot selection menu will now immediately show Xbox controls if you have a Gamepad plugged in.
Fixed Station map from displaying an old game over screen with generic “Jump” prompts.
Localization update.

Patch cef91e5c
Buffed NPC detection rate by about 20%. (Minimum detection rate 8 -> 6.5 seconds, max detection rate 4 -> 3.5 seconds.) Non-authority NPCs still mostly ignore you if you’re unladen and not being suspicious.
Buffed NPC memory by 20%. It’s only a few extra seconds, but it prevents them from walking out of the room and forgetting what just happened while still in sight of the player.
Fixed bug where investigating NPCs would forget about you if it took more than 30 seconds to path to the search location.
Fixed Navmesh bugs on City, Station, Warehouse. Should lessen the chance of NPCs becoming stuck on corners of objects.
Buffed Dragon’s speed by 20%. Should now have a much easier time getting around when “under load”.
Fixed Dragon being omniscient when deciding on a character to CV. Prevents them from just pathing to the player across the map. This is work to make pred characters more authorable, and we’re not quite finished with it yet!
Fixed receptionist Giraffe clothes clipping.
Added Condom physics, they now wobble and splat like a real bag of fun.
Fixed Npcs at glory holes thinking they are the boss of the City when freed.
Added some wet floor signs.
Reduced vocal volume for Possum characters by 50%.
Improved animations for most character interactions (sitting, idle, vore)
Fixed some chairs, and vending machines causing characters to hover when using them.
Fixed light bleed on most maps’ light bake.
Fixed Thai fonts from having missing glyphs.
Fixed smashed wine bottle fragments from lacking collision.
Fixed bug where setting Hint Glyphs to Controller would disable breeding stands.
Added a small cutscene to a button in the Warehouse to show what door it opens.
Fixed dialogue getting stuck when leaving a glory hole station early.
Fixed goop decals ignoring the giraffe.
Fixed balls not teleporting to their owners on Recumbobulation. Should prevent the Dragon’s balls getting stuck half-way across the map when taken to a Recumbobulator.
Fixed worker Rats ignoring cumflation.
Removed some generic glyphs (TAB, and JUMP) and replaced with proper controller-specific button prompts.
Fixed the Game Over prompt from requiring a keyboard space bar press. It has been replaced by a “Quick Restart” prompt with the appropriate controller glyph and controls.
Fixed getting multiple-game over states simultaneously from breaking menuing.
Small various fixes.
This patch week was very carefully crafted so things don’t break (we hope!). We’re gearing up for bigger updates so stay tuned!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes


[*]Infinite fluid splatter tech, glorp up the whole world!
[*]Procedural penetration deformations for toys and characters during sex.
[*]An advanced AI system that uses imperfect information to track you down as a team.
[*]Eight unique furry characters to vore.
[*]Cum inflate characters at glory hole stations!
[*]Three playable maps with various objectives and characters.
[*]”Churn” characters into sentient filled condoms!


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