Castle of Temptation

Castle of Temptation


Version: v1.0

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Game Info

Name: Castle of Temptation

Version: v1.0

Updated: 2024-04-27 16:20:27

Language: Chinese, English, Japanese

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, combat, female domination, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, platformer, Rape, Side-scroller, Vaginal Sex


Castle of Temptation: Where Virtue Meets Seduction

Castle of Temptation, by Poring, isn’t your typical adventurer’s gauntlet. Sure, it boasts perilous platforming challenges and tests your reflexes to the limit. But beneath the surface of this 86-year-old post-war monument lies a more seductive kind of challenge – one that tests not just your physical prowess, but your resolve in the face of overwhelming temptation.

Castle of Temptation exists in a world where the embers of war between humans and fiends have cooled. Adventurers, once bastions of battle prowess, now navigate a landscape of cultural exchange and social exploration. The Castle isn’t just about honing your swordsmanship; it’s a carefully crafted crucible designed to test the limits of your willpower.

You step into the shoes of a young, eager adventurer, eager to prove yourself and claim your place amongst the legendary heroes of yore. But the path to glory isn’t paved with slain orcs and looted treasures. Castle of Temptation throws you into a labyrinthine fortress teeming with succubi – alluring creatures whose power lies not in brute force, but in their mastery of seduction.

Each challenge is more than just a jump or a puzzle. It’s a seductive whisper, a tantalizing glimpse of forbidden pleasure. Will you succumb to the whispered promises of a scantily clad succubus offering a shortcut through a seemingly impassable chasm? Or will you resist her siren song, your determination fueled not just by ambition, but by a burning desire to conquer the Castle on your own terms?

Castle of Temptation isn’t a binary tale of good versus evil. It delves into the complexities of human (or in your case, young male) desire. Will you remain steadfast, your gaze fixed on the ultimate goal of defeating the Succubus Queen? Or will you succumb to the allure of fleeting pleasure, forging unexpected connections with the very creatures you were sent to vanquish?

Castle of Temptation offers a unique blend of platforming challenge and erotic exploration. Are you ready to enter the Castle, to face your deepest desires, and emerge not just a stronger adventurer, but a more self-aware one? Castle of Temptation awaits. Will you answer the call?


Final version added

New Contents

-Add Gallery mode and Free mode
-Free mode can directly use when selecting the stage

Content changes
-A new save point between the Chapel and the Fallen Chapel
-Shortened performance time for re-fighting the BOSS

Bug fixes
-Fixed the bug you will stuck in the floor
-Fix not recording the stage data after clear the stage
-Other detail fixes

Please move the save folder in the old version to the new version to continue the game with the previous record.

New Function
– Add a rescue action, when you lose to the boss, it will appear in the save point before the boss.

Bug fixes
– Fix the misalignment of the chandelier.
– Fix the spray climax causes player stuck
– Fix the starting position of the moving platform is incorrect.
– Fix the problem of incorrect color of the H animation.
– Fix the door of the lounge can be moved up
– Fix disappearing treasure chest pictures
– Fix the problem of playing defeat H scene after losing to the boss.
– Fix the boss can’t break free at all
– Fix some performance and layer problems

Please move the save folder in the old version to the new version to continue the game with the previous record.

Fix content
(Not yet sorted)

Please move the save folder in the old version to the new version to continue the game with the previous record.

New Content

‧”Mother’s Chapel” Stage
‧27 sex scenes

As mentioned before, the content of this version will be separated from the content of the previous version.
So if you want to play the content of the previous levels, please download the V0.3.4 version.

– Corrected the dialogue of the guide in virginity mode.
– Fixed Japanese translation and missing characters.
– Fixed the problem of getting stuck when caught by small dolls in the Dollhouse.
– Fixed the problem of the camera zooming after leaving Gallery mode.
– Corrected the problem with Kuminu’s dialogue.
– Fixed the problem with the title music.
That’s pretty much everything.

New Content
‧Add “Virginity Mode”, “Hard Mode” and “Free Mode”. You can change “Virginity Mode” and “Hard Mode” in waiting room
‧You can see all Virginity Mode’s dialogue in gallery
-Patch Notes:
‧Fixed the problem of stuck dialogue in gallery mode
‧Fixed that the H content in gallery mode cannot be performed normally

New Content
‧Add a new H scene (ghost doll), which can be triggered in the area in front of the boss room of the Doll House

Change Notes
‧Change the map of a small part of the the Doll House
‧Change the surrender button to long press the Jump button
-Patch Notes:
‧Fixed the problem of incorrect recording time in the game
‧Fixed the wrong picture problem
‧Fixed the problem of Dark frog stuck after Sex
‧Fixed some sound effects

New Content
‧Add “The Forbidden Lab” Stage gallery
‧You can see all dialogue in gallery
‧Add recall room in each stage in gallery

Change Notes
‧Add “Japanese”
‧Press Sex key you can surrender

Change Notes
‧The OPTION menu will be closed during cutscenes or death

Patch Notes
‧Fix the key will return to the initial state
‧Fix Missing pictures in the H-scenes
‧Fix When Player takes an item in a BOSS battle, the item will get stuck on player.
‧Fix the player would not be able to break free of the tentacle girls
‧Fix the wrong position of the spray trap
‧Fix player is not able to get the “Sex toy certification”
‧Fix the English lines of the Robot-Riot
‧Fix some map errors
‧Fix the crawl animation could not be performed
‧Fix the door of the secret treasure chest would remain open after the player restarts

New Content
‧”The Forbidden Lab” Stage
‧31 sex scenes

Obsidian Lobby – New path for players to exit from the BAD END room.

Patch Notes
‧Patched the save file location
The former save file can no longer be used
The new save file is located in the game folder

‧Patched the mono audio issue
‧Adjusted multiple movements
‧Patched the in air issue while jumping and entering the dialogue

This update is mainly about Gallery and Free mode of the doll house
and fixed BUG problems.
But there is no new content this time.
Only change the enemies of slime doll room, but the difficulty has not changed.

Fix the Magic doll house cannot be played normally
Add the hint that you can skip conversations

.Change the appearance and constructions in Gallery
.You can change the music in Gallery
.Fix the interaction problem when Excitement Points is full.

.Fix the problem of item display
.Fixed you can’t take the Golden Key after you died.
.Fixed the box’s hitbox will be invalid
.Fixed when you caught by the hang doll, other enemies could catch you, too.
.Fixed you will get stuck when mini puppets catch you and you try to break away
.Fixed the H animation of Lady Doll in bedroom
.Fixed the problem that you can through the wall in first stage
.Fixed you can’t break free if you caught by a chain demon in first stage
.Fixed the layer problem of mini dolls
.Fixed Defeat times are not calculated normally
.Enemy configuration changes in slime doll room

I fixed some deadly bugs in this update.

. Fixed the H Scene lost in the first stage of BAD END
. Fixed after you clear a stage, you will get stuck in the lobby
. Fixed after you sex with maid doll, you will not interact with other units
. Fixed when you faced the doll house’s boss second time, the boss will be stucked

.Add new stage “Magic Doll House”
.Add 25 H-scenes
.Lesser succubus will talk more to you
.Fix some actions and many things

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Poring Patreon – Twitter – Fanbox – Dlsite – Fantia –

Ah, Happy Christmas! (2020)

Sorry I’m late.
Soon it was close to the end of the year,
The last post at the end of the year I would like to review the situation
as a summary of this year.

But I want to start from last year. Last year I didn’t seem to have done an annual review. I remember that I completed “Attack it” at the end of May last year and released it on the DLsite, and then I said that I was preparing “Castle of temptation” in early June. But in fact, I was preparing it in May. I wanted to take a break, but I felt that the performance of “Attack it” was not as expected. In other words, I have too high expectations for it, so I quickly decided to use the characters of “Attack it” to make a new game.

It’s too difficult to help “Attack it”. It’s better to make a new game rather than continue to update it. Let the characters of “Attack it” be active again in the new game. I released version 0.1 on November 8th last year, and I used a lot of “Attack it” material in first stage. I completed the first stage in less than 6 months, but many things are still scribbled.

I have rewritten the processing on the system so I have optimized a lot, although the program partly uses the old system, at present, I have not received any bug report where the game cannot be played smoothly due to the overload of the game. If “Attack it” is made in the current way, it should be able to optimize a lot, but I have no plans for this and no time to redo it.

For the second level, I started preparations in mid-November, and it was completed on May 20 this year. It took about 7 months. Most of this stage is new enemies, including some previously abandoned characters. I also got a lot of attention because of this update, I really appreciate it.

After a short break, I started preparing for the third stage lab in early June. In fact, I had a hunch at the beginning, this time the workload will be quite huge. The main character will have 3 types and 3 different styles of routes. I think no one want to do this in general Hgames. Because the amount of art will directly expand several times. So I was too optimistic that it would be completed by the end of this year.

But I said that I wanted to make a game that I was satisfied with, so I bit the bullet and went on drawing. In addition, these completion times are only rough estimates, and many animations will still be adjusted after I finish. The time spent in each type of the main character is also difficult to estimate, because they will draw with the enemy. In addition, some write multiple times are the time of the H scenes.

And one of the reasons why it will take so much time this time is that there are many more full characters in this stage than in other stages. The full character is a character similar to the lesser succubus in the first stage that can move around. Strictly speaking, the full characters in the first stage include the lesser succubus, the succubus, and the succubus lord. The others are traps or they are fixed in the same position. The lesser succubus and succubus have been completed in “Attack it”, so the first stage I only needs to draw a succubus lord, which is very fast.

In the second stage, there are five full characters: Maid Doll, Baphomet, Magic Doll, Slime Doll, and Ghost Doll.
However, the character design of this stage is still very simple, so it didn’t take much time.

There are currently 6 full characters in the third stage, and there are probably two more behind, the number is actually very scary compared to other stages. The complexity of the characters this time is not in other stage. Especially I really hate to draw the new tentacle robot-Junkbot. I usually use about 10 layers for the character to draw. But It is more than 20 layers on this guys. And her tentacles need to move in every frame, which is really a headache. So I will make players have a headache when you see her, she will destroy you mercilessly.

The review of the game probably ends here. Time flies quickly, and many things have happened in this year. After I released the second stage, I got a lot of feedback. I am really happy, so this time I want to make more better. I believe that the laboratory will not disappoint you, but I am really sorry that it will take a while to complete.

During this period, I will continue to release some information as feedback.
I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope you all take care.
See you next year! (2021)


This game only use keyboard to control.

You can set the control button in the game’s option.

Basic setting:

W – Up
S – Down
A – Left
R – Right
F – Take
G – Talk
Space – Jump
H – Climax
ESC- Option


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