Cara in Creekmaw [Prologue]

Cara in Creekmaw


Version: Ep. 2: Enhanced

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Game Info

Name: Cara in Creekmaw

Version: Ep. 2: Enhanced

Updated: 2024-05-09 13:25:04

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Ahegao, Beastiality, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Female protagonist, Futa Protagonist, Groping, Interracial, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Scat (optional), Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Vore


Cara returns to Creekmaw to visit her mother over the course of 2 days after moving out a year ago with her fiancé. Mysteries start to pile on upon her return, with the town and its townspeople harboring many secrets and their own intentions.​


Episode 2: Enhanced (7th May 2024 Update) (MOST RECENT)
This new content can be downloaded fully (~8GB) or downloaded as an update-only (~2.7GB) and can be applied to your existing game. A compressed version (full game but 900p images, ~2.5GB) and an Android version (full game APK ~2.5GB) are also available.

This adds new content (over 3000 new images) within the previous episodes & A new side story. This means the best way to experience this new content is to pick Start -> Main Story -> Returning Player -> Episode 2 as your starting point and replay Episode 2, being sure to visit the scenes listed below. When you’re done with that you can then do Start -> Twins’ Dilemma.

Additionally, you can now name your saves and the replay gallery has been improved.

The walkthrough has been updated:

If you want to know where to find the new scenes added to EP2, here they are:

Episode 2

  • Added the following scenes (together with how to get them):
    • ALEXIS —> (ENDING) Alexis can now choose to anally vore Cara instead of breast-voring her.
    • ALEXIS —-> (SCENE VARIATION) If players had cock-vored Natalie during her night visit, the Cara/Alexis sex scene will now have an alternate scene played
    • STANFORD —> (SCENE VARIATION) If Cara chose not to share Stanford and edged him at the bowling alley, there is now a unique path that will play after she gives him tea in his free-roam; note that you must choose the correct choice to see the scene.
    • STANFORD —> **(ENDING) Cara can be cock vored by Stanford, this scene is triggered automatically if players view the scene above and choose to make Cara do it.(REQUIRES STANFORD DRINK GREEN SYRINGE + SUYIN ALIVE)
    • SARAFE —> (NEW SCENE) Added a scene with Sarafe and Rachel; automatically unlocked through normal play after Rachel had fiddled with Sarafe’s ears
    • TABATHA —-> (ENDING) Cara can now be unbirthed by Tabatha; player has to choose to investigate Tabatha’s belly when prompted
    • TIA’LANA —-> (ENDING) Players can now choose to have Sarafe wake up to interrupt and stop Tia’Lana, or have her continue being unconscious(triggers ending)
    • TIFFANY –> (ENDING) If you have chosen Tiffany as the futa twin, staying with her when Trinity goes to check on the noise will now trigger her ending.

The Twin’s Dilemma

  • Added full story.

Episode 1

  • Improved the following scenes
    • TIGER –> The ending now includes an optional scat sequence post-digestion.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Passcode: cara

Install the latest APK without uninstalling the previous one to keep your save files.

To prevent the constant re-installation of 8GB+ for every bug fix or new release, this section is to include downloads for re-compiled scripts. What this means is any error you may encounter in the main game install above can be fixed by simply replacing a much, much smaller file with the exact fixes!

Note that you must have the base game files first before applying a hotfix or game update. The one file is able to be used across Windows, Linux and Mac.

For the hotfix/update to be applied, simply follow these steps:
1. Download the hotfix/update file after saving and quitting Cara in Creekmaw.
2. Go to the “game” folder of your Cara in Creekmaw folder.
3. Replace the files in “game” folder with those that came with your download.
4. Boot up the game and resume from where you left off!

Developer Notes

Developer: Ariaspoaa SubscribeStar – Patreon

Note that the Android and Mac versions are untested.

Vore is and will be the main focal point of the game, but the game will also contain various sexual scenarios to mix things up.

I fully understand if this is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is the reason for the warning above as well as a full disclosure warning at the start of the game. I also hugely appreciate each and every one of you for viewing the thread and I’m appreciative of everyone’s patience, constructive criticism as well as anticipation for the game, you are all wonderful!

On the flip side, I will not be entertaining rude comments or kink-shame comments as none of these comments will change the fact that this game will be continually developed over time!

As of Episode 1 Part 1’s release, all existing and new content is now in 4K quality and universally in the .webp format. Thank you Gildan for helping in the upscaling and uploading process!

E2E release: 7th May 2024
E2 release: 25th December 2023


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