Version: 0.13

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Game Info

Name: Burrows

Version: 0.13

Updated: 2024-02-28 12:40:30

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Bara, Furry, gay, Horror, LGBT, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Mystery, Queer, Romance, Yaoi


Warning: This game will include themes that some might find distressing, such as the topic of suicide, self harm, sexual assault, violent imagery, depression and other mental illnesses. If you find these topics stressful or triggering please take that into consideration before playing. Thank you!

After leaving behind his former life in 1920’s New Orleans, a jaded possum named Grey finds himself thrown into an unending nightmare by the enigmatic bartender, Virgil. Lost in a churning sea of souls, Grey comes across a group of men somehow connected to his former home, a plantation replete with it’s own dark history. Just as quickly as they find each other they’re suddenly taken away, leaving Grey only one option:
Dig a little deeper.​


Version 0.13: New Content and Bug Fixes
Version 0.12: Added Ken’s Route #3

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run


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