Broken Dreams Correctional Center

Broken Dreams Correctional Center


Version: v0.1.3

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Broken Dreams Correctional Center (BDCC) presents a captivating and immersive erotic text-based adventure set within the confines of a space prison teeming with adult themes. As players delve into this virtual realm, they’ll encounter a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from the tender nuances of vanilla intimacy to the depths of darker, more intense encounters. While the game explores BDSM and dominance/submission dynamics extensively, it steers clear of graphic depictions of death or guro, ensuring an engaging experience without veering into excessively morbid territory.

Within BDCC, players have the freedom to shape their character’s identity, choosing between playing as a human or a hybrid of human and furry species. This inclusive approach allows for a diverse range of player avatars, each with their own unique journey through the narrative landscape. As they navigate the intricacies of life within the prison’s walls, players will encounter themes of legal slavery, forced breeding, and other provocative topics, adding layers of depth and complexity to the storytelling experience.

One of the game’s defining features is its commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of player preferences. Whether you’re inclined towards submissive or dominant roles, BDCC offers content tailored to suit your desires. Even those who identify as switches will find ample opportunities to explore their versatility, ensuring that every player can immerse themselves fully in the diverse array of encounters the game has to offer.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed erotic text RPGs such as Trials in the Tainted Space and Lilith’s Throne, BDCC pushes the boundaries of storytelling in the digital realm. The concept of a sci-fi space prison setting, which forms the backdrop for the game’s unfolding narrative, finds its roots in the vibrant community spaces of platforms like Second Life, particularly the renowned RRDC. With its blend of engaging gameplay, immersive world-building, and thought-provoking themes, BDCC invites players to embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery unlike any other.




  • Introducing Socket! A new easy-going fennec enginner that needs help settling in. Help her do some little tasks around the station while getting into some lewd situations. Her content is focussed around casual sex and free use. To start her content visit the workshop after completing (or skipping) the portal panties quest. Socket’s content comes with a lot of custom assets, animations, scene art, unique clothing. The production value for her content is very high ^^
  • Ability to enslave dynamic NPCs! Break their spirit, kidnap them into your cell (Socket will help you prepare your cell for that), make them submit to you (like 4 ways to do it, be careful not to break their mind), train them! This is easily the feature that took the most time to complete. Still mostly a framework but there is already some fun to be had for sure. The framework is also highly expandable, including with mods ^^
  • 3 specializations/skills for your slaves. Submissive, slut, pet. Focus on 1 or spend the time to train all 3 to a single slave, your choice. Submissive slaves can be trained to serve you, sluts can be trained to do prostitution, pets you can do walkies around the station with!
  • Lots of basic actions to interact with your slave. Reward/punish your slave, talk with them, parade them around the station on a leash, force them into stocks, give them showers, manage their clothes, change their haircut.. Or just fuck them.
  • Staff can also be enslaved but you will have to find a way to get your hands on some collars
  • Inmate uniforms and underwear can now be visibly damaged in procedural sex. Uniform has many damaged states, from just a few little holes to being mostly destroyed! Repair your clothing in the laundry (Damaged uniform sprites by MaxMaxouCat)
  • Underwear, strapons and rope harness can now be dyed any color in the laundry!
  • Fennec head, ears and tail. Also 1 new hair and skin
  • Sybian can be installed in your cell by Socket. Ride it alone or with a slave
  • Vents. Socket can now clear some vents for you, giving you one-way fast-travel to some locations around the station
  • More dick skins by AverageAce!
  • Tail scale slider. Make your tail bigger or smaller in the character creator
  • Ability to change the names of how npcs self-identify (herm, peachboy, etc) in the options
  • Highly-experimental feature of turning any static npc into a dynamic one with the ability to enslave them. Accessable only through the debug menu



  • Bugs und tuppos
  • Can’t crash the game by putting a penis pump on a female npc anymore
  • Toggling the perk off now should truly toggle it off, removing any buffs

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

The game is currently in development and is completely open source.

There will be 3 routes but for now I focus on 1 that is oriented towards subby people. There is a few hours of gameplay


  • bdsm, bondage, d/s, femdom, maledom
  • con/dubcon/noncon scenes
  • breeding, pregnancy, heat
  • medical play, drug use
  • lactation, milking, cum/prostate milking
  • condoms, condom failure
  • petplay
  • exhibitionism, public use, public sex
  • sexual torture, rough sex
  • gangbangs, spitroast
  • optional waterports scenes
  • portal panties
  • Male chastity, forced chastity

Planned kinks:

  • No new ones, focus is on expanding current ones


  • Player customisation. Any gender, any pronouns. You can pick one species and customize it or create a hybrid that mixes two. Little animated preview window shows how your character looks.
  • Turn based combat that be approached in 3 different ways or a mix between them
  • BDSM gear that has effect on you during combat. Being gagged means you can’t bite and your speech is garbled for example.
  • RPG elements with stats, skills and perks. Stats can give you access to new options and perks can change the way you fight drastically
  • Pregnancy. Get bred or breed others. Some characters will have extra content when pregnant but that’s not a priority at the moment
  • Soft bad ends. Player can get locked into stocks or get forced into mental ward where the player will be a test subject. Both of these are escapable.
  • Mod support. Mods can add new species/clothing or new events/characters. Pretty much any type of content can be added through mods
  • Save at any point in any scene. Experimental rollback feature avaiable


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