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Boobageddon: Where Worldly Woes Meet Lewd Delights

“Boobageddon” by Braindead isn’t your typical apocalypse story. Sure, the world as you know it has gone tits up (pun intended) thanks to a boobageddon-level calamity. But amidst the chaos and the crumbling remnants of reality, a glimmer of hope emerges – and it comes in the form of a captivating cast of voluptuous beauties who join you on this wild, lewd ride.

The narrative takes a sharp turn when a series of bizarre events shatters the fabric of reality. You find yourself thrust into a boobageddon-ravaged world where mythical creatures roam alongside the bewildered survivors of humanity. This world hums with a potent mix of mysticism and magic, and hidden within its shadows lies the source of the chaos – a coven of mischievous witches manipulating forces beyond their control.

“Boobageddon” offers a unique blend of world-saving heroics and lewd encounters. Unraveling the mystery behind the calamity is your primary objective. But in this crazy new reality, “who saves the world” doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. The game boasts a diverse cast of female companions, each with their own unique personalities and hidden desires. A sultry succubus might offer her otherworldly knowledge in exchange for a night of carnal pleasure, while a battle-hardened Valkyrie could teach you the art of war… with benefits.

The narrative delves into the concept of lewd escapades as a form of stress relief in the face of an impending apocalypse. “Boobageddon” acknowledges the absurdity of the situation, injecting dark humor into its world-ending plot. Will you prioritize saving the world, or succumb to the allure of your companions, indulging in fleeting moments of pleasure before the inevitable oblivion arrives?

“Boobageddon” isn’t just about surviving the apocalypse. It’s about embracing the absurdity of the situation and finding solace – and maybe a little bit of lewd fun – in the company of captivating beings before the world as you know it crumbles to dust. Are you ready to step into this bizarre world, forge unforgettable connections, and maybe even save the world (or at least have a good time trying)? Welcome to Boobageddon, where the fate of reality hangs in the balance, and where a night of lewd pleasure might just be the key to salvation (or at least a memorable distraction).


v0.11.11 Changelog
Story / Plot / Characters
686 Animated scenes!
This is split across the Chapter 3 story introductions, and Elizabeth’s Day 1 and Day 2 content! By far the most involved set of lewd scenes in the game to date!
Code / UI / Gameplay

  • Added Skip Dialogue option to breeze past the introduction if story isn’t that interesting to players!
  • Gallery added for Elizabeth Scenes!
  • Option to skip the Prologue now available as well!

Bug Fixes / Corrections

  • Fixed Astaroth Chapter 2 Foreplay / First Scene
  • Corrected for some grammar / bugfix in Chapter 3 content

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Thanks for stopping by! It’s hard to believe two full chapter releases and almost a year gone by. There’s plenty of work to do still, and loads of improvements still – but one thing will always be a guarantee: gigantic boobies!

I look forward to producing more releases, and I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm that has been shown for the project – you all keep the dream alive!

I hope to continue making something that people can enjoy and then some! There is loads more planned, and loads more polish and love!


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