Blood Rush.

Blood Rush.

Blue Mad Diode

Version: v1.00

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The deteriorating entertainment district of Kabura-cho is filled with lawlessness: homicide, looting, coercion, solicitation, and narcotics, among other immoral activities. The assassin Clarissa arrives with a mission… Her objective is to dismantle Corrupt Garden, the organization that killed her family and caused her right eye to go blind. After infiltrating Kabura-cho, Clarissa encounters a policewoman named Kiriko. Kiriko shares Clarissa’s determination to see Cobra Garden destroyed, and together they embark on a brutal and relentless campaign of warfare…


Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

You control Clarissa the assassin, who wields fire arms and Kiriko the police woman with bionic limbs.
Infiltrate various facilities in pursuit of the murderous guild Corrupt Garden!
If defeated Cobra Garden will mastermind the creation of an illegal porno video for the girl(s).
Mid-battle ero & ryona! Cut-ins & animation system included.
Assault, gut punching, face smashing, sexual harassment, vore, tentacles… 18 patterns in total.
Playtime is 4~6 hours.

Unique events play when defeated by minor enemies and in money battles.
If losing on purpose is frustrating, use the “surrender flag” to instantly get to the event(s).
Moreover, there are ero events that occur during the story.

WebM format 30fps cruel & erotic movies
Discover 12 movies and 10 still images with text, for 22 total varieties.
Movies and stills can both be viewed in Reminisce Mode. With variations, there are 240 images.


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