Blissful Sleep

Blissful Sleep


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Blissful Sleep: Where Dreams Become a Battleground for Forbidden Desires

The world basks in an uneasy peace, its former battles a distant memory. You, a seasoned adventurer, are trying to adjust to this unfamiliar quietude. However, a disquieting news reaches your ears – a strange affliction, the “Blissful Sleep”, has gripped your hometown. The afflicted slumber in a state of perpetual serenity, unaware of the world around them. While seemingly harmless, the news of your sister succumbing to it sparks a fire within you, propelling you back home in “Blissful Sleep” by Toramizu.

“Blissful Sleep” isn’t your typical dream-themed RPG. Here, the lines between reality and dreamscape blur, and the true nature of the “Blissful Sleep” is far more sinister than it initially appears. Your days are spent in feverish preparation. You’ll assemble a team – each member harboring their own secrets and hidden desires. Building trust and forging connections isn’t just about survival; it’s about finding solace in the face of a shared uncertainty. Perhaps your stoic warrior, burdened by past traumas, finds a sense of peace in the tender touch of a healer in your group. Or maybe the cynical mage, masking their loneliness with biting sarcasm, discovers a surprising connection with the free-spirited rogue.

As night falls, the real battle begins. You delve into the dreamscape, a fantastical realm where the “Blissful Sleep” originates. Here, dice-based combat becomes a metaphor for navigating the treacherous emotional landscapes within the dreams. Demons manifest – not as monstrous beasts, but as twisted projections of the deepest fears and desires of the sleeping. To emerge victorious, you’ll need to not only strategize your attacks but also understand the emotional core of each dreamscape.

However, the dangers don’t solely come from demonic entities. The dream realm itself holds a curious allure. In this world uninhibited by societal constraints, a captivating dreamscape could morph into an unexpected encounter with a member of your team. A shared dream could unlock a hidden vulnerability in your usually stoic warrior, leading to a night of passionate exploration within the dream world. Even a heated argument with your team’s resident mage could take a surprising turn, the dream environment amplifying emotions and leading to a night of mind-blowing intimacy.

“Blissful Sleep” offers a unique blend of strategy, relationship building, and dream exploration with an erotic twist. Your choices during the day determine the strength of your team’s bond, while your actions within the dreamscape can unlock not only the source of the affliction but also the hidden desires of those around you. Will you succumb to the allure of the dreamscape and explore the forbidden fruits of desire? Or will you remain focused on your mission, sacrificing personal exploration for the sake of saving your sister and freeing your hometown from the clutches of the “Blissful Sleep”? Step into the world of dreams, forge powerful connections, and rewrite the narrative of both the dreamscape and your own reality in “Blissful Sleep”.



  • New story event at the end of the Park. Don’t forget to gather informations about the other diver before.
  • Changed how Sporty ramped up to be less random.
  • Fixed mistakes on Pro’s card text & dialogue.
  • Fixed a Pheromones triggering Pheromones infinitely.
  • Added Menu button on the town and dive screens on Android, so you can save there.


  • Hilda now has her new events (6/3/3), like the other two
  • The Drunk is done, finishing up all succubi in the Inn
  • The main story of the game, investigating the Blissful Sleep, has now officially started. They’ll start as you progress in your dives.
  • You can see the name of the Succubus Supporters on the Main Menu.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

All money made on Patreon is to commission new art for the game.
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