Big-Breasted Adventurer Cuckold Harem RPG

Big-Breasted Adventurer Cuckold Harem RPG


Version: v1.03

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Trap the heroine and collectively take her virginity! Each time you engage in sexual activity with the heroine, she becomes more powerful. Instead of solely gaining strength through battles and leveling up, you can advance through the scenarios and increase your confidence and lewdness levels to unlock new scenes. These new scenes will be revealed as you progress through the scenarios or as you increase your trust or lewdness levels.​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

[Game Features]
Estimated Playtime
About 5 hours

Scene Content
・No scenes depicting intercourse or interspecies intercourse with the main character to ensure a safe design!
・Captivate everyone and create a busty adventurer harem!
・Includes loop voices and climax voices!

System Features
・Enjoyable at an easy difficulty setting or enjoy challenging boss battles!
・For those who want more, there’s a function to unlock all memories! (It’s also possible to revert the full unlock)
・No complicated elements like scenario branching, multiple endings, or timed events!
・As an extra feature, there’s also a heroine dress-up function.

Adopts a conventional command battle format.
Since each character has a different role, give instructions wisely for victory.


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