Beauty and the Thug

Beauty and the Thug


Version: v0.3.5b

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A poignant romance with male or female romantic options13 fetishes to learn from 0% to 100%, and 6 more to go. Over 18,000 images and 1,200 animations! Watch nsfw promo video here and here.

Beauty and the Thug: A Tale of Transformation and Forbidden Desires

Lisa was a prodigy. At eighteen, her future was a meticulously planned path. Top of her class, anatomy and physiology at her fingertips, medical school beckoned – a dream within reach. But life, as it often does, threw a curveball. By nineteen, she was forced to mature at breakneck speed, shouldering responsibilities that far outweighed her years. Craving a fresh start, she packed her bags and headed for the bustling city, leaving behind the familiar comfort of her hometown.

Trouble, however, has a knack for finding Lisa. Even before reaching her destination, an unfortunate incident throws her path into that of a dangerous yet strangely alluring man. This encounter becomes the pivotal point, the spark that ignites a Beauty and the Thug narrative unlike any other.

The man, a rough-around-the-edges thug with a hidden vulnerability, ignites a tempest of conflicting emotions within Lisa. There’s a undeniable attraction, a pull towards his raw masculinity, yet it’s laced with a healthy dose of apprehension. Should she succumb to this forbidden desire, or should she seek revenge, a fire fueled by the events that forced her to flee her past?

Meanwhile, an old friend, a woman Lisa once considered more than just a confidante, resurfaces. The warmth of their reunion reignites a spark that had simmered beneath the surface for years. Could this be the love and acceptance Lisa has always craved? Or is it a path fraught with emotional ambiguity, blurring the lines between friendship and something deeper?

Beauty and the Thug transcends the tired trope of the virginal damsel corrupted by a bad boy. Lisa’s journey is one of self-discovery, a woman taking control of her sexuality and exploring desires she never knew existed. Free from the constraints of her small town, she delves into a world of kink and fetish, a world that pushes boundaries and awakens a dormant sensuality.

Through a unique corruption system, Lisa sheds her “vanilla” past, experimenting with a wide range of sexual practices. She devours erotic content, delves into research, and acquires a growing arsenal of toys – all in the pursuit of pleasure and self-knowledge. With nineteen different fetishes to explore, the game caters to a diverse range of desires, offering a high chance of finding your own niche thrill.

Beauty and the Thug isn’t just about physical exploration; it’s a story about transformation. Here, power dynamics shift, and both men and women emerge stronger, their differences complementing each other. The narrative shuns violence and coercion, creating a safe space for exploration that caters to both male and female players. Lesbian encounters may arise organically, even on a “straight” playthrough, reflecting the complexities of human desire.

So, are you ready to guide Lisa on her journey of self-discovery? Will she succumb to the allure of the thug, rekindle a long-dormant flame with her friend, or forge her own path entirely? Dive into Beauty and the Thug today and help Lisa write her own story. (This is a call to action, but it refrains from directly mentioning the adult game.)



  • Fixed a bug where you can’t make Amy stay in certain situations
  • Added a screen with Beach Ball statistics that you can see after each game set
  • Added two cheat codes bb+ and bb- .They add +20 / remove -20 skill points from all the girls
  • If you have already seen all four punishments and Queen Fetish Mode is on, you can pick up a punishment
  • Fixed some other minor bugs

Detailed changelog with teasers is here.

  • Added one more game day
  • Started Amy’s route
  • Added some home routine with Amy
  • Added the third visit to the doctor
  • Added jogging with Amy
  • Added next day morning scene with Amy
  • Added some beach routine with Amy
  • Added Beach Ball play with Amy (play teaser you can watch here)
  • Added 13 punishments for losers (4 x 3 for girls, 1 for guys)
  • Added one more background melody
  • Added 5 new gallery entries
  • Added 10 new hints
  • Interface update – Added the ability to name your saves or delete unused ones. You can activate or deactivate it in the Preferences
  • Fixed numerous typos
  • Added more than 2000 new renders and 1250 animations (1140 beach ball and 110 other lewd animations)


  • Added two game days
  • Progress of Bondage Fetish from 25% to 65% (avoidable)
  • Added two laundry events wit Sandra
  • Added fifteen new hints to help with new content
  • Added 8 new gallery entries
  • About 1,600 new renders and 60 animations
  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Fixed some typos
  • Two new cheat codes (see the attached pdf file)
  • Read more here:


  • Added two game days (finished Week 3)
  • Initiated Amy (lesbian) route
  • Progress of Watersport Fetish from 25% to 50% (avoidable)
  • Added numerous beach events with old and new characters
  • Added a few dozens of new hints to help with new content
  • Added 7 new gallery entries
  • Over 1,500 new renders and 13 animations
  • Two new audio tracks
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Read more here:


  • Added five game days
  • New Sandra events (for Sandra-lover and Sandra-friend)
  • New gynecologist event
  • New library event
  • New work event
  • New game feature: final stats screen
  • New game feature: ability to skip Prologue, the first day, or the first week after the first playthrough
  • New game feature: game hints. Now, if you get stuck, you can see suggestions what you can do in your current situation. There are 287 hints in total.
  • Significant progress of Anal Play – from 46% to 75%
  • New toy: an inflatable buttplug
  • Now, Lisa can wear Ben Wa Balls or Buttplug during most of her home routine and some outdoor actions.
  • 1800 new renders and 50 animations
  • Fixed some bugs, no GH on Hunter’s route
  • Updated game gallery
  • German and Italian translations
  • Read more here:

v. 0.2..0c
• Added Day 13 and 14 (week 2 weekend);
• Monday, June 15th is a Groundhog Day;
• Added two huge events – dating Hunter on Saturday and Sunday;
• Added landlady Maria event – Lisa may get spanked for being naughty;
• Over 1,500 new renders and 30 animations;
• Added 5 audio tracks;
• Added 10 new gallery entries;
• Fixed numerous bugs;
• Updated over 1,500 old renders to improve their quality.
• Italian, Brazilian, and German translation;

v. 0.1.5e
• Added Day 10 – 12 (June 10 – June 12);
• You can also play Day 13 as a Groundhog Day;
• New Car Wash event. Lisa may decide not to put on her bra for car washing;
• A new big event – visiting a gynecologist. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Lisa is healthy;
• A new unique feature in nswf game industry – a non-perverted gynecologist!
• New location – Lavatory on the beach. Quite a big scene;
• New beach event with Charlie;
• New nude adventures when Lisa goes to the left from the public beach;
• Beach topless photo session;
• A few smaller extensions for the beach – watersport events in several locations and reading textbook;
• New events with Sandra in the Laundromat;
• New location – Glory Hole in club “Paradise”;
• new fetish – Cum Play;
• Skype conversation with Hunter. This time, Hunter has a chance to convince Lisa to do something lewd;
• New toy – Ben Wa balls. Lisa can clean or cook wearing Ben Wa balls;
• One more new toy – Anal Beads. Lisa can use them at night;
• New lewd dream with Lisa, Dolly, and Dolly’s new friends;
• Three new fetish videos;
• Watersport practice in the bathroom;
• Lisa can visit Book Store routinely;
• Fixed the bug with Sandra’s first sex scene, where the game often crashed. Also, if Sandra has sex with Lisa, she always asks her husband for permission;
• A few other bug fixes.
• Entirely reworked the cheat system. Now, you have sliders for all fetishes, cooking skills, and progress in math.
• A few new cheat codes for Hunter and Sandra;
• 20 new gallery entries;
• German translation;
• A new concept for new animations: one long animation (30-60 sec)

v. 0.1.2a
• added Day 9 (June 9, Tuesday);
• you can also play Day 10 as a Groundhog Day;
• new big beach event related to the main storyline;
• Car Wash event;
• new location – night club Paradise;
• a lot of events for Blow Job, Pussy Play, Anal Play, Exhibitionism, and other fetishes.
• new fetish – watersport (fully avoidable);
• extension of cooking – food play;
• extensions of the bed play;
• three night-time fetish events;
• fixed some bugs;
• 11 new entries in the game gallery
• Italian and German translation;
• the game contains now 12232 renders and 1086 animations;

v. 0.1.1c
• added Day 8 (June 8, Monday);
• you can also play Day 9 as a sandbox day;
• MC is getting more sensitive; starting from the second week, she can have more than one orgasm a day;
• added a new dream;
• added one main storyline event;
• extended morning events;
• extended bathroom and shower events;
• added shaving;
• extended car wash event;
• extended home workout and jogging events;
• extended cooking: MC can progress from a dummy to a newbie;
• added one new location – library & bookstore;
• added four home activities – reading textbook, reading erotic books, bondage practice, and Internet research; the last one appears only when required;
• mc can invite Sandra (as a friend or as a lover); added a lot of sex activities for them;
• added three fetish nighttime events and two practice events;
• initiates two more fetishes – ass eating and watersport (will be developed in the next versions);
• added one more toy – ben wa balls (will be used in the next versions);
• added 14 entries of the game gallery;
• Italian translation;
• the game contains now 11266 renders and 1073 animations.
• look for more information here

v. 0.1.0a
• added Day 7 (June 7, Sunday); MC can have a short date with Hunter, spend the whole day with her new friend Sandra, and stay alone;
• you can also play Day 8 as a sandbox day;
• added several fetish events;
• added a few scenes for the bedroom, shower, and bath;
• added a new optional fetish – armpit fetish;
• now, you can save MC’s fetish skills and retrieve them when you start a new game (experimental);
• added 10 new entries in the gallery;
• slight additional compression of files;
• fixed some bugs;
• implemented Italian translation; German translation is in progress;
• the game contains now 9553 renders and 914 animations.

v. 0.0.9a
• added Day 6 (June 6, Saturday); the first scene with MC’s best female friend;
• added a few scenes for the bedroom;
• updated interface for bed play events, play in the shower, and some daytime events;
• slight additional compression of game files;
• new hotkeys: M to show/hide top menu; K to show/hide stats menu;
• fixed some bugs;
• implemented Italian and German translation;

– added Day 4 (June 4, Thursday);
– added Day 5 (June 5, Friday);
– added 8 fetish events (6 in bedroom + 2 practices);
– added and extended a lot of scenes for foot fetish, blow job, anal play, pussy play, teasing, and exhibitionism;
– two new toys in Adult Boutique; a lot of related animations;
– widely extended bedroom events; a lot of new options; the more you learn – the more you get;
– added some new audio tracks;
– fixed some bugs;
– hotkeys for switching hairy/shaved; press A to toggle hairy/shaved armpits; press P to toggle hairy/shaved pubes; use still can reach Accessible menu via Shift+A;
– bonuses for my tiers: veeery skimpy home outfit and two aprons (also, veeery skimpy); will be available for all player in the next updates;
– “time loop” – you can replay the last day a many times as you want preserving everything you have learned;
– the biggest update in terms of new renders; the game contains 7188 renders and 777 animations;
– 32 new entries in the Gallery (a few scenes are made in advance for the future versions and are available for patrons only.)

– added Day 4 (June 4, Thursday);
– added 6 fetish events (5 in bedroom + 1 practice);
– new Drunken Monkey event;
– added more animations for bedroom events, showering, and bathing;
– added/extended a lot of short scenes for foot fetish and new exhibitionism level;
– added new ability – going out pantieless and sleeping without panties (requires maximal available exhibitionism level);
– added ability to change your outfit (or panties on/off toggle) for the mall, laundry, grocery, and Red-Lights District (requires maximal available exhibitionism level);
– now you can buy sweets in the grocery – mood increasers;
– now, you’ll get a notification any time when MC’s skills or characteristics got changed – mood, health, arousal, cooking skills, fetish skills, and money;
– added 13 new entries in the gallery;
– added cheat code system. All cheat codes are on my Patreon and Subscibestar for free;
– added some new audio tracks;
– minor bug fixes;
– minor changes of dialogues;
– the game contains about 4850 renders and 620 animations.

– fixed bug on Day 2 where you can’t reach Good mood if you don’t go to the groceries in the morning;
– added some missed renders

– added Day 3 (June 3, Monday);
– added 5 Fetish events;
– added some more animations for bedroom events;
– new feature: Stat Screen (instead of Skills Screen) where you have access to shaved / not shaved options, skills, and all other features;
– new feature: Inventory menu (part of Stat Screen) where you can check how many supplies and what kind of toys you have (one toy + supplements for now);
– new feature: Ability to change MC’s outfit (from Stat Screen.) Works for home wear and sports suit (if you got access to skimpier options);
– new feature: Gallery to make sure you have watched all content. Besides this, MC will gladly give you a hint on how to open each image;
– all futa/trans content is optional now;
– small changes in MC’s appearance: better asset for MC’s breast
– small changes in MC’s appearance: unshaved pubes is bushier now; labia majora are hairy as well (shaved pussy is still available);
– access to game fonts for non-native English players. Find fonts that work for you, rename them with my fonts’ names, and copy them to the game/fonts folder with replacement;
– the game contains about 4200 renders and 580 animations.

– added Day 2 (June 2, Monday)
– added four fetish events
– added a lot of animations for bedroom events
– updated some existing animations to make them better
– reworked over 200 existing renders to make them better
– added new feature: you can change MC’s appearance right from the game menu in real-time. Now, you can look as any scene with different options just in several clicks!
– some minor changes in dialogues
– game contains about 2900 renders and 500 animations

– fixes the bug that doesn’t allow you to watch any movie except for erotic and makes some content unavailable.

– Added ability to shave armpits, pubes, both, or nothing;
– Added images and animations for all shaving options. Now the game contains 1501 images and 183 animations;
– Dolly and the character of the porn videos use the shaving options that you like;
– Compressed images without visible quality loss. The final v0.0.2 archive is even smaller than v.0.0.1;
– Fixed some animations to make them hotter and more realistic;
– To avoid problems with Patreon, now Amy is the best friend of MC, not a sister. Please, don’t input “sister” instead of your bestie’s name;
– Some minor editing of dialogues.

Implementing the shaving options required to do major structural changes to the game code. Old save files will not work.

– Initial release. 905 images, 83 animations;
– Includes the first day, June 1 (+ prologue).

Installation Guide

Install instructions:
PC (Windows and Linux) users:
download Beauty_and_the_Thug_0.2.5b- PC

PC (Windows and Linux) users:
download Beauty_and_the_Thug_0.2.5b – MAC

Android port was created by Wills747.
1. Install the apk file;
2. Start the game, press quit;
3. Put week1+2.rpa into internal/Documents/willis747/beauty.andthe.thug/game <—-put the rpa inside the “game” folder;
4. Start the game again, everything should work.

Android Info

Download apk file. If you already have week1+2.rpa from the previous version, you can use it. Otherwise, download week1+2.rpa, too.
2. Install the apk file;
3. Start the game, press quit;
4. Put week1+2.rpa into internal/Documents/willis747/beauty.andthe.thug/game <—-put the rpa inside the “game” folder;
5. Start the game again, everything should work.


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