Bad Memories

Bad Memories


Version: 0.8.5

4.2/5 - (174 votes)


Your experience growing up turned into a wreck, when your mother passed on when you were as yet a kid, simultaneously your dad began drinking and seeing lady… in an unexpected way. At the point when he found another sweetheart, things gradually started to go crazy.

However, that wasn’t the main thing that changed.
As an observer to that way of life, you also did idiotic things like battling with different children, you had inconvenience in school and issues with the law all the more then once, however you won’t ever cross “the line”.

After your father passed on, you trusted that things would improve, yet rather they deteriorated, so you left your old neighborhood and committed to never return.

As time went on, you’ve figured out how to construct a to some degree ordinary life, and every one of the past recollections that apparently had begun to blur became hazy, best case scenario.
Yet, will it remain as such?


– 171 Render
– 10 Animations
– fixed the Gallery
– added new scenes from 0.8+ to the gallery
– reworked the Settings (aka preferences) menu
– added some QOL settings (see the settings menu)
– general QOL improvements
– fixed some code issues
– added italian and french languages (0.8, not updated to 0.8.5, yet)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

At first glance the story and characters might look like your usual boring mainstream stuff: MC moving/starts a new life, the cute little sister, the hot mom, the naughty friend… but you’ll notice that I took a little different approach to it than usual.
This is my first game release and a smaller project than I had actually planed. I was working on something bigger but coming back to it after some rl issues, I had to realize that I made several mistakes due to my lack of knowledge at that time, and I would have to swap the engine and start to rewrite everything if I wanted to continue. So I decided to make it more simple instead, lowered the scope of the game and use it to learn and grow with it and start something entirely new when I’m finished with this one. I hope this smaller version is still entertaining enough for you guys and gals and I will do my best to make the game as good as I possibly can.
Also I want to mention that I’m not out for the money. I want to deliver guality stuff, and I will take the time it needs. This means things are done when they are done, and not when the demand is the highest.

Last but not least:
A BIG Thank you to everyone who helped me developing this game so far. Be it with words or helping with developement tips. This comunity is just awesome :):coffee:
Special thanks @Volta for fixing my engrish again and again and for helping me out in general. Thx mate (y)


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