Angelic Acceptor Alouette

Angelic Acceptor Alouette [July Edition]

Large Battleship Studios

Version: February Edition

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Game Info

Name: Angelic Acceptor Alouette [July Edition]

Version: February Edition

Updated: 2023-06-14 14:49:00

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: Female protagonist, Lesbians, refer to content warnings


Simone Bradley is a customary regular young lady accused of the significant mission of guarding affection and equity as the powerful and charming Angelic Acceptor: Alouette! (VXA)
One day our “totally standard young lady,” Simone occurs across an unusual pool in which she wins an apparently typical otherworldly young lady toy that flips around her life! In any case, what happens when something flips around your life topsy turvy once more? Does it turn straight up, or does it essentially begin going wild all alone?
Figure out in this somewhat western-seasoned Magical Girl story that questions the implications of affection, immaculateness and predictability.


Feb-Feb-Feb Beta February!!
Heavily tweaked toward playability, especially at the Easy and Hard levels.

-Fixed several bugs, special thanks to Scensuur for some very thorough Hard-Testing.
-Elvira can no longer be kidnapped and taken on magical journies to other plotlines through creative slime-ranching. (I hope)
-Losing a fight in the bottom floor of the Sewer Dungeon no longer results in a broken game state, and has an added scene for those irrepressable dialog-chasers.
-Using Love on Petanque to raise her levels no longer mysteriously transforms her into the wrong Magical Girl.
-Aloute has become more skilled in the nuanced art of counting to three where power generators are concerned.
-Canasta no longer waits 10 years for you to show up for your date. (But Gygax does, what a champ.)
-Aloe no longer accidentally goes on other people’s adventures. (But can still get you in trouble for robbing banks)
-Cresta and Aira no longer hitch-hike to upside-down castles with you.
-Removed the jump cost for the Orthrus Building (It was driving people to some frighteningly extreme behavior indeed)
-You can now spend your extra quarters at a specific vending machine (in a specifically cursed convention center)
-Removed some spoilers on GOING IN BLIND mode.
-Filled in a few missing events in the Flat-Ass Pines apartments area, the Ranger Station, and Mom’s Room.
-Adjusted a few events for continuity, by Simone’s semi-limited perspective.

This should be pretty close to done.
There are still a couple of scurrilous art pieces to go, and a few ambushes need to be tweaked for functionality.
There is also a lurking crash condition in the sewers that I’m still trying to nail down, so be sure to save carefully down there. Lasca is right, that place is dangerous in existential ways.

Enjoy Angelic Acceptor Alouette: VXA, and if you like it, please spread the word.
The more play experiences we can gather in this state, the better the end result will be.
Thank you, as always, for Downloading this game, and all your help in getting AAA:VXA this far, and this refined.
As it’s developer, I am moved beyond belief.
From the bottom of my Pure Heart,
thank you.

-Saint Bomber

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1. Extract and run.


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