An Alchemist’s Tale

An Alchemist’s Tale

Captain Allegretto Games

Version: v3.1 Alpha

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Game Info

Name: An Alchemist’s Tale

Version: v3.1 Alpha

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:32:36

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games, Shemale Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, futa/trans, gay, Male Protagonist, Milf, Monster Girl, Monster guy, Ntr, Oral Sex, RPG, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


An Alchemist’s Tale: Where Brews and Brothels Brew Up Trouble (and Pleasure)

Captain Allegretto Games’ “An Alchemist’s Tale” isn’t your typical potion-brewing simulator. Sure, you’ll concoct bubbling concoctions and experiment with exotic ingredients. But the real magic unfolds beyond the confines of your cluttered laboratory. As Allen Williams, a charmingly bumbling alchemist with a knack for trouble (and a talent for seduction), you’ll become the village’s unofficial problem solver. The problems you tackle, however, come with a unique, and decidedly erotic, twist.

“An Alchemist’s Tale” isn’t just about finding the perfect love potion or concocting the ultimate hangover cure. It’s about delving into the lives of the villagers, each with their own unique desires and hidden fantasies. There’s the voluptuous farmer’s wife, Martha, whose yearning for a more passionate connection fuels her request for a “strengthening elixir.” But a potent love potion might not be the only solution Martha seeks; a steamy encounter within the confines of your cluttered lab, fueled by the intoxicating fumes of forgotten ingredients, could prove to be a far more effective remedy.

Then there’s the stoic blacksmith, Gregor, whose gruff exterior masks a surprising curiosity – a curiosity about the aphrodisiac properties of certain rare herbs. Helping him concoct a “bravery potion” for an upcoming competition might involve more than just grinding herbs and measuring liquids. A shared task under the flickering oil lamp could ignite a spark, leading to a night of untamed passion in the coolness of his forge, the rhythmic pounding of the hammer replaced by a more primal rhythm of desire.

“An Alchemist’s Tale” isn’t without its challenges. Your “alchemical” solutions often veer into the realm of the forbidden, blurring the lines between professional assistance and personal gratification. Do you succumb to the alluring whispers of Martha, risking a jealous husband and potential village gossip? Or do you maintain a professional distance from Gregor, knowing that indulging in his desires could lead to a fiery scandal and a scorched reputation?

The game presents a unique balance – solving problems with creative “alchemical solutions” while navigating the erotic potential that simmers beneath the surface of village life. Every problem you tackle comes with an enticing proposition – a chance to explore the desires of the villagers and, in the process, discover your own hidden talents (both in the lab and the bedroom).

“An Alchemist’s Tale” throws you into a world where villagers yearn for more than just potent potions. It’s a story that explores the human desire for connection, the thrill of forbidden encounters, and the intoxicating blend of problem-solving and pleasure. Are you ready to step into the shoes of Allen Williams, the village’s most unconventional (and potentially scandalous) alchemist? Dive into Captain Allegretto Games’ daring creation and discover a world where bubbling concoctions and simmering desires brew up a potent tale of love, lust, and “An Alchemist’s Tale.”


V3.1 “Hide the pickle”

  • Zeleshi Onsen fuck (Chieftess route)
    • After the onsen reward talk to Zeleshi while she is training to open up a new option and scene.
  • Maria Oral 2 – natural extension of the oral scene, simply return to see it.
  • Izzy sleep peep – Quick scene by interacting with Izzy while she’s in bed.
  • Bakery Helper – Help Jamie out at the bakery like a good friend.
  • “Best friend hangout” cutscene – Cheiftess – The trio discus Allen’s poor life choices.
  • Jek standee art.
  • Integrated most artist signatures into scenes in the bottom left corner. Just to better credit people.
  • The “day/time” window will now disappear during scenes.
  • Added fail-safe code that prevents you from inceptioning yourself in the gallery.
  • fixed a patch of missed dialog saying the cauldron cost 200 and not 100.
  • Fixed a small bug in Rain tent scene that causes a crash when viewing the second time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Maria Titfuck from triggering.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Bedtime Tails” Questlog to brake after quest completion causing a crash when viewed.
  • Maria-quest was not keying you into the ruins properly due to an overlap with the Green-quest keyed entry.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Captain Allegretto Games – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Twitter – Bluesky

Walkthrough is located in the mega and Gdrive links.

Hey there!

So, long time lurker first time game dev. I really wanted to just be upfront about some stuff before/after you enjoy or hate this first release. This is an experiment and little passion project of mine I started up really just for my own fun. I have a well-paying full-time job and barring support for this being absolutely insane that won’t change anytime soon (though, you know, I’m open to the fantasy of it). This project is funded by me and donations on subscribestar/patreon, commissioning art from artists I like on themes and topics that I like. As of v3.0 $5000 has been spent so far with 2000 of that being from subscribestar donations, and 1000 from Patreon, the rest from my own pocket! If you wanna jump on one of those sites to support, the funds from there have so far all be spent commissioning more pieces of art for this project. Right now I’m do want to stress that I’ll be completing this project at my own pace. The main reason to jump on subscribestar/Patreon will be to vote on my priorities/participate in my discord where you can very actively bully me to write more about characters or themes you like.

Structurally I’ve planned this out so that individual character stories are largely independent. So, I can complete, expand, cut, or modify as much as I want without effecting the narrative flow overall. There will be as many of these stories as I see fit and feel I can fund before moving to the game-end story arc. I will also focus on making individual stories complete and get to the good stuff instead of the slow crawl of making them all crrreeeeeep forward one shower peek and hand-job at a time.

Also PLEASE DM or post any bugs you find so I can squash them, I’ll be as responsive as I can about that.

On Themes:
The themes in this game are based on what I feel MOST comfortable writing and working on, meaning the list may change over time as priorities and interests shift. It will definitely contain straight, futa on female/male, gay, numerous genders and shapes of characters, monstergirls/guys, transformation, romance, prostitution, voyeurism, exhibitionism, swinging, Lactation/pregnancy, Bad-end, and especially once endgame story starts some NTR. Various storylines will explore these themes to different extents.

If you’re based you can just skip this. Otherwise a brief addressing is in order. This is FAR AWAY AT THIS STAGE, BUT: The main bad guy of this game is planned to have a strong pheromone effect that threatens the whole town in a way that only Allen can stop. There will exist scenes where they can succeed in temporarily stealing your waifu’s while you seek a cure, this is dramatic tension meant to motivate you to stop them. You’ll be able to avoid this on most characters by intervening, Some minor characters will willingly or haphazardly fall to the effect (Rain and Shelby I’m looking at you). I will not entertain any demands to make it wholesale not exist, or remove it. It’s a story. If the bad guy doing bad guy things in a porn game makes you so angry that you will yell at real people about it you need to just not play this game from the very start. In addition, there will be some bad ends that will contain NTR, at least 2 planned storylines that focuses heavily on NTR-style themes and several optional side scenes will explore the concept. Again, all will be warned for or have very direct “you are choosing to cause these characters to fuck” vibes. and when they get implemented, It is upfront about where it is.

On incest:
Not going to be in this game. Nothing against it and I enjoy a good “stuck at home with my hot landlady” as much as the next guy but this just isn’t that game. Though I have played with the idea of each character in the Williams family getting their own very different style of game. Allen’s relaxing gathering/craft/story, his sister’s action adventure, and his mothers save the world quest. If I ever introduce twins though they won’t count. Obviously, that’s just hot.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope you enjoy my work.


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